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How to Start a MILLION Dollar Sneaker Collection FAST [Easy Money]

By April 30, 2021September 27th, 2022Sneaker News, Sneaker Tutorial

How to Start a Sneaker Collection - AIO BotRemember when we were kids and collecting baseball cards was THE thing? Now that was one of the biggest flexes of our entire lives at the time. But boy, how the times have changed! The greatest ‘hobby’ that also happens to be the greatest money-making activity is starting your own sneaker collection! A sneaker collection consisting of the most limited-run hyped sneakers in entire sneaker history – a collection worth MILLIONS of dollars! It starts out with a single pair of Jordan 1s or a pair of Yeezy boots. Then suddenly you’ve got over 1000 pairs, media coverage, and the wrath and envy of MILLIONS of sneakerheads worldwide. Not to mention the crazy CASH you can make on the aftermarket reselling these rare sneakers!

The sneaker industry is one of the LARGEST industries in the world. Also, in a world gone virtual, this is the only industry that still allows you to make a LOT! Investing in sneakers is a foolproof way to guarantee your cashback in the future. You see, sneakers are like aged wine! If you know exactly how to grow and maintain your sneaker collection, you’ll be sitting on a goldmine! So, wondering how you could get started? We got you covered. We’re going to teach you how to kickstart a MILLION dollar sneaker collection in the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way.

The Largest Sneaker Collections in the WORLD

Sneaker Storage Space - AIO Bot - GUIDEIf you’re still unsure about starting a sneaker collection, then we’re about to tip you over in envy! Trust us when we say, we were green in total jealousy checking people’s EPIC sneaker collections! The amount of sneakers they own is literally unbelievable. BUT, the amount of money they can make is even CRAZIER! In short, having a sneaker collection should be your all-time bucket list goal in life. Don’t take our word for it. Just check them out yourself! We’ve got three of the wildest, most crazy sneaker collections in the world – guaranteed to make you so jealous you’ll probably wanna punch your screen. Proceed at your own risk.

Chicks with Kicks!
6000+ Pairs – Valued at 2+ MILLION Dollars

Chicks with Kicks Shoes - AIO BotSo, here’s a little piece of information you might not have known. The largest sneaker collection in the entire world is owned by three sisters – AKA the Chicks with Kicks! These chicks have some of the greatest sneakers in the history of the entire industry. They’ve got a pair of the 1985 OG Air Jordan 1 in Red Metallic valued at around $10,000. To rub even more salt on the wound, the sisters have a sample pre-release Nike Air Yeezy in their collection – also estimated at around $10,000! The numbers just keep getting crazier. So much so, that they own a pair of Air Force 1 Mark Smith Laser created by the sneaker designer Sandy Bodecker – a one-of-one sneaker estimated at $20,000! 

These chicks do NOT mess around when it comes to sneakers. They also don’t discriminate when it comes to size. We guess size DOESN’T matter to these girls! They’ve got a whole section dedicated to kids’ sneakers filled with 1985 baby Jordans of all the AJ sizes. Checks over stripes don’t even matter to them – especially with all the luxury sneakers they got.

They’ve got sneakers that have not even been released! Definitely got sneakers brands like Nike confused – contacting them all over trying to find out how the hell they got their hands on these prototypes, player exclusives, and samples! These girls made $188,000 in TWO WEEKS just by posting pictures of their sneaker collection – not even from reselling, just posting. Check them out!

Mayor’s Sneaker Heap
4000+ Pairs – Valued at 2 MILLION Dollars

MAYOR Sneaker Collection - AIO BotMark “Mayor” Farese is another avid sneakerhead self-proclaimed sneaker connoisseur with a sneaker collection worth a lot of dynamite heat! With over 4000 pairs to his name, Mayor owns one of the largest shoe collections in the world! He’s got so many impressive kicks stacked up in plastic box units from deadstock Fragments to different Undefeated x BAPE collaborations. The man owns so many exclusively rare sneakers that even the Nike Air Yeezy IIs don’t impress him that much anymore! He’s got the grails of the grails, the ones of ones, and the unreleased samples. The dude’s so dedicated, he literally slipped out with a pair of unreleased 2010 Lebron 7s Hyperfuse – only 3 or 4 pairs of these sneakers exist. He even got some unattainable Crocodile Air Force 1 with only 28 pairs in existence – Mayor owned around 28 pairs.

But, if there’s anything to learn from Mayor, other than stealing a sneaker when you get a shot, is that make sure you got your fit right. You gotta do that before starting a whole collection based on one shoe size! The man impressively dropped over 100 pounds but also dropped over a shoe size. This is the reason why he’s giving up his monster of a sneaker collection and sending it all to Vegas to sell them all on Urban Necessities. Maybe you can cop a few pairs to kickstart your own sneaker collection!

Jordan Geller’s SHOEZEUM
2500+ Pairs – Valued at 1 MILLION Dollars

Jordan Geller Collection - AIO BotJordan Geller, owner of the SHOEZEUM, might be the OG sneaker collection master in the game. In 2013, he held the Guinness World Record for the largest sneaker collection ever – it featured over 2500 pairs of sneakers at that time. Jordan Geller happens to be the man behind the Nike Moon Shoe sale – sold for $437,500 dollars. He’s got a complete set of the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital sneakers value at around $50,000. He even owns a pair of game-worn Michael Jordan 1985 Air Jordan 1s! The man owns so many ones of ones, you’ve probably never even heard of some unless you’re a diehard sneakers collector yourself.

