How to Become a Sneaker Reseller: A Sneakerhead’s Handbook to CASH!

By June 17, 2021September 25th, 2021Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, with the global pandemic and all, it’s that the virtual world has taken over. In other words, if you don’t have some kind of side hustle, it’s pretty hard to stay afloat. Besides, a lot of establishments HAD to let go of a lot of their employees. This made people need to find some money-making hobbies to get by. As sneakerheads, this is where becoming a sneaker reseller became everyone’s top priority.

Knowing how to resell sneakers and how to become a sneaker reseller might be your actual salvation this year. Because you see, if you aren’t reselling, then why join the industry in the first place? Not to worry though. Becoming a part of the reselling community has no deadline. It ain’t like a membership to a club or something. But, we’ll tell you everything it takes to become one. Just keep reading.

Learn the HOWs
To Becoming a Sneaker Reseller

How to Be a Sneaker Reseller - AIO Bot - GUIDEBefore you actually become a sneaker reseller, you have to get to know exactly how other people became resellers! It isn’t something you do overnight. Just think! If it was so easy and quick to make money reselling sneakers, don’t you think EVERYONE would want IN? Do you have any idea how much money resellers make?

Well, they do. Everyone wants IN to this business. But, it ISN’T for everyone. Reselling is not for people who aren’t sneakerheads, not for lazy-ass people, and not for impatient people. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. 

BUT, the most important part of becoming a sneaker reseller is getting your sneaker bot ready before anything else. This is 2021, you ain’t gonna walk into a Footlocker to cop a 1-of-1. You need a bot that helps you cop sneakers in BULK – you know, multiple pairs. That way, you can flip the extras, and maybe even start a sneaker collection worth some IG money.

All you need is a tiny investment – a couple hundred – and you’ll have a fully functioning badass sneaker bot. As opposed to common misconceptions, sneaker botting is not difficult at all! Especially when you have a sleek, easy bot like AIO Bot. If you wanna get started on botting to resell, then check out AIO Bot for a simple, reliable, and efficient bot. 


Nike Off Whites - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO BotThe first part of becoming a sneaker reseller is research, research, and more research! You gotta know the ins and outs of the industry.  That means doing everything right. You got to KNOW how to become a sneaker reseller. Like understanding the market, or figuring out which sneakers to flip! You have to become a true sneakerhead for a mission like this.

If you are someone who doesn’t know squat about the industry, you’re setting yourself up for failure! Know which hyped sneakers are worth the flip, know when to wait, and develop an analytic mind!


Adidas Yeezy Shoes - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO BotCookgroups are your salvation to become a sneaker reseller. Cookgroups are groups of sneakerhead communities or group chats of sneakerhead vets, resellers, and buyers. These groups will let you in on the greatest secrets and inside information on how to resell the best sneakers, reselling estimates, early links, and more! A goldmine! 

Cookgroups are supposed to help you become a sneaker reseller and equip you with all the tools you need. They’ll let you in on the best sneaker bots, the most epic proxies, and some of the coolest servers. Soon enough, you’ll know the best places to buy sneakers AT RETAIL, and how to make money from flipping them!

REDDIT r/SneakerReseller

Nike Off Whites - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO BotReddit is another great place to find out how to become a sneaker reseller by listening to the people. Follow up the threads, generate some buzz, and get the people worked up. Find out exactly what people are talking about, what they want, WHERE they’re flipping/buying. 

It is a FREE platform where you can get to know what people are thinking for real – real reviews, real opinions. You can figure out which sneaker’s a brick and which one’s a major money-making FLIP! 


Adidas Yeezy Shoes - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO Bot

Where do most sneakerheads live? If they aren’t on Discord, they’re on Twitter reading ‘Ye’s latest outburst, 2-year old sneaker thirst traps, and flexin’ sneakers. It is also a platform that’s perfect to keep you in the loop of things. It’s basically the hub of the sneaker industry.

You can learn all about the latest upcoming sneaker releases, what people think about them, and how hyped! Twitter is also a great place to join a lot of giveaways! Give yourself a chance to win free sneakers, keys, or even a whole sneaker bot! Lucky for you, AIO Bot hosts a TON of giveaways on Twitter. Follow AIO Bot now on Twitter to stay in the loop on all releases, all secrets, and more!

Know The WHATs
Of the Sneaker Industry

What Is Yeezy Supply Sneaker Reseller - Adidas Return - AIO BotThe essence of becoming a successful sneaker reseller is knowing EVERYTHING. You should know every single thing about the industry. There should not be a question that you can not answer. Even if you have to know every Yeezy size by heart and figure out the sneaker fits that sell for most! Even if you have to get into sneaker material and how people react to change. You gotta know it all to build your own expectations!

