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How to Wear Yeezys the Right Way for Every Yeezy Model You Own!

By August 3, 2021June 23rd, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

How to Wear Yeezys the Right Way - AIO BotHere’s the thing. Buying Yeezys and flexing them are two different things. Sure, the flex does come with the initial copping WIN! But, there are just so many ways that you could milk that you copped a Yeezy before it gets old. If you really wanna rub Yeezys in everyone’s faces, you gotta know how to wear Yeezys the right way!

People buy Yeezys for one of two reasons: flipping them for more, or getting the satisfaction of making everyone jealous! But, although Kanye makes it look so effortless to style Yeezys, you gotta know the basics. Just so you don’t ultimately look like a fool.

Here’s how you can learn how to wear every single model of Yeezys. Whether it’s a 350 or a 700 or even a Yeezy clog; you’ll have a fly fit in no time! Do it as Kanye does. Also, while we’re talking about the fit; click on the button below to figure out your actual sneaker fit. Because when it comes to flexing your fit, size matters.


*Note: please note that these are merely suggestions to help you figure out your personal style. But, ultimately, it all comes down to your own preferences!

How to Wear Yeezys Boost 350

How to Wear Yeezys - Yeezy Boost 350 - AIO BotThe first sneaker that comes to mind when learning how to wear Yeezys is the 350 sneaker! The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 is the staple, holy grail of Yeezys. It is the sneaker that almost everyone owns a pair of!

So, technically speaking, of all your sneaker collection a Yeezy 350 is part of your footwear capsule. As in, the basic go-to shoes that you can always reach for regardless of the occasion! Especially with the different 350 colorways, the possibilities are endless! 

When it comes to the 350s, you can bring luxury and sportswear together. That’s the beauty of this model! So, here’s how to wear the Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers:

  • Sockless or crew-length socks (nothing in between)
  • Pair with athleisure or fitness attire like sweatpants or tight-fit legging
  • Cropped, rolled up, or distressed jeans
  • Baggy basketball-style shorts
  • Give them a classic twist and wear them with suits!

Styling the YZY 380

YZY 380 Sneakers Style - AIO BotConsidering that the Yeezy Boost 380 was supposed to be the 350 V3, we assume styling it will be similar. Technically, this is true. All the same, rules apply! But, the silhouette on the 380 models has a higher, more tight-fit ankle collar. This means that you gotta make sure whatever you wear with your Yeezy Boost 380’s in above ankle lengths. 

Of course, that all falls down to personal choice! But, you gotta flex the entire sneaker. For a 380, the ankle collar is one of its most defining features! There are muted, blended colorways also make them really easy to pair with whatever outfit you want! So, here’s how to wear Yeezys in the 380 models:

  • Kanye style with sports shorts and crew socks
  • With sweatpants that have ankle bands
  • Tight-fitting leggings above the ankle bone 

Styling the YZY 450

YZY 450 Sneakers Style - AIO BotThe Yeezy 450 Cloud White was the very first release of this Yeezy model around the beginning of the year 2021. They were a huge change from the other Yeezy silhouettes and it definitely is a head-turner on its own. But, learning how to wear Yeezys means learning how to wear a 450!

They do look a bit more on the alienist side! Up until now, all we’ve got is the all-white Cloud white and the all-black Yeezy 450 in Dark Slate. Both are very classic monochromatic colorways that go with EVERYTHING! This makes it so easy to style and wear. Definitely might be your next favorite go-to sneaker! Here’s how to wear a 450:

  • With a full-on all-monochromatic black or white outfit
  • With ankle-length pants
  • Wide-legged pants
  • Crew-length socks and hiked-up sweatpants with ankle bands

How to Wear Yeezys 500?

YZY 500 Sneaker Styling - AIO BotYeezy 500s are more on the chunkier side in terms of Yeezy. So, the general rule of thumb is to try your best to accentuate this. That makes them always try and wear things that don’t cover it up or make it seem chunkier.

Although that might seem a pretty logical answer to how to wear Yeezys the right way, it IS a Yeezy. This means that there generally are no rules! You can wear them with whatever the heck you want to. So, here’s how we suggest you wear them!

  • With booty shorts or cycling shorts and crew-length socks
  • Rolled up sweats
  • Any pants with ankle bands
  • Cropped off jean shorts

Styling the YZY 700

How to Wear Yeezys - Yeezy 700 - AIO BotThe OG starter of the hyped dad shoe trend is the Yeezy 700 with our favorite colorway, the Waverunner. Which, if you didn’t know, was a part of the Yeezy restock on this year’s Yeezy Day! Although the 700s do give us a lot of the Yeezy 500 vibe, they are a lot sleeker.

This gives them the illusion of being a whole lot fancier than they seem. Especially if they’re in a monochromatic, earthy colorway. So, here’s how to wear Yeezys for the 700 models:

  • With oversized shirts or long coats
  • Skinny jeans or legging
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Crew-length socks (leg-warmer style) with legging
  • Long pants gathered at the ankles

Styling the YZY 750

YZY 750 - Sneakers Style - AIO BotJust so you know, if you’re here to learn how to style Yeezy 750s; we hate you. We’re already extremely jealous of you. They’re legendary, rare, and enough to make any sneakerhead die with envy. These Yeezy boots are the GOAT of Yeezys! So, how to wear Yeezys if it’s a 750? Let’s break it down to you.

  • With your birthday suit
  • With swimwear
  • A freakin TUXEDO

What we’re trying to say is that you can pull off Yeezy 750s with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want. It won’t matter if you’re dressed in a black plastic trash bag, you’ll still be fashionable. They’ll still wanna be in your shoes. Literally.

How to Wear Yeezys Foam Runners

YZY Foam Runner Styling - AIO BotFoamies are great lightweight, sustainable sneakers that might seem a little difficult to style at first. We all called them names, described them as overpriced clogs, and a lot more. But, boy was we wrong! They’ve become so popular that people have gone to so many lengths including buying Feezys off Walmart!

So, don’t be afraid! Here’s how to wear Yeezys made out of algae foam!

  • Swimsuits! DUH!
  • Tracksuit pants
  • With heavy thick sweat socks for the Winter (do avoid puddles)
  • Basketball shorts with crew-length socks
  • Ankle-length pants 

Styling the YZY QNTMs

YZY Quantums Sneaker Styling - AIO BotBasketball Yeezys are great to wear to dominate the court, BUT you can also dominate the streets in them! Their silhouette and colorways do allow for a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling. It takes a lot of inspiration from other Yeezy models whether it’s the colorway or general feel of the silhouette. So, by this point, you should be a PRO! Learn how to wear Yeezys QNTMs:

  • Loose workout pants
  • Baggy sweatpants with ankle bands and a crop top
  • Leather pants!
  • Full-on monochromatic outfits


YZY Slides - How to Wear Yeezys - AIO BotYeezy slides are the easiest Yeezys to style. We know that slides are essentially made for loungewear, BUT for sneakerheads, it goes way beyond that. You can literally live in Yeezy slides – the ideal slip-on sneakers. So, how to wear Yeezys that just SLIDE on?

  • With your pajamas!
  • Rolled up pants and crew socks
  • Without any socks and a pedicure
  • Long tight leggings
  • Cycling shorts and socks
  • Swimwear
  • With a SUIT!