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How to Know Which NFT to Buy: The Best 3 NFT Tools to Use!

By April 14, 2022NFTs

How to Know Which NFT to Buy - AIO BotThis is a guide on how to know which NFT to buy! Something that will guide you through your NFT journey. Let’s paint a pretty picture for you:

So, you’re on the hunt for the latest, hottest non-fungible out there! You want something that is super hype, but at the same time very reliable. Like something making a huge splash on the market, but also has future potential with a complete roadmap. And, maybe it could have a few benefits to it with utilities and rewards! Is that too much to ask?

Well, with all the potential risk that comes with scams and rug pulls, you can’t always get the picture-perfect purchase. But, that’s why we’re here! To guide you through it all and help you find the best NFT for you! And, if you’re looking to expand your knowledge on NFTs, we got you covered! A FREE hub of all things related to non-fungible tokensgratis! Click on the button below to join the hub!

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First, you should know that we always like taking the shortcut – minimal effort, maximum results! Therefore, when we’re trying to find out how to know which NFT to buy, we want a quick fix. But, one that actually works! So, we’ve compiled a list of THREE NFT tools that can help you pick an NFT!

Here’s what you would do if you didn’t wanna use a tool:
– You check each and every project’s NFT rarity rankings
– Do lots of extensive research on any project you’re interested in
– Follow all kinds of NFT influencers and even invest in celebrity buzz
– You check their roadmaps, their community, all their social media accounts, and more
– Find out what people are talking about in inner circles, Discord servers, Twitter, and YouTube
– Finally, triple check the financial part: floor price, highest/lowest price, volume, sales, and statistics

Honestly, if you ask us, this is a lot of work to do to find out how to know which NFT to buy! Also, it requires that you visit many platforms and a lot of back-and-forths. So, why not do it all in one reliable place with these 3 NFT tools!

First, a great tool for how to know which NFT to buy is the tool. You can consider this your own virtual accountant doing all the transaction analysis for you! You see, the whole process of buying and selling NFTs has a lot of fees. So, you have to take that into consideration before you pick an NFT to buy!

NFTBank - How to Know Which NFT to Buy - AIO Bot– Gas fees
– Mint price
– Selling fees
– Listing fees
– Marketplace fees

Therefore, if finances are a huge deal-breaker for choosing an NFT to buy, this tool is for you! It does tax filing, price search, and estimates API! So, once you’ve got the math down, you can easily find the NFT of your dreams… and your budget!

The next recommended tool to know which NFT to buy is – one of the most popular sites! And, although this website is mostly used for NFT rarities, it’s very resourceful! Here’s what you can do using this tool:

Rarity Tool - How to Know Which NFT to Buy - AIO Bot– Search for specific projects by collection name
– Find the rarity score of any collection you want
– Check all the top collections by volume, average price, and owner count
– Get all the info you need including volume, sales, average price, owners, market cap, and rarity

Therefore, you can use it to buy NFTs for the same price as another NFT listed at the floor price. You just sort the listings by Low -> High, check the rarity scores, and pick the one you want!

Dune Analytics

Finally, we have Dune Analytics – a very handy tool for learning how to know which NFT to buy! It is a free crypto analytics tool for tracking trade volume, exploring queries and dashboards, and more. Here’s what you can do using Dune Analytics:

Dune Analytics - AIO Bot– Join NFT queries
– Explore NFT dashboards on everything related to the community
– Track floor prices and statistics using their interactive NFT floor trackers

This tool feels a lot more like a technical, business tracker. But, it’s a good tool to use when learning how to know which NFT to buy. Especially if you are already into crypto! Analyzing exactly how things are going guarantees you don’t lose money in the long run! Make sure to check it out!