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How To Style Yeezy 350? The 3 Best Outfit Ideas

By August 2, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

AIO Bot - How To Style Yeezy 350Buying Yeezys is one thing. But flexing them is a whole new thing on its own. Especially when it comes to the classic 350. So, before you buy yourself a pair or two from the upcoming Yeezy lineup, you first need to learn how to style Yeezy 350 for the best flex! 

Now, we all know that the 350s make some good cash on the resale market. But this doesn’t deny the fact that you could still buy Yeezys in BULK. One for the keeps and the rest for resale platforms. Matter of fact, flipping sneakers became a main side hustle for many, so why not join in on the riches? 

However, since copping Yeezys doesn’t come easy, y’all don’t wanna mess up your shoe sizes. So, first, learn how Yeezys fit before you click on that “Buy” button. Which you’ve got a very slim chance of reaching if you choose manual copping over copping using a sneaker bot. Therefore, pick wisely, and when you do, click on the link below for the ultimate guide on how to cop sneakers for retail on release day!

How To Style Yeezy 350

So, whether it’s the 500s, the 350s, or the 700s, learning how to wear Yeezys is something every sneakerhead should master. But 350s being a sneakerhead and reseller-favorite, it’s only right that we dedicate a day to learning how to style Yeezy 350. And this day has finally come!

*Note: please note that these are merely suggestions to help you figure out your personal style. But, ultimately, it all comes down to your own preferences! 

The Comfortable 350 Fit 

How To Style Yeezy 350 - Comfortable FitWe can easily say that Kanye West managed to make his dream- Yeezys For Everyone– come true. Because almost everyone now owns a pair or more in their sneaker collection, including the staple, 350. 

So, let’s start with the majority’s favorite! How exactly can you keep up with sneaker trends while keeping your fit comfortable all the same time? Well, some sweatpants and a sweatshirt can never run out of style no matter what generation you live in. The same goes for baggy basketball shorts, leggings, cargo pants, jeans, or fitness attires. 

In other words, as long as you’ve got a clean and exclusive pair of Yeezy 350 on your feet, you’d be already halfway into the sneaker trend game. However, make sure that the colorway you choose for your comfortable clothes matches your sneaker.

Meaning that, if you pick a weird 350 colorway, like the Yeezreel, matching it with similar green sweatpants would literally kill the whole style. However, since most Yeezys drop in earthy tones, learning how to style Yeezy 350 with a comfortable fit shouldn’t be a hassle. 

The Ultimate Hypebeast Fit 

Yeezy 350 - Hypebeast FitNot to sound shallow or materialistic, but hypebeasts live for luxury brands and expensive sh*t. And their secret to affording this expensive lifestyle doesn’t really depend on inheriting some old money. But most of them know all the ins and outs of copping for retail and reselling

So, if you’re a sneakerhead or a hypebeast in the making, then you certainly need to learn how to style Yeezy 350 like one. You gotta talk the talk and walk the walk if you wanna call yourself a real member of the community. 

Now, it all starts by buying yourself streetwear clothes from popular streetwear brands or luxury ones, such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Off-White, and Supreme. For example, you can get yourself a Balenciaga sweatshirt and pair it with some joggers. And don’t forget the most important element of the outfit: a pair of Yeezy 350s Boosts. This way you’ll look like you’ve got money to burn as you walk down the street. 

How To Style Yeezy 350 - Classic FitThe Classic

Suits and sneakers have been a thing for years now. And seeing celebrities, like Kendall Jenner and Ye, rocking a pair of Adidas Arkyn or Yeezy with a formal suit helped in influencing other people into following in the same fashion. 

And so, knowing how to style Yeezy 350 with a suit is vital. Because you can either pull it off really well or ruin the whole outfit altogether. So, make sure you go with basic monochromatic 350 colorways. And if you wanna take the safe road, all-white and all-black Yeezy 350s are your go-to fail-proof kicks.

On a final note, if you wanna learn how to wear and style other Yeezy models, click here! And if you want to get the latest updates and news on sneakers, make sure you keep it locked on our blog and instagram @aiobot