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Everything You Need On How To Cancel A GOAT Order!

By October 31, 2023Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - How To Cancel a GOAT Order - How To Cancel An Order On GOATAlthough canceling a GOAT order after confirming it might seem like a no-brainer, the process can be trickier than you think. And it might even prove impossible! Once you’ve hit that “buy” button, it’s like you set the wheels in motion on a hype train. So, are you wondering how to cancel a GOAT order? Let us enlighten you!

People might be considering canceling their online shoe order for a bunch of reasons, ya know? Like, maybe they copped some fire kicks, but then they spotted an even sicker pair dropping soon. Or, it’s that classic case of accidentally ordering the wrong size. Because let’s face it, those size charts can be confusing AF. Sometimes, it’s just that impulsive buy moment when the bank account’s crying for help! 

So, canceling that order could mean making room for the next dope release or simply saving those bucks for some other hype drop in the sneaker game! And if it’s possible to cancel a StockX order, this should be the case with other reselling platforms like GOAT, right?

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Can You Even Cancel a GOAT Order?

YES, it’s possible to cancel a purchase on GOAT, but it’s quite important to act quickly. 

Once an order has been placed, it starts to process, and the seller is notified to prepare the item for shipping. Canceling an order becomes increasingly challenging once this process has begun. 

So, to cancel an order on GOAT, the buyer typically needs to:

  • Navigate to the “Orders” section
  • Locate the specific order they wish to cancel
  • Then, Choose the cancellation option if it’s available

If the cancellation option doesn’t show on your screen, it might mean that the order has progressed too far in the process to be canceled through the platform. 

In such cases, we advise you to reach out to GOAT’s customer support ASAP to explore the possibility of cancellation or discuss available options.

You also gotta keep in mind that successfully canceling an order on GOAT is not guaranteed and largely depends on the stage of the order’s processing.

How To Cancel GOAT Order - AIO BotConditions For Order Cancellation

GOAT’s policy allows for cancellations within a short window after an order is placed, but it’s subject to certain conditions.

When it comes to kicks, you’ve got a 3-hour window to ditch your order. OR until the seller gives it the green light—whichever happens first. 

If those 3 hours zip by or the seller’s already on board, sorry, no canceling allowed. 

But if neither of those has gone down, just hit that Cancel button on the orders screen. Oh, and once a seller says “yes” to your offer, there’s no turning back. 

Now, for apparel and accessories, it’s a different game—GOAT autoconfirms them, so there’s no backing out once you cop ’em!