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How Much Are Yeezys Making On Resale? Analyzing ALL the YZY Years

By September 17, 2021July 21st, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

How Much Are Yeezys Making on Resale - Analysis - AIO BotSo, Yeezys have been around for quite some time. They actually have a long history behind them that you can read all about right here. And if you do, you will also realize that Yeezys started out with INSANE resale value. Everyone wanted them, stocks were limited, botters were botting, and so on. They were literally the KINGS of the resale market. It was all about the faster, smarter sneakerheads getting ahead in the game. But, a lot has changed since 2014. Which poses the question: how much are Yeezys making on resale the older the YZY brand gets?

We’ve gone through a complete rundown of every YZY model ever created to date. What we did is study the resale value and price premium of these models and their colorways. This way we can better understand and analyze YZYs through the years! Also, this will kinda help put the whole ‘Yeezys are dead’ rumors to rest once and for all!

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The provided values below are all from StockX and were taken at the time of writing. Some values may be subject to slight changes. But, make sure to keep it locked on our blog or Instagram @aiobot for any new updates.

How Much Are Yeezys Making On Resale?

How Much Are Yeezys 350 Making? An Average of $564

How Much Are Adidas Yeezys 350 Making - AIO BotHow much are Yeezys making on resale? Yeezy 350s make an average of $564 on resale.

So, starting out strong with the famous YZY Boost 350s – the most popular YZY silhouettes. How much are Yeezys making on resale in terms of 350s? Well, in all honesty, it’s still pretty decent money!
NOTE: Yeezy 350s usually retail for $220.

Of course, looking at the bar chart, it’s a very huge difference in average resale! But, we blame Kanye West for that. 

The man made a promise back in the day. He promised that, at some point, everyone in the world would own a pair of Yeezys. This was especially true with the 350s – the whole Triple White incident. This is why he tampered with the whole demand & supply chain which altered the stock numbers.
– He played with the Yeezy material
– Got a divorce from Kim K
– AND, got in a whole lotta drama!

BUT, the thing is, these days it’s more about quantity than anything. So, even if the 350s have an average price premium between 20 – 85% in the last three years; it works! Why? Because nowadays, it’s all about copping in BULK! Did you actually think sneaker resellers live off super-limited releases only? Nope. Click on the button below to find out more!


How Much Are Yeezys 380s Making? An Average of $297

Yeezy_380 Average Resale Value Charts - AIO BotHow much are Yeezys making on resale? Yeezy 380s make an average of $297 on resale.

To be fair, the YZY 380s were a weird concept, to begin with. Let’s be real! They started out with the Alien colorway that looked like a 350 had a kid with a 700. PLUS, it was technically supposed to be a 350 V3. We think if it had been, it probably would’ve jumped on the 350 hype train instantly!
NOTE: Yeezy 380s usually retail for $230.

Ain’t looking THAT good for this silhouette. We definitely do not think that they’re bricks like they have SOME potential. In short, they’re good for practicing some sneaker copping or making a few extra bucks on resale!

How Much Are Yeezys 450s Making? An Average of $384

Yeezy_450s Header - AIO BotHow much are Yeezys making on resale? Yeezy 450s make an average of $384 on resale.

Considering that the YZY 450s are brand new models of Yeezys, it’s hard to make an analysis. We’ve also only had two colorways of this model: Cloud White and the all-black Dark Slate – both 2021 releases. BUT, they do look very strange. And strange, new YZY silhouettes almost always do good – especially monochromatic ones like these!
NOTE: Yeezy 450s usually retail for $200.

Cloud White Average Resale Value: $446
Dark Slate Average Resale Value: $322

That’s a price premium that ranges between 60 to 123% which is pretty epic! And, we really dig this type of sneaker design. So, we do think they’ve got a lot of kick to them and will live to see another year! Hopefully!

How Much Are Yeezys 500s Making? An Average of $311

How Much Are Yeezys 500 Making Resale - AIO BotHow much are Yeezys making on resale? Yeezy 500s make an average of $311 on resale.

Before you freak out about 2020, keep in mind that it was 2020! Do we even have to say more? Plus the numbers are basically all based on the YZY 500 High in Tyrian. YZY 500s are actually holding up pretty well considering all that’s been going on in the world. We even got a lot more vibrant colors in 2021 like the Enflame Amber.
NOTE: Yeezy 500s usually retail for $200.

PLUS, YZY 500s are one of the chunky, dad-shoes-trend kinda sneakers – a trend we don’t see dying out. So, do we suggest that you keep copping some 500s? Yes, for sure!

How Much Are Yeezys 700s Making? An Average of $440

Yeezy_700s Profitability Over the Years - AIO BotHow much are Yeezys making on resale? Yeezy 700s make an average of $440 on resale.

Waverunner anyone? The YZY 700 might be one of the coolest Yeezys to date! It was the OG dad shoes and the trend-setter for chunky yet slick sneakers! But, it might have built its entire hype on the Waverunner which restocked again on YZY Day 2021. They’re also one of the Yeezys that fall on the more expensive spectrum because of some of their retail prices.
NOTE: Yeezy 700s usually retail from $200 – $300.

But, Yeezy 700s remain one of the best YZY to wear and they never go out of style. We also got a lot of new and improved versions of the OG 700. We got the MNVNs and the latest glow-in-the-dark Blue Glow. Yeah, we see the effort there ‘Ye.

How Much Are Yeezys 750s Making? An Average of $1313

Yeezy_750s Header - AIO BotHow much are Yeezys making on resale? Yeezy 750s make an average of $1313 on resale.

The infamous Yeezy boots are the basic rich-mom. They’re the first Yeezys to EVER drop and have only restocked once in 2019’s YZY Day! We’re gonna keep this short and simple. If you get a chance to cop some YZY 750s, do NOT hesitate. But, not gonna lie, the odds are we’re never getting 750s again!
NOTE: Yeezy 750s usually retail for $350.

Other YZYs

The remaining YZY models include the YZY Quantums, the Foam Runners, and the all-time popular, Yeezy slides! All of which are relatively brand new to the game. Both the Foam Runners and the YZY slides have taken over the resale game – especially with ongoing lockdowns. So, if we’re gonna be honest about future trends, it’s gonna be slip-on sneakers and slides.

And, if we’re gonna suggest you cop any sneaker off this list, it might just as well be a YZY slide. The YZY with the highest price premium of all time at the moment is the Yeezy Slide Desert Sand. It has a retail price of $55 and an average resale value of $388. So, do we need to say anything more?