In 2012, Nike banned Geller and didn’t allow him to purchase any Nike sneakers from their select retailers. This only fueled his passion for sneaker collecting, and he went on to collect even more. He literally has OG pairs of the Air Jordan 11s from the year 1996! Jordan Geller currently works in sneaker resale and has retired from sneaker collecting.

How to Start a Sneaker Collection FAST

STEP 1: Learn How to Cop Sneakers

Guide to Getting With Sneakers - AIO BotThe first thing you gotta do before you start a sneaker collection is to learn how to properly get your hands on a pair of limited-run, hyped sneakers. There are a few ways you could cop sneakers, but it all depends on how you wanna go about it. If you’re looking to collect sneakers to resell them after a few years, copping at retail is probably the best. This means you’re going to need a super sneaker bot, a huge set of proxies, and possibly a speedy server. Also, if you’re new to the whole process of sneaker botting, then you can use this guide to get you going! Even if you already know all this, and even own a sneaker bot; knowing how to use it EFFICIENTLY is a whole other story.

But, if you wanna start your sneaker collection just by buying sneakers and keeping them, then retail probably isn’t something you care too much about. So, you can totally try your hand at manual copping or you can just head over to the aftermarket to buy the sneakers. You may have to pay a little bit over the retail value, but you’ll definitely add a sneaker to your collection!

STEP 2: Get Some Cash!

How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - GUIDEOkay, let’s be real. Starting your very own sneaker collection from scratch is not an easy feat. It also doesn’t come cheap. So, you gotta have some type of income to keep funding your collecting activities. As a sneakerhead in the sneaker industry, the most reasonable and logical way to make some extra cash happens to be sneaker reselling. It’s fast, efficient, and always brings in MONEY. You gotta buy to resell. So, here’s what you need to do. You cop sneakers in bulk, keep one or more for your collection (or yourself) and sell the others on resale platforms. You can even enter every single raffle and try your luck.

If you don’t wanna get into sneaker resale for some strange reason, then you gotta find other money-making side hustles. It also would preferably be a side hustle that you can do right from the comfort of your home – make money from home. So, if you DO find a side hustle that makes more money than sneaker reselling, do let us know!

STEP 3: Decide on Which Sneakers You Wanna Start With

Sneaker Collection - Starting Off - AIO BotAfter you’ve learned how to get the sneakers, and how to get the money; you gotta decide on which ones to endorse your money in. In other words, you can’t just cop every single sneaker that drops. You gotta build a sneaker collection with value – something that’ll grow in worth with time. You gotta start out with the classic sneaker staples like some Adidas Stan Smiths, any of the OG Air Jordans, the most limited Yeezys, the wildest Dunks… In brief, you gotta cop the most hyped sneakers with the greatest colorways ever. If it’s a release that so many people are going for, you probably should too.

Another thing you should take into consideration is the size. If you get a chance to cop one of the bae sizes, that’s EPIC sneaker news for you. But, you should also cop sneakers that cater to your sneaker size – you can’t flex what you can’t ever wear. We also suggest that you cop every release that includes the craziest sneaker collaborations and exclusive releases ever. Those are the type of drops that people will always wanna cop – now or later on in the future. These types of sneakers are always a definite WIN.

STEP 4: Do NOT Wear Them!

Why Jordans Are Unlike Other Shoes - AIO BotDo NOT, we repeat, do NOT wear sneakers from your sneaker collection – especially if you wanna resell them later on. Deadstock sneakers that have never been worn before always have a higher resale value on the aftermarket. You can NOT even try it on, not for a minute. Never worn, never even laced. You also have to make sure you take care of your sneakers, keep them in pristine condition. You gotta make sure you store them right, how to clean them properly, and even what to do with the sneaker boxes. Keeping their original box is always a plus! A sneaker collection is no place for beaters! Unless this beater happens to be one of MJ’s personal sneakers, of course.

Your sneaker collection will hold the greatest resale value on the market. You’ll gain so much street cred and so much media attention! It isn’t every day that you get a chance to see deadstock hyped sneakers. The OG sneakerheads of the industry will be clawing their way into your DM trying to score a pair!

STEP 5: Stay in the Sneaker LOOP!

Yeezy 350 New Mono Pack - AIO BotThe final part of starting your very own sneaker collection is to stay in the loop. You gotta be up to date with all the ins and outs of the industry. Join different sneaker cook groups or groups on Discord to fill you in on all the latest sneaker news. You can even follow every social media account that caters to sneaker reselling, new and releases details. Or you can keep it locked on our blog for all the newest updates related to sneaker releases, trending sneakers, and all the most hyped releases. That way you’ll have everything covered!

Being on top of everything related to starting a sneaker collection means you never have to miss out on a single release. Missing out on one drop could mean a major loss for your collection. You gotta hit EVERY drop. So, make sure nothing slips out of your grip. You gotta know what time the drop happens, where it’s dropping, and what you need to cop it. 

Start Your Own MILLION Dollar HEAP of Sneakers

When you decide to start a sneaker collection, you probably have sneaker reselling in mind. Why else would you get into it if you aren’t looking to resell later on? Well, sure the flex is pretty sick. BUT, you can literally have the best of both worlds with an epic sneaker collection. Either way, a sneaker collection with epic sneakers is a MEGA flex and an even BIGGER flip. Soon enough, you’ll be making MILLIONS of dollars worth in sneakers. You’ll go down in sneaker history!