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How To Style Dunks? A Guide To Master Your Dunk Style

By May 11, 2023Nike, Sneakers

AIO - How To Style DunksThe sneaker world is one vast world. So vast that now it has its own subculture: sneaker reselling. Sneaker reselling became a passion for many, as it makes the greatest side hustle while making shitloads of money. Therefore, with such a hyped culture, it’s only normal for sneaker trends to be a thing. If you’re a sneakerhead, you’d know where this is going. You know, these days, not anyone can just wear a pair of Jordans and call themselves sneakerheads. It doesn’t work this way. If you wanna be it, then you at least gotta look it. And this starts with knowing your proper fit, keeping them squeaky clean, and most importantly, learning the right way to style them. Now, since Nike is the shit in the industry, why don’t we start there. Or more specifically why don’t we start with learning how to style Dunks? 

Matter of fact, the sneaker culture isn’t confined to a particular place. On the contrary, no matter what country you visit, you won’t feel out of place since you’ll definitely find your own sneaker community somewhere there. And the thing with a booming industry is that you should always expect a great level of competence. Especially when new brands join the party. But this doesn’t deny the fact there are sneaker giants that are so high up the hierarchy, a miracle needs to happen before other brands take up their places. And if we want to be specific, we’re talking about the Swoosh here. 

How To Style Dunks? 

In recent years, Nike Dunks have gained immense popularity. Sneakerheads woke up one day and chose addiction to Dunks. They literally stole the limelight from other silhouettes for a long while. The excessive and extensive rereleases of the Panda Dunks should be proof enough. We still don’t know if tiring sneaker enthusiasts out of this design was Nike’s intention. But releases sold out in record time each and every single time, either way. So, if you like this silhouette, here’s a guide on how to style Dunks. At the end of the day, every sneakerhead is different, you know. 

Nike Dunks With Sweatpants

Let’s start with the comfiest fit. No one can say no to good ol’ sweatpants with some hoodie, after all. And the best part about such an outfit is that not only can you rock a pair of dad shoes with it, but also any kind of Dunks. Celebrities, like Hailey Bieber, flex such an outfit all the time. So, whether it’s the Dunk High or the Low you’d rock the outfit as well. The same goes for tracksuits. No matter how plain the tracksuit you’re wearing is, know that it will stand out the second you put on a pair of Nike Dunks. And to look even more stylish, match the primary color of your tracksuit with your shoe color. 

You can even match the shoe material with the tracksuit you’re wearing and your outfit would make a statement on its own. And kindly, let that tracksuit, sweatpants, or whatever, be Nike, not some other brand. Mismatches like these ain’t forgiven in this culture. So, know how to style Dunks right and watch how you turn into the talk of the town in no time. 

How To Style Dunks With Sweatpants

Nike Dunks With Jeans

Just like Dunks, jeans never run out of style. However, people are leaning more towards wide jeans rather than skinny ones, these days. Comfort and style-wise, we really get these people! And the best part about wide-legged jeans is that you can style them with both Low and High Dunks. Just the way one of Nike’s best partners, Travis Scott, does more frequently. However, if you’re a fan of skinny jeans (no judgment), it’s better that you wear a pair of Nike Dunk Lows with them.

And if you wanna up the game with style even more, avoid wearing jeans with patterns. That will just divert the attention away from your shoes, and no sneakerhead wants that!

Dunks And JeansNike Dunks With Cargo Pants

If you’re not into wearing jeans much, Cargo pants are your best alternative. And recently they’ve been more IN than ever. Those large-pocketed pants are the comfiest thing you could ever wear. So, imagine pairing them with a more comfy pair of Dunks that’ll make your outfit look like a million bucks. Travis Scott is known for this kind of style, and he rocks it every time. Just wear a pair of black or khaki cargo pants with a simple white tee, flex some Dunks on your feet and you’ll officially be a representative of the sneaker community. 

AIO Cargo PantsNike Dunks With Trousers 

How to style Dunks? One thing you got to know, streetwear and comfy outfits aren’t the only things you can style with your Dunks. If you want to go with formal outfits, Nike Dunks would be your top picks, as well. You’d rock that sport-chic look. You can wear a monochromatic suit with bold-colored Dunks, such as the Syracuse pair. Matter of fact, celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, do it all the time! Do we question fashion? We actually do, but we go with the flow anyway. 

TrousersFinally, if you ever feel like styling your Dunks with a skirt or a dress, all we can say is, go for it! So, all in all, whenever you ask yourself, how to style Dunks? Know that you can go with nearly anything and everything!