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Unmasking Fufus: THE Guide on How to Spot Fake Dunks

By November 17, 2023Nike, Sneaker Tutorial

AIO Bot - How To Spot Fake DunksCounterfeit products: they’re a global phenomenon, and unfortunately, the sneaker market isn’t immune. In fact, the counterfeit sneakers market is more pervasive and lucrative than you might realize. Before we progress to tips on how to spot fake Dunks from their legit counterparts, it’s important to understand the size of the fake sneaker industry.

A recent post by reports that the fake sneaker market stands $450 Billion in value. Which is times and times the value of the legit sneaker market globally.

In this big world of counterfeits, popular styles like Nike Dunks are among the main targets. Why? Simply because, their global demand far exceeds the supply, giving sneaker counterfeiters the opportunity to grow their businesses.

What Are Nike Dunks?

Nike Dunks are iconic basketball shoes created by the one and only, Nike. Originally launched in 1985, these sneakers immediately captured the hearts of skateboarders, athletes, and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Mostly thanks to their aesthetically pleasing design, comfort, and durability. Over time, Nike Dunks evolved from being purely sports-oriented to a major fashion statement, flaunting various color palettes and limited-edition versions, attracting fashion-forward individuals, and resellers looking to make big bucks flipping them.

Now, let’s check out how you can spot fake Dunks! 

How to Spot Fake Dunks

So now that we established why dunks matter, we gotta know how to spot fake Dunks to not fall in the trap of scammers depriving you of authenticity and potential profit.

  • Examine the Nike logo on the tongue. Counterfeit Nike Dunks often display poorly stitched or misaligned logos.
  • Check the “Nike” embroidery on the heel. It should be clean and professional.
  • Inspect the overall stitching of the shoe. Genuine pairs have impeccable stitching. While fake Nike Dunks may show sloppy or inconsistent stitching.
  • Authenticate the shoe box. Genuine Nike Dunks come in a box with the Nike logo, product name, and a label with info such as size, style, and bar code.
  • Check the shoe’s material quality. Authentic Nike Dunks are known for their premium materials.
  • Verify the shoe color and design. Any variations from the official images could indicate a counterfeit pair.
  • Evaluate the price. If it seems too good to be true, they’re likely fake Nike Dunks. Retail and resale prices of original Nike shoes are known.
  • Double-check the shoe’s insole. Real Nike Dunks have the logo imprinted deeply into the insole, while fakes may have a shallow or fuzzy imprint.
  • Inspect the tag inside the shoe. Authentic Dunks will have a clear, size tag with manufacturing country, and style details.
  • Confirm the smell. Fake Nike Dunks often have a strong chemical smell due to cheap manufacturing processes.

Should You Buy Fake Dunks?

Now that we’ve covered how to spot fake Dunks, you might be wondering if you should actually buy them, right? Well, several factors come into play. Despite the attractive price tag of fake Nike Dunks, the cons often outweigh the cash savings. Firstly, the questionable quality of fake shoes can lead to discomfort or potential injury. Counterfeit shoes do not follow the safety standards that big brands such as Nike set. Moreover, when you buy counterfeit goods, you’re basically supporting illegal activities, such as smuggling often associated with the black market. Lastly, fake Nike Dunks simply won’t offer the same sense of accomplishment as owning a legit pair. So, while everyone loves a good bargain, there are other ways to secure real authentic Dunks, straight from Nike, for the lowest possible price.

How To Secure Legit Nike Dunks at Retail?

Buying legitimate Nike Dunks using a sneaker bot can seem intimidating. But with a bit of guidance, you can successfully nab these exclusive kicks. Here’s how to do it. 

Start by choosing a reputable sneaker bot. Consider factors such as success rates, ease of use, and the bot’s support of various sneaker sites.

Once you’ve chosen your bot, you’ll need to install it on your computer and set it up. This involves downloading the bot, inputting your personal and payment information. Then proceed to choose the right kind of proxies, and Nike accounts IF you’re copping off Nike SNKRS. If anything, using sneaker bots has become quite easy and self explanatory. Plus if you join sneaker cook groups on Discord or refer to Reddit, you’ll get a ton of help! And as simple as that, you learned how to spot fake Nike Dunks and how to get real ones!