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How Long Do Jordans Last on Average? [Storing Guide Included]

By September 21, 2023Jordan, Nike

AIO Bot - How Long Do Jordans LastHow can you tell that your shoes are expired? Well, one thing that could indicate that your shoes are approaching the end of their life is the cushioning. Other than the materials on the exterior wearing out, you might feel as if the bouncy feeling and support they used to give your feet aren’t there anymore. Some say that the average shoes should be replaced every 8-12 months for most people. But is this true for Air Jordans as well? Any idea how long do Jordans last? Well, let’s find out together, shall we?

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How Long Do Jordans Last? 

How Long Do Jordans Last - AIO BotHow long do Jordans last? Well, definitely not the 8-12 months mentioned above. Generally speaking, Nike sneakers are made to last. And Jordans specifically were made to really last. Considering that they’re basketball sneakers, AJs are durable and supportive enough to take on all the movements. Well, some say that AJs can survive up to 10 years. But this is from a sneaker collector’s point of view. This number might decrease if you wear them every day. Pretty understandable is ask us. 

You see, rocking your Jordans daily can wear out your Air midsole. Because at the end of the day, there ain’t no magic in there that regenerates the materials on their own. So, other than worn-out midsoles, you might find the tread gradually disappearing with time. Meaning that your Jordans can last from 1 to 3 years if you wear them daily. 

Air Jordan Silhouettes and Durability

How long do Jordans last? We said that if you’re a sneaker collector, your Js might last up to 10 years. Since, as a collector, you’ve got a whole rotation to try out and you don’t focus on one sneaker. But if you’re someone who buys a pair of kicks and wears it all year long, it might wear out in a matter of 1 to 3 years. But is this the case with ALL Air Jordans ever made? 

You’ve got popular silhouettes like the AJ1 Mid, AJ1 Low, AJ6, and AJ3 that usually have the midsole crumble issue. So, with only outsoles to support your feet, they might do more damage than good with time. As for the 11s, over time, the midsole might start separating from the outsole. 

The exception to it all, as usual, is the Air Jordan 1. They do age with time, but they’re known to be the longest-lasting Js out there. Matter of fact, the AJ1 specifically feels better slightly worn out than brand new. However, new releases mean new materials. So, maybe 10 years forward we’d be telling you that AJs last for 2 decades when you ask us how long AJs last. 

How to Extend Your Air Jordan’s Life? 

You see, all the years we’ve mentioned above are what is considered average. For average sneakerheads and people. However, there are exceptions for sneaker enthusiasts who take utmost care of their sneakers, thus extending their lives more. 

This care routine includes not wearing the same kicks on a regular basis, cleaning them right, learning how to lace them, not keeping them out to dry out, and most importantly storing them correctly. So, to know how to take care of your kicks and how to store them correctly, click on the link below!