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How to Wear High Top Sneakers: A Lazy Sneakerhead’s Guide to Fashion

By November 25, 2021Fashion, Food for thought

How to Wear High Top Sneakers - AIO BotSo, sneaker boots made a comeback in 2021 which also means that high top sneakers are the IT trend. Also, Winter is coming! This means that we gotta do everything we can to protect our feet. No one likes cold toes or soggy socks! Therefore, learning how to wear high top sneakers is crucial!

You see, you can’t wear high tops with ANYTHING! Well, you can if you want to – totally your choice, no judging. But, if you do it wrong, you’ll run the risk of looking like a sneakerhead spazz. No one wants that. So, use this as a guide to mix and match your high tops with whatever you have in your closet. The lazy-asss sneakerhead’s guide to fashion!

*DISCLAIMER* We are in no way instructing you how to wear high top sneakers. These are just suggestions based on trends and styles going on now! You can wear your high tops with your birthday suit if you want! No judging!


If you’re gonna learn how to wear high top sneakers, we’re gonna have to break it down by model. Thankfully though, most of the high tops are epic, highly-coveted sneakers. We’re talking about Jordans, Dunks, Chuck Taylors, YEEZY, and more! Half the flex is the sneaker, the other half is how you wear it! 

In short, the best shoes you can flex are the ones you cop at retail when no one else can! That means buying the sneakers online on release day for their retail price. Trust us, people WILL know the value of your sneakers and they will be green with envy! Click on the button below to learn how to do exactly that!


#1 How to Wear High Top Sneakers with JEANS

How to Wear High Top Sneakers II - AIO BotThe first lesson on how to wear high top sneakers is learning how to wear them with jeans. Jeans with high tops are the most classic and foolproof look. There are so many different kinds of jeans, but we all have that one special pair. The one that you keep wearing every day. We know you do. So, let’s say you wanna pair them with the upcoming Jordan 1 Patent Leather that you plan on copping. How would you do that?

  • Basic Levis with a graphic T-shirt or crew neck
  • Cuff up your jeans above the collar and wear some cool socks
  • Pair with loose-fitting cropped jeans and a tee
  • Baggy jeans that rest at the collar giving you a 00’s vibe with a hoodie 
  • Frayed jeans also look super cool with high-tops – especially vibrant, contrasting sneakers

RULE: Don’t cover up your sneakers – at least not completely!

#2 How to Wear High Top Sneakers with SHORTS

How_to_Wear HighTops IV - AIO BotSecond lesson on how to wear high top sneakers is for the warmer seasons – with shorts! It’s actually a pretty cool look if you can pull it off right. You see, sneaker brands designed high tops initially for basketball games. AKA the place where players wore basketball shorts! So, technically speaking, this is going back to the origins of high-top decorum. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Knee-length shorts with any kind of T-shirt or even a hoodie
  • Tight-fitting biker shorts with a sports bra, hoodie, or baggy tee
  • Jean bootie shorts with a flannel or oversized T-shirt
  • Basketball shorts with long crew socks

RULE: Play with proportions – as in length and fit – to see what suits you the most

#3 How to Wear High Top Sneakers with Athleisure

How_to_Wear HighTops III - AIO BotDo you live in athleisure around the clock? Are you a gym rat, or do you just like to appear like you have your life together? Either way, this is how you can wear your high-tops with any kind of athleisure you own. This way, not only do you look like you’ve got all your shit right. But, you’ll look hella fly while doing it. Minimum effort, that’s what we like.

  • Tuck your skin-tight leggings into them and maybe add some leg-warmers for a 90s look
  • OR, wear your high crew socks up with your leggings 
  • Pair with a slim pair of tracksuits pants, a tee, and a puffer vest
  • GREY SWEATPANTS SEASON. Pair them with literally any high-top and it’ll work
  • Biker shorts, basketball shorts, gym shorts, or whatever. We already covered that!

RULE: The most effortless way to wear high-tops is with athleisure apparel – literally why they were made in the first place!

#4 How to Wear High Top Sneakers with SUITS

High_Top Shoes - BANNER - AIO Bot

SUIT UP, fam! It’s time to learn how to wear high top sneakers with any type of formalwear! Suits with sneakers is a look that you most definitely need to nail. Especially with so many of us back at the office. So, we can’t go on Zoom calls with a suit blazer and no bottoms anymore. But, that does NOT mean you have to settle for uncomfortable formal shoes. However, if that’s your thing… then what are you doing here? Anyways, here’s how to elevate your formalwear with sneakers!

  • A tailored tux and cropped pants with your high-top – maybe even a luxury one
  • Go for monochromatic colors or neutrals 
  • If the occasion is more on the casual/formal side, you can go for bolder colors. But, not more than one color

RULE: If the dress code doesn’t say anything against sneakers, go ahead and wear them!

So, these are the most common and important situations to wear high top sneakers. But, if there’s anything other than that, just wing it! Because, in the end, it all comes down to your own personal style. Basically, you do you, fam!