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How Much Are Pokemon Cards Worth? 5+ MILLION Dollar Cards!

By June 2, 2022Retail

How Much Are Pokemon Cards WorthThe Pokemon TCG has always been a very popular game right from the start. The TCG that came out in 1998 has still not lost its appeal in collecting, trading, flexing, and now selling. In fact, there has been a massive surge in the value of old Pokemon cards. People are diving deep into boxes they’ve had buried deep in their attics, garages, and basements! So, this begs the question: how much are Pokemon cards worth?

And so, to find out whether or not you’re sitting atop a gold mine, keep reading to find out! We’re going to discuss a few factors that determine a Pokemon card’s worth. Also, we’ll be discussing the top 5 most expensive cards in existence! 

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Identifying Pokemon Cards Worth

So, how can you know how much are Pokemon cards worth? There are certain defining factors that help you determine if your cards are worth it or not. And, it’s not just about the card rarity! Therefore, to find out exactly how much money you can make from your collection, follow these steps:

1. Identify Type

When you’re thinking about how much are Pokemon cards worth, the first thing you should consider is type. There are so many different types of cards out there which include: special cards, special events, award cards, promo cards, and limited-edition cards. 

2. Consider Printing Time

The time in which a card was printed plays a big role in the card’s worth. Therefore, the original Pokemon base set printing is worth a lot more than newer prints. Especially if it is a card that is no longer printed anymore!

3. Rarity

Among the most important indicators of how much are Pokemon cards, worth is the rarity. There usually is a mark on the bottom end of the card indicating rarity. This include:
– A small black circle = common
– A diamond shape = uncommon
– Tiny stars = Rare
– PROMO = promotional cards
– More stars or combination of symbols = extra rare

And, you can also look out for the higher printed number than there should in a set (like 67/66). Or, look for holographic, reverse holographic, shadowless creatures, and shining characters. Of course, this also includes a first edition card labeled with Edition 1 on the bottom left corner of the card’s art frame.

4. Condition

How Much Are Pokemon Cards Worth - GFX - AIO Bot

Also, the condition of the card is a huge factor in determining how much are Pokemon cards worth. Just like anything else, the condition is everything! People will pay a lot less money if the card has creases, stains, rips, or wrinkled. The best conditions for the TOP prices should be Gem Mint or Near Mint conditions. However, the more rare your card is, the fewer people will care about the condition. 

5. Misprints

Another thing you can consider is misprints. This is when a Pokemon card can be slightly misaligned as opposed to centered in the middle.

Also, some may include shadowless creatures as we mentioned before where the Pokemon does not have a drop shadow! Like the first edition base set “Red-Cheeked” Pikachu!

Researching Pokemon Cards Worth

So, if you want to find out how much are Pokemon card worth, you should do some research. Therefore, the best way to do that would be to visit platforms where people actually sell Pokemon cards online. This way you can gauge the value of certain cards that you may have. Or, you can purchase a few to resell again for more. If you want a full list of all the best places to sell Pokemon cards, click here!

Highest Value Pokemon Cards

1. Pikachu Illustrator – Sold for 5,275,000

Pikachu Illustrator - How Much Are Pokemon Cards Worth - AIO Bot

2. (1999) First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4 – Sold for $420,000

First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4 - AIO Bot

3. Pokémon Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram – Sold for $360,000

How Much Are Pokemon Cards Worth - Galaxy Star Hologram - AIO Bot

4. Black Star Ishihara Signed GX Promo Card – Sold for $247,230

Black Star Ishihara Signed GX Promo Card - AIO Bot

5. Kangaskhan-Holo #115 Family Event Trophy Card – Sold for $150,100

Kangaskhan-Holo #115 Family Event Trophy Card - AIO Bot