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How to Cop & Buy Sneakers in Bulk From the Same Website!

By March 23, 2022April 19th, 2024Sneaker Tutorial

How to Cop and Buy Sneakers in Bulk - AIO Bot There is nothing more beautiful than a huge stockpile of sneaker boxes! Mountains of Yeezys, towers of Jordans, and so much more! It’s absolutely intoxicating… HOWEVER, that’s a dream that all sneaker brands work so hard against. Learning how to cop sneakers or buy sneakers in bulk can be somewhat of a challenge. Especially if you don’t know your way around! But, that shouldn’t stop a real sneakerhead

And, learning how to buy sneakers in bulk goes so much further than just growing your sneaker collection. It’s all about the extreme online flex AND all the money you can make flipping these kicks online. And, to be honest, it’s more about the money than the flex – especially for a sneaker reseller. But, brands have made it exceedingly more complicated to know how to cop sneakers in bulk. Complicated, but not impossible. This is because they try to be “fair” and level out the playing field with a one-sneaker-per-customer rule.

We’ll tell you exactly how to work around that. And, it’s right in time for all the upcoming Jordans, Nike sneakers, and new Yeezys dropping this year. So, if you want to buy sneakers in bulk – like the Volt or Union’s Jordans – keep reading!

NOTE – this guide on copping sneakers in bulk does NOT include proxies. This guide will teach you how to buy sneakers in bulk manually. But, if you’re here looking for proxies, check out this guide!

The Checklist

How to Cop and Buy Sneakers in Bulk - Infographic I - AIO Bot

To learn how to cop sneakers and buy sneakers in bulk, we’re giving a little cheat sheet. Call it a checklist of things you have to know! The absolute formula to buying sneakers in bulk without a sneaker bot. So, to learn how to mass-buy sneakers from the same website, you will need to do these things:

  • Educate yourself about the website’s policies
  • “JIG” your billing profiles:
    • Unique Card Numbers
    • Unique Email Addresses
    • Different Phone Numbers
    • Unique or “Altered” Addresses
  • And, finally, be ready to experiment with your billing profiles

After that, it’s all about following a few steps and certain rules! We’re here to teach you a very special method to cop multiple sneakers online! All from the same online website. This means you’ll be able to apply this method for different sneaker websites and cop in bulk from them too! In short, this guide is here to help you understand what your copping game is MISSING! Don’t miss out on bulk copping, fam!



Sneaker_Bulk II - AIO BotFirst, you need to understand different site policies. This is a very important step before you learn how to cop and buy sneakers in bulk. Most of the online sneaker websites that host sneaker releases have a specific policy to level the playing field.

This is where the “one pair per customer limit” comes into play. In other words, these sites will CANCEL your order if you use the same card or billing profile. So, which websites reinforce this rule?

  • Nike
  • Supreme
  • JD Sports
  • Finish Line
  • Hibbett Sports
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Shopify sites Kith and Undefeated

Even online retailers do the same thing. This includes Walmart, Target, and Best Buy! A reason why lots of people use shopping bots is to buy limited products like the PS5 or trading cards, as they make great collectible investments


Yeezy Supply
Yeezy Supply allows you to buy sneakers in bulk using the same card and billing profile. In their words, they  “reserve the right, without prior notice, to limit the order quantity on any product”. But, this ALL depends on the release!

Also, Footsites – like Footlocker, Footaction, Champs Sports, and Kids Footlocker – allow you to cop multiples. However, there’s the catch. If you use the same billing information to cop multiples from Footlocker, you can’t cop off other Footsites. For example, this means if you use on billing profile on Footlocker, you can’t use it on Footaction.

But, if you know how to cop sneakers properly, you can buy sneakers in bulk from the SAME website. Here’s how to do exactly that!

Note – when we talk about copping in bulk, we’re talking about copping the SAME product in bulk. Same product, same listing.


How to Cop and Buy Sneakers in Bulk III - AIO BotNext, we’re gonna talk about how to cop sneakers by JIGGING your billing profiles! Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to use different credit cards and different billing information. But, how many of our multiple personalities have their own bank accounts with different addresses? Doubtful. There’s a better and more efficient way to do that – AKA jigging

JIGGING means alternating your billing profiles in ways that allow you to trick the site. It makes it look like each billing profile belongs to a unique individual, not the same person. In other words, you can buy sneakers in bulk this way! You can read a lot more details about address jigging and how to jig your address here!

When you order a product, the site looks at your billing profile. If they notice that your card number, phone number, email, or address has already been used before, they cancel it. But, if you JIG it, it’ll pass unnoticed! Just follow these steps:

  1. Jig Your Card Numbers
  2. Jig Your Email Addresses
  3. Then, Jig Your Phone Numbers
  4. And, finally, Jig Your Addresses

So, as you know, every billing profile has a unique card number – each card number represents a billing profile. In other words, if you have 3 cards, then you have a maximum of 3 billing profiles. You can definitely resort to friends and family, but we sneakerheads like to work alone. Our sneaker bot is the only friend we need in! This is where generating VCCs come in – aka virtual credit cards!

