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How to Buy a Graphics Card and Sell it for More Money Online!

By April 8, 2022July 14th, 2022Retail

How to Buy a Graphics Card Online - AIO BotGraphics cards are some of the most in-demand, hyped products on the internet! They are also some of the products with the highest chances of money-making! Therefore, GPUs are the reason why SO many people want to learn how to buy a graphics card online at retail! 

GPU reselling is one of the most profitable businesses anyone can get into! Especially since the outbreak of cryptocurrency mining on GPUs. It isn’t just about people trying to enhance their online gaming experience. So, the competition is absolutely FIERCE. Brands manufacture GPUs in limited quantities that sell out within a blink of their drop! Then you find them on secondary markets for insane resale prices!

In short, it is near-impossible for the average person to compete and buy a graphics card at retail. Not without some help! So, this is our guide on how to buy a graphics card online for retail. So, keep reading to find out!

To learn more about what a graphics card is and what it does – click here!


So, we’re not gonna beat around the bush. In a nutshell, demand for graphics cards is super high, supply is disappointingly tight. The only way you’re going to buy a graphics card on your own is by getting yourself an edge! Therefore, we’ve broken down the process of buying a graphics card into 5 steps. Check them out below!

How to Buy a Graphics Card?

1. Use restock monitor
2. Keep tabs on local retailers
3. Try joining different raffles
4. Buy a pre-built PC and sell the other parts
5. Get a retail GPU bot and copy the entire stock!


How to Buy a Graphics Card - GFX - AIO Bot

First, learning how to buy a graphics card means you have to use monitors or trackers. Usually, gamers, crypto-miners, and even botters use trackers to buy graphic cards online. This is because once a restock, it’s survival to the FASTEST! And then, you’ll find yourself on the product page, clicking the F5 button, and hoping for a miracle! 

Luckily, there are tools and accounts you can use to buy a graphics card on restock!


Buying GPUs - AIO BotNext, the cheapest way to buy a graphics card at retail is from actual retailers! This means knowing what your local retailers have in stock. Does this mean making friends with the employees at Best Buy? YES! 

Stores like MicroCenter, Newegg, and Best Buy usually get a decent amount of GPUs in stock. But, they do have a ‘one card per person policy’. So, if you’re looking to buy GPUs in bulk this way, tough luck! AND, you’ll also have to visit the actual store to get it. As a sneakerhead who solely relies on botting… this seems like a lot of work.

But, if you could get a chance to buy a graphics card at retail instantaneously, then why not!


Also, just like you can try your luck with sneaker raffles, GPU raffles are a thing too! To address the ongoing GPU buying issues, Newegg’s decided to take a lesson from sneaker brands. And so, they’ve resorted to raffles – aka the Newegg Shuffle! This is a great way to learn how to buy a graphics card online – especially if you have good luck!

You enter the raffle for a chance to buy a new GPU. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll actually win when you’re going up against THOUSANDS of other people! But, this shuffle allows you to choose a number of products you want to buy before entering the raffle. Once they pick you up, you have a six-hour notification window to agree to the purchase. And then a two-hour window to complete the purchase!


Buying GPUs II - AIO BotAnd then, let’s learn how to buy a graphics card using the sneaky method – buying pre-built gaming PCs! You can do this to get the GPU and then sell all the other remaining parts for some extra cash. However, they’re definitely more expensive than the MSRP of a graphics card. 

Of course, this is not for everyone! Mostly we’d recommend this method for people who will probably need the other components. Or, someone who is looking to do a total rebuild at some point! 


Finally, we’ve got our last (and most effective) method on how to buy a graphics card online – shopping bots! To be honest with you, the entire stock issue with GPUs is because people use bots. BUT, does that make them bad people or smarter people?

So, technically speaking, the bots that you would go for are not strictly bots to buy GPUs. You can go for different retail bots that cop off retail sites like Best Buy, Newegg, Amazon, and more. Or, you can go for all-in-one bots that can cop retail sites and other sites. It’ll definitely cost you a few hundred bucks. BUT, it will still be much cheaper and more efficient than buying a GPU on resale! 

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