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How to Get a Sneaker Bot: The Trek of A Sneakerhead Hungry for a Feast

By June 2, 2021July 3rd, 2021Bot, Sneakers

How to Get a Sneaker Bot - AIO BotWhen you first start out in the sneaker game, you have to go through a few bumps in the road before you actually get the hang of things. Sadly enough, these bumps come in the form of taking missing out on releases! You probably started out with some manual cops because you had no idea how to get a sneaker bot! Or, didn’t even believe you needed it. Even if you did everything right; you got the right time, you found all the best places to buy sneakers, and you even got all your fam working on the cop too. But, all that won’t make a difference. You still didn’t get the best sneaker bot to do the job for you.

In a world gone virtual, you can NOT expect to strike sneaker gold without a bot anymore. The days of easy-peasy copping are long gone fam! It just doesn’t work that way.

The truth is, a bitter L is the only wake-up call you need to get you going – especially if you’re thinking of getting into reselling. It takes less than two days in this industry to know that we buy kicks online to MAKE MONEY – that’s why we learn how to get a sneaker bot. And, lucky for you, we’re here to tell you exactly how!

How to Get a Sneaker Bot

So, here’s the thing. We aren’t trying to convince you that you need a bot – that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you know you NEED one but wanna know how to get a sneaker bot! Just in case, check this out for everything you need to know before buying a sneaker bot. That way you’ll be even more sure that you need one. 

But we will tell you one thing, know what kind of operating system you’re gonna use your it on! Not all bots are made equal. Figure out if you want a bot for Mac or Windows, and then you’re good to go for the rest.

Build-A-Bot From Scratch

How to Make a Sneaker Bot From Scratch - AIO BotThe first thing you should consider when you’re doing research on how to get a sneaker bot is the idea of making a bot on your own. The good sneaker news is that we’ve actually done all the research for you on that matter. So, if you want, you can learn all about making your own sneaker bot here.

Making your own sneaker bot could be pretty fun! But, be warned, it ain’t easy. So, if you aren’t a person who’s coincidentally into programming, then building one might not be the answer to how to get a sneaker bot. You’ll save a lot of time, money, and disappointment just by buying one online!

Find Some for Sale!

Sneaker_Bots for Sale - AIO BotHow to get a sneaker bot? Well, the most obvious way is to find sneaker bots for sale. We’ve got a list of the best sneaker bots available for sale at the moment! The thing about bots is that most of them require you to sell a kidney, or sign off your soul to the devil – if it’s in stock of course. That’s another thing, they’re almost always out-of-stock.

So, it’s not enough that you have to hit the OOS page for copping shoes, you gotta do it too with bots? You don’t have to wait for a restock. Whether it’s an all-in-one bot (like AIO Bot) or you just want a Nike bot, you’ll find them all here. We’re not saying that these are free bots, but at least you’ll get to keep both kidneys for a bot that gets the job done! That’s the easiest way to get a bot!

Win a FREE One!

Free Sneaker_Bots - What to Know - AIO_BotHow about a free bot? And we aren’t talking about those free robot scams. No, this is legit – the real thing. Some sneaker bot retailers host giveaways or raffles on Twitter or on their Instagram that give sneakerheads a chance to win a free sneaker bot. You can follow AIO Bot’s Instagram @aiobot to enter one of our many giveaways to get a bot. This is the easiest method on how to get a sneaker bot and it cost ZERO bucks! Can this BE any cooler?

So, this way you’ll never have to wonder how to get a sneaker bot ever again! Now you can go ahead and find the best bot out there to suit your needs – like AIO Bot. AIO is the oldest bot in the game that’s affordable, extremely fast, and always in stock! Check out AIO Bot now!

buttonAfter you learn how to get a sneaker bot, you should learn all about using your sneaker bot efficiently! Figure out the best types of proxies to use, and why you might need a server. Soon enough you’ll be copping the newest Yeezys, the most epic Jordans, and all the hyped sneakers of your dreams!