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Why You Shouldn’t Be Butt-hurt About Increased Yeezy Stock

By Last Updated on: October 19th, 2019 Adidas, Sneakers, Yeezy No Comments
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  • October 5, 2018
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Whether you heard about it or not, Kanye is coming through on his promise that everyone who wants Yeezys will get Yeezys. Adidas and Kanye have decided to increase Yeezy stock level, as seen on the Yeezy 350 V2 Cream White release. And whether you’re a collector or a reseller, you really shouldn’t be bothered by the increased Yeezy stock.

Sneakerheads and Collectors

yeezy stock collection

If you’ve been a fan of the Yeezy brand for a long time, you should be thrilled that you can actually cop Yeezys at retail thanks to increased Yeezy stock. Granted they’re not cheap. But it’s still better than copping from the aftermarket. At least this way you’re 100% sure you’re getting the real deal. Straight from the warehouse. Rather than a sneaker that’s had a long journey and been defiled by the grubby hands of authenticators.

Reasons to bask in the glory of more Yeezy stock:

  • Guaranteed authentic
  • Straight from the warehouse to your home
  • Subtle flexin’ on the gram because you can
  • Pay retail, save money, happy bank account, happy parents
  • If you miss the drop, and they sold out in a couple days, there are low resale prices anyway
  • Guaranteed cop- well, maybe, if your size didn’t sell out (the reason why you should still run a sneaker bot on Yeezy releases)

The increased Yeezy stock level opens the doors to people who slightly wanted Yeezys to have them. However, if you feel intimidated by the idea that more people will own the “exclusive” designer sneakers. Yeezy production isn’t ongoing, and it will sell out in days. Sooner or later, it’ll start selling out even faster than before. And Yeezys will stop sitting for a couple days. That’s because more and more people will feel the urge to join the sneaker copping game. Everyone wants to be part of the culture.

Finally, if you’re a collector, just know that you will never miss a Yeezy drop.

How Yeezy Stock Affects Resellers

sneaker reselling 2

Two years ago, people would have paid thousands of dollars over retail to get their hands on a pair of Yeezys. However, the golden days of reselling Yeezys are long gone and have been for a while now. This is the moment resellers need to let go of copping Yeezys for a while unless they need to make a quick buck.

Luckily, there are tons of limited sneakers that release online throughout a year. A lot of them have a cheaper retail price, yet make more profit than Yeezys. Now that Yeezys are going to be less limited, resellers can focus on other sneakers like NMDs, Jordans, Off Whites, and other collaborative creations.

Regional Releases

Also luckily, Kanye and Adidas figured out a way to give every sneakerhead what they need. So if you just gotta have some Yeezys there are so many abundant releases dropping every now and then. Also, many restocks. And if you’re more about flipping and making more cash, the latest marketing scheme of dropping region-exclusive releases. This new release type is actually appealing to the whole community. Even if some say otherwise on Social Media. If you want a pair you get a pair. If you want to sell, you can sell it to sneakerheads overseas and make tons of cash.

Let alone the Reflective Yeezys that are making us all drool in anticipation and greed every time they drop.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been a long-time reseller of the Adidas Yeezy sneakers, then you should probably read 9 Sneakers That Would’ve Made You More Money Than Yeezys.

So if you want to get your hands on some limited kicks for retail, or if you want to get started on that reselling game, try the AIO Bot for size. You’ll effortlessly cop like our thousands of subscribers and happy clients. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop.