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How to Get Sneakers On Release Day? [The Full Cheat Sheet]

By October 21, 2023April 19th, 2024Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

How to Get Sneakers On Release Day - AIO BotThis question is for the sneakerheads starting out their sneaker copping journey with one question on their mind: how to get sneakers on release day? Or more specifically: how to get sneakers on release day online?

For a lot of people starting out, this could be their own personal existential crisis question. But, trust us when we say, it passes! And, if you let us guide you right, you’ll come out copping enough heat for a lifetime! This guide will be your salvation and answer all kinds of questions you have – including but not exclusive to:

– How to get sneakers on release day?
– Is it possible to cop sneakers for retail?
– How can I avoid paying resale values?
– What should I do to buy sneakers when they drop?

Lightbulb - How to Get Sneakers On Release Day Online - AIO BotThis guide contains content related to sneaker bots and botting. So, if you happen to be triggered by that KAREN, then this guide is not for you. You asked, and we answered. Yes, sneaker bots are the BIGGEST factor in learning how to get sneakers on release day. AND, maybe even make some money off of it!

Therefore, if you really want those kicks on release day, get over it and proceed to copping greatness!



First, the most important thing you need to learn how to get sneakers on release day is a sneaker bot. There’s absolutely no way around it. If YOU don’t use a bot, a thousand other sneakerheads WILL. And, in a hyped release, how much of the stock will they leave you?

Here’s everything you need to know about sneaker bots:
What does botting mean?
What is a sneaker bot?
Is it okay to use a sneaker bot?
Can I make my own bot?
How do sneaker bots work?
Can you rent a sneaker bot?
Is using sneaker bots illegal?
How to set up your sneaker bot?
Do free sneaker bots actually work?
Can you find sneaker bots under $500?

How About We Cut To The Bottom Line?

How to Get Sneakers On Release Day - INFOGRAPHIC - AIO BotHow to get sneakers on release day? In a nutshell, a sneaker bot is a software program that helps you automate tasks at an inhumane speed. Why the speed? Well, it’s for the sole purpose of beating competitors to checkouts and completing your sneaker purchases before they run out of stock. Because, as you may know, limited edition sneakers tend to be so high in demand that they run out in record time. 

Sneakerheads put such an effort to catch such sneakers for multiple reasons, including their passion for sneaker collecting and copping in bulk. They do the latter for the sake of starting a sneaker reselling business, which makes them tons of cash if done smartly. And in case you don’t know, sneaker brands have a one-purchase-per-customer rule. So, sneaker resellers first check which sneaker is doing well on the aftermarket, use a sneaker bot to buy as many as they can, resell them on sites like StockX, and they’d be all set to make a living out of this side hustle

BUT, here’s the catch. Not all sneaker bots can do the work right. There are hundreds of bots on the market, but very few efficient ones. And even fewer affordable sneaker bots. However, with fate bringing you here, consider yourself lucky. Because we have created the ultimate guide on the best sneaker bots you could run. Among which of course is our very own AIO Bot!

AIO Bot 

Being one of the veterans in the sneaker industry, AIO Bot offers almost everything you need in a sneaker bot. And since it’s an all-in-one bot, it can help you cop nearly any sneaker you want, including Jordans, Off-white, and Nike SNKRS releases. All that, in addition to our blog, which has been empowering sneakerheads with the info they need for years! Check it out for yourself. 


Next on how to get sneakers on release day online, you have to make sure that you use the right proxies and the right amount. When you’re learning about how to get proxies on release day, proxies are KEY – especially for copping in bulk. So, with proxies, not only will you cop the drop. But, you’ll be able to cop MULTIPLES.

Different types of proxies
What are the best proxies to use?
What are the best Nike proxies to use?
Best proxies for botting


And then, this is where sneaker servers come into play. This is the secret to learning how to get sneakers on release day. Servers guarantee that your device doesn’t crash, your internet doesn’t lag, and your cop doesn’t bust! All without having to buy a better device!

What is a sneaker server?
Types of servers to rent


Also, this goes without saying, but we’ll say it again: keep yourself in the loop of release calendars. You have to know what’s dropping. What’s the point of learning how to get sneakers on release DAY if you don’t know WHEN’S the release DATE! Here’s how to do that:

Twitter accounts for release news
How to understand a release calendar
Sneaker blogs that provide release news


And, if you can get your hands on some early sneaker links, you can get sneakers right when they drop! These links take you to the online sneaker websites hosting the release. They direct you to the release page a few minutes before the launch. And, a few minutes can make ALL the difference in your sneaker copping game! To find out where you can find early sneaker links, click here!


Plus, if you wanna do even more research and check all the boxes, you have to understand two things: CAPTCHAs and browser cookies. The whole process of sneaker botting is kinda like charades – trying to appear more and more human. Well, humans solve CAPTCHAs and they have lots of cookies stored on their devices! So, how can you do that with your bot?

What do sneaker browser cookies do?
Why do I need to keep solving CAPCTHAs?


Finally, the last part of your cheat sheet to learn how to get sneakers on release day is cook groups! Joining a cook group is also completely optional. But, you’ll definitely be more in the loop on everything related to the sneaker industry. Also, you’ll get access to a lot of cool stuff like free guides, sneaker monitors, and more. And, joining a cook group will be like joining a community of people to help you! So, you should definitely consider that! 

What is a sneaker cook group and which to join?
Reselling cook groups guide


Jigging your address for bulk copping
How many sneaker tasks should you run?
How does the Adidas CONFIRMED app work?
Do you need a sneaker bot server to cop? 
And then, how does the Nike SNKRS App work?