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Drowning in Oversized Kicks? Here’s How To Make Shoes Smaller!

By December 20, 2023Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - How To Make Shoes SmallerThe pain runs deep when you finally get your hands on a hype sneaker, only to discover you’ve picked the wrong size. It also sometimes happens that your size runs out, and you’re left with the option of either picking a bigger or smaller size. OR going back home with nothing at all. And so, as a sneakerhead, you naturally pick the wise choice. Which is getting the kicks you want even if they’re not the right size. Now, in case you picked the smaller size, here’s a full guide on how to stretch shoes to make them perfectly fit your feet. However, if you snag a larger size, make sure to read through for the best tricks on how to make shoes smaller! 

How to Make Shoes Smaller?

How to Make Shoes Smaller – Method 1: Wear Thick Socks

How to Make Shoes Smaller - Thick SocksSo, if you ever got a sneaker that was too big for your feet, you can start with the simplest method on how to make shoes smaller. Which is wearing thick socks. You see, there are sneaker brands, like New Balance, that offer in-between sizes. So, if you bought kicks half a size up, wearing thick socks adds extra layers. Which can help make them a comfortable fit

If you don’t have thick socks, you can opt for wearing two to three pairs of socks on top of each other. However, the downside of this method is that it’s not suitable for hot weather. So, maybe keep this trick for your winter sneakers

How to Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller – Method 2: Use Toe Inserts

How to Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller - Toe InsertsAnother way to make shoes fit smaller is to stuff the toes with some soft material, such as cotton balls or tissue paper. So, all you have to do is fill the toe area with as much stuffing as it takes to make your feet NOT slip the back as you walk. This method is easy and handy. However, it might not be the best choice for long walks. Because it can get pretty uncomfortable and your feet can suffer from blisters. This also means, you definitely can’t use this method on your running sneakers. 

How to Make a Shoe Smaller – Method 3: Use Insoles

How to Make a Shoe Smaller - Add InsolesHere comes THE wise choice on how to make shoes smaller. Instead of making your feet suffer from potential blisters and sweat, you can opt to use additional insoles. They usually feature gel or foam materials. And they’re made specifically for filling up extra spaces in your sneakers. They also have the perk of helping with posture problems. In addition, if a full insole makes your sneaker too snug, you can buy half an insole, which comes under your heel area, leaving the front of your foot free from stuffiness. 

How to Make Bigger Shoes Fit Smaller – Method 4 Use Water to Shrink Shoes

How to Make Bigger Sneakers Fit Smaller - Use WaterAnother proven method on how to make shoes smaller is by using water followed by air drying. So, what you have to do is use a spray bottle to wet leather or suede shoes. But when it comes to casual or athletic shoes, you can go for soaking them in water. BUT, always check the care label before you go ahead with this trick. Because water can actually damage some types of shoes with no chance of repairing

After you wet the sneakers, you’ll have to leave them outside to air-dry. But do NOT place them in direct sunlight. You can also try using a hairdryer on a low setting. But make sure not to hold it close to the shoes- a 15 to 23 cm safe distance is good enough. The thing with this method is that it might take you to repeat the same process multiple times to reach the results you’re looking for. And if your kicks are made of either leather or suede, you’ll have to condition them after you’re done with the drying thing. You can find such a thing in the SneakerAid kit– one of the best sneaker care kits available. 

The Ultimate Method – Take Shoes To A Shoe Cobbler

CobblerHow to make shoes smaller? Well, taking them to a shoe cobbler would be the best way. You see, if adding insoles doesn’t do the job, or stuffing the front of the sneaker proves to be a temporary solution, you can take your kicks to a shoe cobbler. A professional who knows how to do shoe things with minimal risks of actually ruining the shoes. Especially if your shoes are expensive! No one wants to risk those. 

Finally, in case you tend to miss your shoe size by accident, mainly when buying sneakers online, make sure to check out the sizing guides below!

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