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The 3 Most Effective Methods on How to Clean Shoelaces

By February 14, 2024Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - How To Clean Shoelaces - How To Clean Shoe Laces - How To Clean White ShoelacesNo matter how spotless your shoes may be, the key to a polished look that suits the sneakerhead title lies in cleaning your shoelaces right. So, read through to learn all the best ways on how to clean shoelaces. 

Just like Jordan 2s, shoelaces are treated like middle children most of the time. The actual sneaker gets all the attention during cleaning sessions, while the laces barely get a soak here and there. Next thing you know, your whole sneaker looks kinda off. And the main reason behind that might be that you left the most important part of the shoe out of the deep cleaning process. 

On the contrary, sometimes you give your shoelaces all the effort, but they look worse after drying off. Right there and then, you know you messed up and damaged your laces with no way of repair. And this is exactly the reason we’re here today. We’re gonna give you the three best methods on how to clean shoelaces to avoid both damaging or undercleaning them. 

How to Clean Shoelaces 

Here’s what you’ll need to clean your shoe laces:
– A brush
– Stain-removing solution, Bleach, Dish Soap or Laundry Detergent
– A Mesh Bag 

You can use a spare toothbrush, not necessarily one specialized for sneakers. As for the mesh bag, you can find one on Amazon for less than $10. BUT, if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait on an order, a pillowcase can do the job. It will work just like a mesh bag. Also, you can secure the open end with a rubber band. 

Method #1 How to Clean Shoe Laces: Use a Washing Machine

How To Clean Shoelaces - AIO BotTo start with the first method on how to clean shoelaces, you can use a washing machine. As for the steps, you can refer to the ones listed below. But before this, you need to note that, this one is for deep cleaning, specifically. Meaning that, if your kicks ain’t beaten to death with debris and stains, you can refer to the other two methods mentioned in this guide. 

How to clean shoe laces using a washing machine:

  • Remove shoelaces from shoe
  • Using a spare toothbrush, brush laces to remove big chunks or loose dirt
  • Run laces under warm water
  • Apply stain-removing solution
  • Place in a mesh bag
  • Wash shoelaces in the washing machine
  • Hang laces and let them air dry (it usually takes a few hours to dry completely)
  • Relace shoes

Method #2 How to Clean Shoe Laces FAST: Use Dish Soap 

Shoe Laces - AIO BotAnother way to clean shoelaces is using either dish soap or laundry detergent. One thing you need to note here is that you can follow this method if you’re trying to clean colored laces. But, make sure you don’t overdo it with the detergent and leave the laces soaked for approximately 20 minutes. If you happen to see more dirt coming out while rinsing them from the soap, you can repeat the process. Following this, let them air dry, before relacing your shoes.

How to clean shoe laces using dish soap:

  • Remove shoelaces from shoe
  • Using a spare toothbrush, brush laces to remove big chunks or loose dirt
  • Fill a  basin or a bowl with warm water (alternative: put a stopper in the sink drain and fill it with warm water)
  • Add dish soap or laundry detergent
  • Soak for 15-20 mins
  • Stir laces every few minutes
  • Scrub any remaining stains with a toothbrush (or use your hands to scrub them)
  • Rinse with fresh water 
  • Hang laces and let them air dry
  • Relace shoes

Method #3 How to Clean Shoelaces: Use Bleach

How To Clean White Shoe laces - AIO Bot This one got BLEACH in the process! Which means you adopt this method with WHITE laces, and white laces ONLY. So, you can consider the following steps as your guide on how to clean white shoelaces. And remember to wear gloves! 

Also, make sure soaking your laces doesn’t exceed 5 minutes. More than that can damage the laces or make them turn yellowish. Also note that, if your white shoelaces happen to be extra dirty, you can follow the steps below up till the 6th step. After soaking them for minutes in bleach and water, you can go ahead and place them in a mesh bag. Then, throw them in the washing machine at a high temperature. Make sure to add half a cup of bleach and some detergent. 

How to clean shoelaces using bleach:

  • Remove shoelaces from shoe
  • Using a spare toothbrush, brush laces to remove big chunks or loose dirt
  • Fill a  basin or a bowl with warm water 
  • Add bleach (1 tsp for 1 gallon of water)
  • Place shoelaces in the basin
  • Soak for a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Hang laces and let them air dry
  • Relace shoes

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