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Step-By-Step Guide: How to Lace Jordan 1 in 3 Epic Ways!

By October 18, 2023February 6th, 2024Jordan, Sneaker Tutorial

 Guide on How to Lace Jordan 1 Sneakers - AIO BotFirsts are special. And this applies to the first Air Jordan silhouette to ever drop. The Air Jordan 1 is one of the most epic, fashionable, and iconic sneakers in history! And as sneakerheads, it just doesn’t sit well with us to know that you still don’t know how to lace Jordan 1. 

So, we’re here to teach you how to lace AJ1 sneakers in three different epic ways! And well, the greatest part of a sneaker flex is having a unique sneaker flex. And, although you can find tons of ways to style your Js, lacing them differently is BETTER.

But, before we get into this step-by-step guide on jumping rope with the Jumpman, we gotta set some ground rules:

1. The Jordan 1 is a relatively large Jordan. So, you have to keep that in mind!
2. The Jordan 1 Highs come with 9 eyelets, the Mids with 8, and the Lows with 7
3. You’re going to need either 63 inches or 72 inches flat laces (maybe you got some for Christmas!)

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Now let’s move on to our guide on how to lace Jordan 1!

Backstory on Sneaker Laces 

Now, before we learn how to tie Jordans, you’ve got to know that shoelaces have a rich history and enduring significance within the realm of footwear. The history of sneaker laces dates back to ancient civilizations. Where shoes were often secured using simple leather straps or cords. 

However, it was during the 19th century that the concept of lacing as we know it today began to take shape. The introduction of laces allowed for a snug and adjustable fit, enabling wearers to optimize their performance and comfort levels.

As sneakers continued to gain popularity throughout the 20th century, laces became an integral part of their design. Then, the rise of sneaker culture and the emergence of sneakerheads have elevated laces to a form of self-expression. Customizing laces or swapping them out for alternative options has become a popular trend, giving sneakerheads a space to express themselves and style kicks how they love. 

Moreover, laces have become a source of inspiration for artists, designers, and even entrepreneurs. A clear example would be Off-white x Nike‘s bold and unique laces in most of their collabs. 

Click here to learn more about the history of shoelaces!

How To Lace Jordan 1 Sneakers 

So, in this guide, you’ll be learning how to lace Jordan 1 sneakers like a fancy-pants sneakerhead. But, for this particular guide, we’re going to be using HIGH top Jordan as a reference. However, you can still apply these 3 techniques to the other models as well. You can refer to the diagram below for the eyelet number for a step-by-step guide. So, for Mids or Lows, just stop at the 8th or 7th eyelet respectively!

You can also go for ANY shoelace color you want, mix and match. Go for different laces on every foot. And, you can even fit two laces per eyelet if you want if you’re feeling EXTRA! 

How To Lace Jordan 1 - AJ1 Laces Guide - AIO BotPS – the AGLET is the plastic or metal tip on your shoelaces. Just so you know!

#1 Cozy Lazy Way 

Lazy Cozy Way - How To Lace Jordan 1 Sneakers - AIO BotThe first style on how to lace Jordan 1 sneakers is the cozy lazy way. This is the best technique for tying your Js that will guarantee a flex. But also, this method ensures your Jordans won’t need too much care and repair in the long run. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pull the aglets through (1) and make sure the tips of the laces are even. Go from the outside to the inside towards the tongue
    2. Then, start from the inside towards the outside
    3. Criss-cross through the eyelets to do the usual “No-thrills, no-frills” method but keep’em loose
    4. Make sure you go underneath and all outside laces go over the top. From (1) on the left to (2) on the right, from (2) on the left to (3) on the right…  And, vice versa
    5. And, keep turning the laces to make them lay flat
    6. And, repeat
    7. Once you reach the 6th eyelet, you can go through the tongue tie or not – personal preference
    8. Finally, when you reach the 8th eyelet, leave about 2 inches of the laces hanging from both sides. Or, you can lace them!

And so, that’s how to lace Jordan 1 sneakers in the COZY LAZY method! Also, at this point, you can pull the laces all the way to the bottom to make them even. You can definitely go all the way to the 9th eyelet if you want, but that’s not really cool. And, why choke the tongue? It’s one of the best features of the Air Jordan 1!

#2 Cross & Loose 

Cross Loosey Tied - Tie Jordan 1- AIO BotAnother method on how to lace Jordan 1 sneakers is the CROSS & LOOSE method. This one is similar to the first method but totally different at the same time. It’s a modern take on an otherwise classic way to tie up your Js! This is a definite laid-back kinda look that gives you that IDGAF vibe! Try it out!

  1. Repeat step one from Method #1
    2. From (1) go to (3) – skip the 2nd eyelet – on both sides
    3. Then, from (3) go to (5) – skip the 4th eyelet – on both sides
    4. Keep skipping an eyelet on every loop and repeat
    5. When you reach the 9th eyelet, tie a lazy bowtie
    6. Finally, pull the laces out slightly to give it an even more loose fit!

For this method, you can also stop at the top 2 eyelets if you want. This means you leave eyelets (8) and (9) untied. It’s different and pretty cool. But, don’t expect it to have much grip – hence the importance of the sizing!

#3 Bar Laces

Bar Laces - How To Tie AJ1 - AIO Bot Finally, we’ve got the last style on how to lace Jordan 1 sneakers – the BAR LACES. This is also a way to lace your Jordans without pulling them too tight. That’s the thing you should focus on regardless of how you choose to tie your Js! But, this method just happens to look and feel the cleanest!

  1. Repeat step one from method #1
    2. For this method, you have to run your shoelace STRAIGHT ACROSS from the outside
    3. From (1) on the right, go to (2) on the right from the underside. Thread it through (2) on the left side
    4. From (1) on the left, go to (3) on the left from the underside. Thread it through (3) on the right side
    5. Repeat the same pattern until you reach the 8th eyelet. This means:
        – From (2) on the left go to (4) on the left from the underside. Thread through (4) on the right. Repeat to (6) and then to (8)
        – From (3) on the right go to (5) on the right from the underside. Thread through (5) on the right. Repeat to (7)
    6. Tie the extra lace or slip them into the insides of your Js!

And that’s our final method on how to lace Jordan 1 sneakers in three different ways! Pick whichever one suits you the most! Do it your way and find your style. 

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