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How To Style Jordan 1: Rock This Silhouette The Perfect Way!

By May 16, 2023Fashion, Jordan

AIO - How To Style Jordan 1Being a sneakerhead is no easy task. You have to keep up with the most recent sneaker trends, for one. And achieving this doesn’t happen without learning about sneaker giants’ most important and popular silhouettes. And what silhouette got more fame than the Air Jordan 1? It’s the kicks that started the whole Nike x Michael Jordan collab, after all. So, knowing how to style Jordan 1 is a must in this culture

But being a sneakerhead doesn’t stop here, you also need to learn the right techniques to lace your kicks, as well as the right ways to keep them as squeaky clean as possible. And let’s not forget about keeping up with the best sneaker releases. Because they’re the means to making all that good money in the first place. Which helps keep your sneaker collecting and reselling hustle rolling. 

How To Style Jordan 1 

How to style Jordan 1? The thing is, we can’t really generalize this part. Because you got the Air Jordan 1 High, Mid, and Low. Now, although the Mids went through a tough time trying to keep up with the other two silhouettes’ popularity, some say they’ve been getting some limelight lately. So, let’s check out the best style for each of these designs. But it’s worth noting that this guide is as biased as it could get. At the end of the day, options are endless when it comes to styling kicks. 

How To Style Jordan 1 High

Style AJ1 HighStyling the Air Jordan 1 High requires some extra attention, just like styling Nike Dunks High does. But first things first, kindly make it a priority to learn how Air Jordans fit. Because you wearing a size too small won’t help one bit in flexing the kicks. This could maybe help in getting some blisters and practicing a penguin walk. Therefore, if you want to dodge such an incident, click on the button below for a full Jordan sizing guide

button_learn-moreAll this aside, Jordan 1’s height isn’t there just for the heck of it. It’s there to be seen, in full. Of course, you can wear a pair of Air Jordan 1s with wide-lagged jeans or some cargo pants. But do you really want to conceal all that beauty and dodge flexing your copping skills? So, what you can do here, is go for short pants, mom jeans, or boyfriend jeans. And if they’re too long, you can either tuck them into the collars of your kicks, or you can fold the ends up to your ankles. In addition to all this, you can style Jordan 1 with literally any outfit. From sweatpants and training pants to suits and dresses. They’re an all-in-one kind of thing, just like AIO Bot

Now, if you’re looking for your next AJ1 High cop, the Air Jordan 1 Spiderman is just around the corner!

How To Style the AJ1 Mids

How To Style Jordan 1 MidHow to style Jordan 1 Mid? But before we explore this part, do you know how the Air Jordan 2 is the middle child of the Jordan Brand? That’s the case of AJ1 Mids for you, as well. But if we’re being honest, Air Jordan 1 Mid is literally an Air Jordan 1 High, but with a shorter collar. Looks like this generation is taking their love for tall partners to a whole new level, as they’re applying it to kicks as well! Anyway, you can style Jordan 1 mid the same way you style the Highs. So, since flex is guaranteed here, you can focus on the level of comfort. If you feel more comfortable wearing Mids, then feel free to style them with whatever fit you’re going with. But always make sure there’s some kind of color coordination there.

Now as sneakerheads, we tend to style our outfits based on our kicks, not the other way around. This means that we don’t need an over-the-top mix of colors with the outfit you’re going with. On the contrary, keep it simple with the fit and go extraordinary with the kicks. And this fam, is how you make a statement in this industry!

How To Style Jordan 1 Low 

AJ1 LowOut of the three designs, the Air Jordan 1 Low is the easiest one to style, just like the Nike Dunk Low. The low-top cut suits whichever pants or outfit you go with. You don’t have to fold any pants. But as we said earlier, if the AJ1 Lows are anything bright, that deserves all the attention one can give, it’s better that you keep it lowkey with your clothes. 

And one thing some sneakerheads add to flexing Lows is long socks. They do look pretty fashionable when paired all together with a pair of shorts. Keep in mind, however, Adidas socks with an Air Jordan can get you mentally banned from the industry. It doesn’t work this way here, fam. Just a simple black or white pair of Nike-branded or plain socks would do.