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How to Wear Jordans For OPTIMUM Flexing Capacity! [Styling Jordans]

By October 5, 2021Jordan, Nike

How to Wear Jordans - Styling Jordans Easy - AIO BotLearning how to wear Jordans is like 50% of your flexing capacity. Okay, maybe more like 30-70 – Jordans speak for themselves! It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed in a giant black garbage bag, you’ll still turn heads with your Js. But, styling Jordans does take things to a whole other level!

We’re here to teach you exactly how!

But, before we get right into the whole process of styling your Js, there are a few things you should know. Like how to get your hands on some Jordans in the first place? OR, how to keep them clean – you can’t flex dirty kicks, fam! ORR, how to choose the right Jordan size – if it doesn’t fit, it won’t flex! So, to get all these answers and more, click on the links below!

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*Note: please note that these are merely suggestions to help you figure out your personal style. But, ultimately, it all comes down to your own preferences!

How to Wear Jordans: The Guideline

Part 1: Choosing Your Jordan

Jordan_Nike Banner - AIO Bot

The first thing you have to do when learning how to wear Jordans is picking the model you wanna style. This makes all the difference in the amount of flexing you’re going for. It also sets the type of style you should decide on! With 36 silhouettes comes 36 different fashion styles you can adopt and make your own. Here’s what we suggest:

Jordan 1 to 7 – for the vintage old-school vibe with the MAXIMUM amount of flex!
Jordans 8 to 15 – for the hyperspace x classic look
The 16 to 20 – for the Back to the Future kind of situations
The 21 to 24 – for the classic sneakers feel
Jordan 25 to 27 – for when you’re having one of ‘those days’
Jordans 28 – for when you just can’t decide what YOU want to be
The 29 to 32 – for when you’re leaning on modern but still get nostalgic
Jordans 33 to 36 – for the complete modern look!

Part 2: Pick a Colorway

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Another thing about how to wear Jordans is picking the colors that suit your persona. This means that if you’re more into the muted classic style, go for monochrome sneakers. This includes sneakers like the Jordan 5 Bluebird or even the Billie Eilish Jordan for example! You can also go LOUD Jordans like the Fusion Red or the Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull!

In short, what we’re trying to say is that you can find Jordan colorways that suit your personality and character! You can also choose colors depending on the different seasons like Fall sneakers or Summer sneakers!

Part 3: Picking the Right Collar

Jordan_Nike Banner - AIO BotAccording to the sneaker anatomy of common Jordans in the game, we’ve got three different collar lengths. We’ve got HIGH, MID, and LOW top Jordans that all affect the way you style your Jordans. So, to learn how to wear Jordans, you have to pick a collar length. Here’s why!

For high-top Jordans:
– Cropped, rolled up, or distressed jeans
– Baggy basketball-style shorts
– Baggy sweatpants with ankle bands
– Tapered or skinny jeans to show them off 

For mid-top Jordans:
With booty shorts or cycling shorts and crew-length socks
– With oversized shirts or long coats
– Skinny jeans or leggings
– Tracksuit pants

For low-top Jordans:
Sockless or crew-length socks
– Pair with athleisure like sweatpants or tight-fit legging
– Any wide-legged bottoms or stacked denim
– Carpenter pants and oversized crewnecks

And, in all honesty, the way to wear Jordans right all comes down to YOU. In other words, you gotta try out different styles and see what you feel most comfortable with. Whether it’s some baggy pants with a baggy tee or even a full-on suit; Jordans go with everything! And, thankfully, we live in a world where Jordans are GLOBAL. So, this means no matter where you go, you’ll be turning heads with the Js on your feet!