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The Easiest & Fastest Guide on How to Setup a Sneaker Bot for A Release

By July 6, 2021July 8th, 2021Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

How to Setup a Sneaker Bot - COMPLETE GUIDE - AIO BotWelcome to the WINNING side of the sneaker copping race. The side where sneaker bots rule the game and guide sneakerheads to cook up the hottest feasts every release! Since your extensive copping research brought you here, we’re going to assume you already bought a bot. See what we did there? Now you wanna learn how to setup a sneaker bot for a release. Right?


The hard part isn’t setting up the bot, it’s PICKING the right one for you. If anyone claims that sneaker botting is not for you because it’s too hard, we’re about to prove them wrong. There are so many things to look for before buying a bot. There are many different types of bots out there for you to choose from, but we ultimately advise all-in-one bots FTW. Just getting the best out of the full package, you know?

You know how bots work – you automate tasks within the bot to cop whatever hyped product you want. Of course, you gotta feed it with the right kind of proxies depending on the sneaker retailer’s website. Wanna know more about how to get the best out of your copping experience and UP your game? Click the button below.

Learn-moreHow to Setup A Sneaker Bot Fast & Easy!

To explain how to setup a bot, we’re going to be using AIO Bot as a reference. Now, assuming that you got a bot that’s just as user-friendly as AIO Bot; you shouldn’t have any issue. In essence, all bots work the same way and they should NOT be difficult. If it is, then the bot ain’t for us. 

A bot is supposed to make your experience better and not more complicated. Or else, what’s the point of it all? The mental frustration and disappointment of an overly complicated bot are not worth it. We’re smart sneakerheads, but we are NOT developers. Would’ve made our own bots if we were! So, here’s how to setup a sneaker bot in the fastest and easiest way possible!

#1 Setting Up Billing Profiles

How to Setup a Sneaker Bot - BILLINGS - AIO BotWhen you already have your bot downloaded, activated, and ready for action; you’ll first see the user interface – the UI. This is where you will find everything you need on how to setup a sneaker bot. So, this brings us to our very first step: Creating a billing profile. 

In short, to setup your billing profile, you have to go to the BILLINGS tab in your respective sneaker bot and then press +ADD NEW BILLINGS. You’ll have to fill out all your billing information like your billing address, shipping address, and credit card information in the new window. You have to do this right off the bat before the release to not waste your time. Time is SNEAKERS people!

When you’re done, just press SAVE! And you’ve finished the first part on how to setup a sneaker bot. Pretty self-explanatory, right? So far it’s been pretty straightforward. This will be the billing profile you’ll use for your release. And, you can always add multiple billing profiles if you want.

*NOTE – Make sure you use different billing/shipping addresses, mobile numbers, and emails for different billing profiles.

#2 Creating Proxy Lists

Setting Up Your_Bot - Proxies list - AIO_BotSo, the next part on how to setup a sneaker bot is creating a proxy list. Using proxy servers makes sure that your own IP address won’t be banned from sneaker sites. There are different types of proxies with different qualities that can help with your copping skills. You got the residential proxies, the ISPs, and the datacenter proxies. If you wanna find different available proxy providers, just check out this list for all you need.

A proxy list is how you’re going to feed your sneaker bot proxies to get your tasks going. You do that by pressing on the PROXIES tab then press +ADD NEW PROXY LIST. Name the list anything you want – put release date, the sneaker dropping, or your mom’s name. Who cares! Name it, copy and paste the proxies, and press SAVE!

*NOTE – We advise that you use 1 proxy for each task, but you can still use 2 tasks per proxy. But that’s your limit, else you’ll get your proxies banned.

#3 Assigning the Tasks

How to Setup a Sneaker Bot - Setting TASKS - AIO BotWe’ve finally reached the most important step in how to setup a sneaker bot: creating and adding tasks! First, you have to press on the TASKS tab and then +ADD NEW. In the new window, you will need to select the type of website you want to cop. This includes Shopify sites, Footsites, a certain Demandware-hosted site, or even Supreme. It all depends on the features of the bot you have and its supported websites.

Select the store name from the drop-down list (if you can’t find it, your bot doesn’t support it). If you can’t find the store you want, then you can always go for custom Shopify options! Next, toggle the GUEST. You can use an account if you want, but it’s faster this way, and most retailers don’t require signup. 

How to setup a sneaker bot depending on the website?

Choosing the Right Website - AIO BotThe coolest part on how to setup a sneaker bot is having early links, an epic cook group by your side, and Discord servers. If your bot doesn’t help you through Discord is it even a sneaker bot? If you don’t have an early link, you can use the PID instead – a unique identifier of the specific product.

In short, any respective sneaker bot will provide the PID a couple of hours before the release in Discord servers. So, make sure you’ve got a reliable sneaker bot on your side.

For Demandware-hosted Sites

Demandware-Hosted Sites TASKS - AIO_BotHow to setup a sneaker bot for Demandware-hosted websites: (Yeezysupply & Adidas)
– Select the country of the site
– Insert the PID
– Select the size or random (you can even select multiple sizes!)
– Assign the billing profile for this task
– Choose the number of tasks you want to create under this setup!

For Footsites

Footsites TASKS - AIO_BotHow to setup a sneaker bot for Footsites:
– Select the website you want
– Insert the PID
– Select the size or random (you can even select multiple sizes!)
– Assign the billing profile for this task
– Choose the number of tasks you want to create under this setup!

On Shopify Sites

Shopify Sites TASKS - AIO_BotHow to setup a sneaker bot for Shopify:
– Select the Shopify website you want
– Insert the keywords or early link
– Choose between normal, fast, and boost modes depending on the site
– Select the size or random
– Assign the billing profile for this task
– Select the number of tasks you want to run for this setup!

Other Websites

Other Websites - JDSports and Finish Line TASKS - AIO_BotHow to setup a sneaker bot on websites like JDSports and FINISH LINE:
– Select the website that you want
– Use a normal account to create a task
– Insert the early link
– Select the size or random
– Assign the billing profile
– Choose the number of tasks you want to create under this setup!

Press SAVE and you’ve just finished adding your tasks! That’s the hardest and trickiest part of how to setup a sneaker bot. Yet, it’s still pretty simple! You’re just telling the bot WHAT you want to buy. Once you actually try it yourself, you’ll see it pretty much explains itself.

*NOTE – Please note some Shopify sites REQUIRE you have an account to check out an item (ex: Undefeated, HanonShop, Haven, BdgaStore, Suede Store…).

#4 Run Your Bot

The final and most exciting step on how to setup a sneaker bot is RUNNING the bot on release day! This means all you have to do is press the PLAY button next to your task under the ACTIONS column. And, that’s it!

It’s THAT easy!  Sneaker bots are actually easy to use. Of course only with user-friendly, successful & professional bots like AIO bot. Learn more about it by clicking below.

Buy AIO NOWYour bot will do everything from finding the sneaker, adding it to the cart, inserting the checkout info, checking out, and getting it to your doorstep. You can monitor the process under the STATUS column, and you can run as many tasks as you want!

Just make sure you have your bot solving CAPTCHAs (if it does!) and that you’ve got all the system requirements for it. You might need a savage server (we advise you do) for better speed and efficiency! AND, one last thing, make sure you’ve got the right operating system, or else you might need a few little extra steps. Copping on your Mac is a tiny bit different than Windows.

That’s all there is to it folks! Sit back, relax, and wait for the congratulatory email to arrive!