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Invest in Sneakers & Start A Side Hustle: All the Reasons to Do It!

By June 6, 2023June 20th, 2023Food for thought, Sneakers

Reasons to invest in sneakers AIO BotFrom artists and celebrities to your average Joe, everyone knows and likes sneakers. But beyond athletics and lifestyle reasons you’d buy kicks for, there’s more to it than that. Some go beyond liking sneakers to actually making a living from them thanks to a factor: HYPE. The hype became one of the main reasons people bought sneakers and flexed them. Anyway, this same hype led to people starting to invest in sneakers as a side hustle. In turn, that led to what we know today as the sneaker resale industry!

You see, exclusivity, supply, demand, and more, helped sneaker resale become the huge industry it is today! And while getting into the industry is not as easy as it was, it’s NOT impossible. All you need to do is have the right equipment, aka a sneaker bot, proxies, and more! But that’s a talk for another day. Today, we’re gonna discuss why YOU should invest in sneakers and start making money ASAP!

How Big Is the Sneaker Reselling Game?

Who would have ever thought that a pair of sneakers would be more valuable than an ounce of gold? Well, that’s partly due to the number of pairs that exist in the world. That’s where exclusivity comes in *cue applause*! Higher demand and lower supply lead to the creation of exclusivity, and that leads to hype. This started all the way back in the 1980s with the rise of Michael Jordan and his brand! Then, the 2000s rolled around, and collabs like Supreme and Nike brought Dunks into the game.

But it doesn’t stop here, because Kanye West was the king of hype in the 2019s. Even today, the industry is going crazy over the return of Yeezys! We won’t get into all the details of sneaker history, but what we’re driving at is that everyone wanted this pair or that! So what happened when a person couldn’t get a shoe on release day? They go to resale platforms to buy the kicks for a much higher value (if the pair is hype enough). So, in 2019, the sneaker resale industry ALONE was worth $6 Billion dollars. And statistics expect this number to climb to $30B by 2030. Kinda gives you an idea as to why people wanna invest in sneakers, huh?

Reselling Air Jordans

How Much Can You Make if You Invest in Sneakers?

We can’t really foresee how much money a person can make from a pair of kicks, but we can try! You see, some sneakers are worth a sh*t ton of money from the get-go. Some can give you a decent amount of profit, while others are just… bricks. So you could hit the jackpot with a collab like Travis Scott’s Jordans. And you could work hard and cop in bulk to build your resale business. But lemme tell you, it will totally be worth it!

Do You Stand a Chance if You Invest in Sneakers?

sell sneakers online revenue streams AIO bot

YES! The only reason the hype around the sneaker reselling industry is massive is that plenty of people are joining it! If you think about it, all you need is a fair knowledge of where the hype is. And the right tools to cop the kicks when they drop. Of course, all that leads back to you needing a sneaker bot! There are plenty of sneaker bots on the market, and You probably won’t be surprised to find out that there is a bot reselling industry as well! Hooking up with the right sneaker bot will increase your chances of copping the sneaker pairs you want. And that’s kinda the goal you go for when you’re planning to invest in sneakers, right?

Although some sneakerheads are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a top sneaker bot on resale, that isn’t always the case. Many sneakerheads, especially beginners, look for more feasible options to invest in, like AIO bot. We’ve got a blog but we’ve also got an OG sneaker bot! Click the button below to learn more about the best sneaker bots around.


What You Need to Start Your Sneaker Reselling Biz

Like any business, starting your own sneaker resale gig requires capital. Don’t worry though, a sneaker business won’t cost as much as other side hustles do. That is if you know where to invest your money right from the start. The first thing you need to consider is a bot since it’s impractical to go manual in a bot-dominated industry. Check out the top sneaker bots on the market to figure out your options.

rent online revenue streams AIO botAnother investment you should totally consider if you’re planning on playing this right is proxies. Proxies help mask your identity and allow you to cop multiple pairs at once. So, buying the right type of proxies is a must. This mainly depends on the sites you’re going after. You see, the best proxies for Shopify sites may not work as efficiently on Footsites and so on. Click here to discover the best proxy types for every website! You wouldn’t wanna pay for the wrong type of proxies and spend more money fixing that error.

Ready to Invest in Sneakers?

Now that we go the basics off of our chests, here are some extra helpful tips. Before you go off spending your money and buying unprofitable kicks, you should do research. You gotta find sneakers that are worth the hype and will make a decent profit! Our blog usually has it all covered for you when it comes to upcoming releases! You can also check out our latest roundup of the best sneakers of 2023 so far. That definitely will show you what people currently like!

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