But, you won’t have to look far. We’re providing you with everything you need to know about the WHATs of the sneaker industry to become a renowned sneaker reseller!


Nike Off Whites - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO BotThe sneaker industry is a GIANT of an industry that goes waaay back! So, understanding the history behind the magic is crucial. Let’s consider one of the most hyped sneakers in the game – Yeezys. If you look back at Yeezy history, you can understand more about the sneaker designer, Kanye West. So, if you understand Kanye, you’ll understand his sneakers. If you understand his sneakers, you’ll understand how to cop, flip, and make money from Yeezys.

The same thing goes for any other sneaker brand in the industry. Get to know their history before you know their future. And that’s the mark of a true sneaker reseller – knowing the trends in history.


Adidas Yeezy Shoes - Sneaker Reseller - AIO BotWhen the sneaker industry crashes into another industry, COP. Don’t even think twice. Cop the shit out of that release. Send out your best sneaker bot, bring out a literal army of ISP proxies, and don’t skimp out on the server. Sneaker collaborations are the bread and butter of a sneaker reseller.

They’re usually very limited, very unique, and sell out like crazy! Like collaborations with musicians, NBA players, TV shows, and more. Everyone wants to get a pair of their favorite celebrities’ kicks! Just take a look at the IVY Park Queen Bey collab – that was epic! So, whenever a new sneaker collab is in the works, you best be sure we’re copping. And so should you!


Nike Off Whites - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO BotYou wanna go cop all the newest Adidas original sneakers on the market? Sure! Why not? You can totally do that. But, you’re probably not gonna make a lot of money out of them. Actually, to be honest, you’re probably gonna end up losing money. It’s all about the Swoosh sitting on the sneaker throne for a while now. And, although Adidas has been trying to dethrone Nike, it ain’t working. Being a sneaker reseller is not about what sneakers YOU like.

So, even if you’re a checks over stripes kinda dude, you still gotta be real. For almost 2 years now, the best performing sneakers on the aftermarket are Nike DUNKS! YES! Believe it or not. Every time we think that the Dunks are dead, they come back stronger than ever. They’ve also got a huge history behind them and the wildest designs. In brief, you gotta be unbiased and go with the flow of trends. In short, that’s how you make money.

Find the WHEREs
Of Buying, Selling, and Storing

Where to Buy Sneakers Online - Sneaker Reseller - AIO BotThe final part of becoming a sneaker reseller is knowing all the WHEREs of the industry. Where to buy, where to sell, and, most importantly, where to store. Because, no matter how much you think you know about the industry, there are always a few loopholes. 

Knowing the best places to buy sneakers, and how to buy them could mean saving a couple of hundred dollars! While knowing where to sell could MAKE you a couple of hundreds! Simple math. Don’t worry though, the whole thing is not rocket science. It’s just about being smart.


Nike Off Whites - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO BotAs a sneaker reseller, you have to know all the best places to buy sneakers at retail. If you find you’re copping off the resale market, you’re doing it wrong. We’ve created a list of main online sneaker retailers that you should hit on every drop. But, the thing about these websites is that they all definitely require the use of a sneaker bot!

You see, if it were THAT easy to cop on these websites, there wouldn’t be resale platforms and sneaker resellers. But, at the same time, it isn’t THAT hard! Regardless, if your copping skills are rusty or you’re new to the game, check out this guide!


Adidas Yeezy Shoes - Hyped Kicks Banner - AIO BotDo you know what a sneaker reseller does? Well… SELL SNEAKERS! But, you already knew that. What you probably did NOT know is that there are tons of platforms out there that cater to resellers. You’ve got StockX, GOAT, or even Amazon if you want.

To choose the best platform for you, check out these factors: transaction fees, authenticity check, and the platform’s reputation. If you wanna make a reputation as a sneaker reseller, you can’t go one selling on shady websites. You’ll put yourself at risk. Try to go for websites that have a small transaction fee but at the same time are very reliable!


Nike Off Whites - Sneaker Reseller - AIO BotLots of WHEREs, that’s for sure. But, the final ‘where’ is all about sneaker storage and general care. The best reputation boost for any sneaker reseller is the quality and condition of their sneakers. No one wants to buy a beater, fam! 

You also can’t risk storing your sneakers in a damp place and end up ruining them. If you want a complete guide on how to store your sneakers properly like a professional sneaker reseller, go here. Oh! And make sure you try to keep the sneaker boxes in pristine condition, we like the boxes.

Also, one last thing, if you’re selling a sneaker that’s not entirely brand new, please clean it. Ain’t no one gonna buy your dirty ass kicks – unless you’re Kanye West. So, give them sneakers a little love.