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Here’s Why You Should Invest in Sneakers in 2021

By December 12, 2020Food for thought, Sneakers

Ever wondered about the shoes celebrities wear on their million dollar feet? We’re talking about sneakers that Kylie Jenner flaunts on Instagram for no apparent reason. Do you know the difference between the kicks you’ve got on now and the Kylie type? The answer is HYPE. You’ve heard of Air Jordans, Nike Dunks, and Yeezys, right? Well, picture this: big shot brands like these releasing limited stocks of big shot sneakers. The supply and demand tension there causes the aftermarket values of these sneakers to skyrocket! Since naturally, not everyone has the tools to buy them on retail and resell or flip them for insane amounts of profit. That’s right, they invest in sneakers as a side hustle or even a full-time job from the comfort of their homes

What’s their competitive advantage and the key to their success? SNEAKER BOTS! You’ve heard about different types of bots taking over the internet, right? Well, this type of bot is designed to cop super hyped and limited sneakers! It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. Yes, you will need a sneaker bot to buy or cop multiple pairs of your target kicks, but there’s no point to it if you don’t know what to target in the first place. 

How Big Is the Sneaker Reselling Game?

Recent reports have shown that investing in sneakers can be more profitable than investing in gold. This is due to the fact that the streetwear industry has grown significantly over the past years. More hyped brands in streetwear fashion means more collaborative opportunities for sneaker brands. And that my friend, is the sneakerhead’s goldmine.

The sneaker reselling industry is currently valued at $2B and is expected to reach $6B by 2025. As mentioned earlier, the cyclic process of buying and selling sneakers centers around hype. Every sought after release is expected to have a collaborative edge or a commercial name and story. Interested buyers fire up their sneaker bots to compete for the limited stocks dropping. And the rest of the world has to pay up on resale for a taste of hype. You’ll find aftermarket buyers paying thousands of dollars for a sneaker that retailed for $100. Things get that crazy when a product is worth the investment. And so, resale sites like StockX, GOAT, and eBay are compelled to take massive action to keep up with the market and grow at the industry’s pace.

This explains why eBay has hired qualified inspectors to authenticate pricey sneakers sold in the US. The competitive growth of the sneaker reselling industry has pushed this giant e-commerce corporation to take assessment measures more seriously. eBay is not the only platform upping its performance. Farfetch acquired Stadium Goods in 2018 for $250M to gain an edge in the competitive sneaker market. Moreover, Foot Locker invested $100M in GOAT to engage more with customers that invest in sneakers. As you can see, resale sites are majorly investing in their sneaker markets to keep up with its hype and follow the money.

Do You Stand a Chance?

YES! The only reason the hype around the sneaker reselling industry is massive is that plenty of people are joining it! If you think about it, all you need is a fair knowledge of where the hype is and the right tools to cop it when it drops. We’re back to yours truly, the sneaker bot. There are plenty of sneaker bots on the market. You probably won’t be surprised to find out that there is a bot reselling industry as well! It’s got big names like Cybersole reselling for $6,000 a copy. Since hooking up with the right sneaker bot will increase your chances of copping the sneaker pairs you want. And that’s the kind of drive you look for when you’re planning to invest in sneakers, right?

Although some sneakerheads are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a top sneaker bot on resale, that isn’t always the case. Many sneakerheads, especially beginners, look for more feasible options to invest in, like AIO bot. We’ve got a blog but we’ve also got an OG sneaker bot! AIO bot operates on over 200 sites with over a million dollars in user profit since 2014. Here are recent proofs of success posted by our users @ANB_AIO in early December!

How to Measure Resale Potential

Just for fun, let’s analyze the profit potential of the third box (the biggest one!). Taking that this user copped four different releases while the other three users copped fewer releases. What you do is look up the sneaker at hand, check its resale value, and multiply that by the number of pairs copped. Simple math! We’re looking at estimates here though, since resale values are constantly fluctuating. 

We’ve got one pair of the Jordan 1 Mid Gold, which is valued at $160. Following it are 4 pairs of the Jordan 4 Fire Red, which result in a rough total of $1,000. Adding to that are 4 Jordan 1 Black Gold pairs and 4 Yeezy Bred pairs. Which are reselling respectively for $230 and $413 on StockX. That’s over $3,500 gained from a single cop. Minus the retail cost and you’ve got yourself a single day’s profit!

What You Need to Start Your Sneaker Reselling Biz

Like any business, starting your sneaker biz requires capital. Rest assured that starting a sneaker business isn’t as costly compared to other side hustles. That is, if you know where to invest your money right from the start. First thing you need to consider is a sneaker bot. Since it is impractical to rely entirely on yourself in a bot-dominated industry. Check out the top sneaker bots on the market to figure out your options.

Another investment you should totally consider if you’re planning on playing this right is PROXIES. Since proxies help mask your identity and allow you to cop multiple pairs at once, buying the right type of proxies is a must. This mainly depends on the sites you’re going after. Since the best proxies for Shopify sites may not work as efficiently on Footsites and so on. Click here to discover the best proxy types for every website! You wouldn’t want to pay for the wrong type of proxies and spend more money on course correction.

Invest in Sneakers Like These in 2021!

To familiarize yourself with hyped sneakers, keep posted on our blog for the latest updates. Do a little digging in our blog history to explore the most hyped sneaker releases that dropped this year. This will help you prepare for 2021 and manage your expectations. Rest assured that most of our sneaker release posts include aftermarket values. So you will get the full scope of information. Just make sure to recheck the current values of sneakers you’re interested in for an accurate evaluation. 

Here’s a preview of the Air Jordans and Yeezys dropping in 2021. And here’s a list of the top resale sites to help you check what’s worth pursuing in the coming year. If a sneaker release looks like it may be worth it but doesn’t have a resale value yet, put a pin on it till later. That way you can recheck its value before it drops and make up your mind. 

So, ready to invest in sneakers like a total pro?! Click here for the quickest introduction to EVERYTHING sneakers.