Sneaker_Bulk III - AIO Bot.jpgTypes of VCCs:
  • PRIVACY: It is free to use and convenient. To use Privacy, you have to be 18+, a US resident, and have a US bank account or debit card.
    There is a limit to how many cards you can produce per day, but you can create a dozen. Each VCC has a unique number so you can buy sneakers in bulk easily. Their cards are merchant-locked. This means once you use a card on a site, you will only be able to use that card on that site. However, they don’t work on Supreme.
  • REVOLUT: Another option you have available is Revolut. Eligibility requirements:  18+ age, resident of EEA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, or the US, and have a bank account.
    These cards are similar to Privacy cards but they DO work on Supreme!
  • Capital One Eno: Obviously, this type of VCC is for people who own Capital One credit cards. Capital One Eno VVCs have a Chrome extension that allows you to create a couple of dozen cards daily.
    They are merchant-locked but you can pre-set the site you want to lock the cards on. Also, they work on all sites, including Supreme!
  • Citi VCC: If you have a Citi bank account, you can make use of their Citi card benefits – including VCCs.

Also, another part of JIGGING to learn how to cop and buy sneakers in bulk is using unique email addresses. You do NOT want to leave any loose ends! Each billing profile MUST have a different email address – if you use the same email address, they will cancel your orders. But, luckily for you, jigging your email address is easy! All you need is to use catch-all emails! Just make it look legit and try using variations of your billing profile name!

Sneaker_Server - AIO BotWhat are Catch-All Emails?
Since you’re learning how to cop and buy sneakers in bulk, you have to know about catch-all emails too. This is when you purchase your own website domain and create multiple emails using that domain. They help you redirect all emails to one common inbox. And, you can also have all emails sent to these addresses redirected to your personal email inbox. 

Therefore, if you order 20 sneakers, all 20 purchase emails end up in one common inbox. This means you wouldn’t have to log into too many emails. Saves you lots of time and effort.

But, should you use catch-all emails?
Catch-alls usually cause issues that may be hard to identify, especially if you’re new to sneaker botting. Sometimes the catch-all domain gets flagged by the site. This is because the site can notice emails with the same domain name and get suspicious. This is why it’s safer to use a trusted email service like Gmail for your billing profiles. They can’t ban Gmail!


Using different phone numbers to learn how to cop or buy sneakers in bulk might seem excessive. And, it might also sound like it takes too much work. But, it’s actually the easiest part of the JIG! That’s because you don’t actually have to use phone numbers you own! Just use your local area code with random numbers after it.

Some raffle sites require you to verify your phone number to confirm a purchase, but that’s pretty rare.  Of course, you still want the number to look legit. So, if you live in the US, phone numbers are 10 digits long. 


Sneaker_Bulk - AIO Bot

Finally, how to jig your address. And no, we are not asking you to buy different houses to have different addresses! For this part, you can always make use of your friends and family members. But, you gotta make sure they won’t steal your valuable kicks! However, not everyone learning how to cop and buy sneakers in bulk has this privilege!

All you have to do is JIG your address! But, this is the step that needs the most focus and creativity.

Types of Address Jigs:
  • Changing street to st, str, or strt or other variations of abbreviations. Check the USPS site for acceptable abbreviations
  • Adding an apartment number when you live in a residential home. Technically, there are no apartments in your home! But, they don’t know that. So, you can generate endless addresses with different apartment numbers!
    Plus you can use the abbreviation trick on the word apartment too!
  • Use random characters before or after your address like FGDH 123 Main Street or 123 Main St. ZYKG
  • Or, use random words like Apt 1Dog or 1Doll instead of 1D

It sounds ridiculous, but we’re creative people in a creative community! But, it does require experimenting to see what works on what sites! Just make sure that you test your profile first before you try them on an actual release!

How to Cop and Buy Sneakers in Bulk II - AIO Bot#3 EXPERIMENTING & TESTING THE JIG

In short, JIGGING is not an exact science when it comes to learning how to cop or buy sneakers in bulk. Many people still encounter cancellations even after alternating their profiles. And while you can’t totally avoid them, you can TEST. There are two ways you can typically test your billing profiles:

  • First, try purchasing an item from the site with your jigged profile. A pair of socks or any other cheap item!
    If the order sticks, you have a higher chance your order will stick during a release. But no guarantee!!
  • Second, test during a release. However, the risk is that your order may get canceled if you are experimenting with new jigs.
    Therefore, it’s better if you test new profiles on less important releases first before big drops.

Note that a jig that works on one site may not always work on another site. That’s why it’s helpful to pretest your profiles before a release.

Finally, to learn how to cop or buy sneakers in bulk, you have to keep these things in mind. On high-stock releases, sneaker sites may decide to allow your orders with jigged profiles to go through with ease. Whereas, on hype releases, they’re usually much stricter with cancellations. So, even if you experiment and it worked during the testing phase, it may not work on the actual release. Regardless, make sure to keep track of the different profiles that worked and the ones that didn’t. 

At the end of the day, there’s always a risk of cancellation. The truth is, there is no guarantee to avoid cancellations. Nevertheless, this guide hopefully gave you a better idea of how to cop and buy sneakers in bulk. You can always join a cook group for more experienced advice and keep it locked on our blog for more!