How to Make Money From Home Selling Sneakers [+real success stories]

By November 13, 2020 November 15th, 2020 Food for thought

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM HOME AIO FEATEvery working person has probably thought about this at least once in their lifetime: how to make money from home. For those of us who are self-diagnosed introverts, too young or inexperienced to land jobs, or super dedicated to our personal lives at home, the quest is very much real. However, with the internet connecting us to literally everything at any given moment, working online has become the self-fulfilling trend! So, how to make money from home using only your computer and head…? Ever thought about selling sneakers online? It’s a legit side hustle that has set straight thousands of teenagers and adults all over the planet. The sneaker reselling industry is worth over $2B because of normal people who devote consistent chunks of their time to it. It really goes down to running a piece of software, a sneaker bot, and knowing what sneaker releases to go after. 

One: Learn About the Sneaker Industry

Nike Air Ship x Air Jordan 1 New Beginnings Pack - AIO Bot
Before you think about selling sneakers as your new side hustle, ask yourself this: are you a fan of sneakers, or do you like the idea of working around them? If you got a positive gut feeling about either questions, then congratulations, you’ve officially found your next at-home money-maker! So, the first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the sneaker industry. Meaning, you got to explore the hottest sneaker brands trending, the money-making collaborations, and most importantly, their values on the aftermarket. Before we jump ahead too fast, let’s start with the basics and work ourselves up to the hype we’re aiming to cop. The button below will take you to the ultimate sneaker guide that pros wished they had when they were starting out.
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Two: Run a Sneaker Bot

The next step after getting your sneaker groove on is running a sneaker bot that you think will work best for you. Copping Nikes? Look for a Nike bot or a Footsites bot, since most Jordan releases are dropping there as well. Freaking out about Yeezys? You’ll need a bot that operates on Adidas and Yeezy Supply. Not to mention Shopify sites if you want the full scope. To explore your sneaker bot options and find your direction, the link below lists out the industry’s top sneaker bot results. It’s the only information you’ll need to make up your mind and choose the right bot for you!
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How Much Are AIO Bot Users Making?!

We’re taking you found AIO bot on that list! We find it worth mentioning that we are among the most successful retail sneaker bots in stock. It’s not always easy to compete against raging OOS bots over limited pairs. But with the updates we regularly push toward, we make sure our users get their fair share of hyped releases. Our team is constantly working to improve AIO bot’s performance on Footsites, Shopify, and Demandware. #WheretheYeezys&JordansAre. We’ve actually increased our success rate on Shopify by 30% only recently this October. And our Footsites performance has skyrocketed us through major 2020 releases. Here’s how some real AIO bot users did on the recent Jordan 1 Mocha and Yeezy Natural for some fresh perspective!

How to Make Money From Home – Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Here’s a fun game we can play. You’ll find below some shoutout Tweets by AIO bot users after copping the Jordan 1 Mocha. Go to your preferred resale site and type in the name of the sneakers. After finding out how much these sneakers are worth on resale, multiply that value by the number of sneakers copped, deduct their retail price, and you’ll get the net profit made from that pair. For example, the Jordan 1 Mocha is now valued at $360 on StockX. But also depending on the sizes sold as well as the cleanliness and deadstock quality of the kicks, the resale value might change. 

Taking that our users got textbook results, user one’s potential is at $1,400, user two’s is at about $1,800, and user three is a whopping $2,500 deal! So, taking into consideration that AIO bot costs $325 at retail, 3 of our users got their money back with extra profit after ONE release only.

AIO Bot Success: Yeezy 350 V2 Natural

Looking at a handful of our Jordan 1 Mocha results, you can begin to understand that making over $1K per month using a bot is no scam! Because if you manage to cop multiple pairs of a hyped release, you’re looking at $1K+ profit per release! So, now that we’ve showcased our most recent Jordan results, let’s move on to the Yeezy Natural. This Yeezy dropped on October 24, keep that in mind. On the 10th of October, it sold on StockX for $800! After its official release, its value was at $400. And now it’s valued at $300 on average. Meaning, you gotta watch the value rates on the market and plan your move accordingly. If Lucas plans to sell 11 Yeezy pairs today, he can roughly make $3,000 given that he finds his lucky buyers.

How to Make Money From Home: SOLVED!

Now you know what it means to own a legit pair of sneakers and sell them for a legit amount of money. It’s a give and take world over here, ruled by supply and demand laws. The more you invest in your sneaker bot, the more smoothly it will run your tasks and double your copping chances. Your profit rate ultimately depends on how dedicated you are to running your bot and tracking hype. It also depends on how well you know your market and the resale sites you’re working with. A little effort can go a long way! This industry is projected to cross $6B by 2025. Which means you better start learning the ropes before everyone else in the world decides to join it!