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Is Flight Club Legit? Or Do They Sell Fake Shoes?

By August 12, 2023Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Is Flight Club LegitEnduring the heartbreak of taking Ls on release day makes you one tough cookie to break. But heading for resale platforms to buy the kicks makes you a true sneakerhead. And speaking of resale sites, you must’ve come across Flight Club more than a couple of times. But the thing with the sneaker resale market is that buyers are always skeptical of the products’ legitimacy since fake sneakers are everywhere in today’s world. This brings us to our question: is Flight Club legit? Well, we’re here to settle the debate once and for all! 

Y’all must’ve heard by now that Yeezys are back on the shelves- not Foot Locker’s though. Meaning that, there’s no better time to kickstart the reselling business than NOW! However, you gotta know that buying for retail needs more than luck and FREE sneaker bots. So, your second-best option becomes buying kicks for resale. And since Flight Club is one of the most popular sneaker resell sites out there, why don’t we find out how legit their kicks are?

Is Flight Club Legit? 

Is Flight Club Legit - Does Flight Club Sell Fake ShoesFlight Club is a sneaker consignment store that sells rare sneakers online and in-store. They’ve got stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. However, ever since the world has gone virtual, many customers prefer to head to their website and buy online

But you know, Nike really made us question the sneaker resale market as a whole the second they removed the “Verified Authentic” tags from their platform. Can you imagine the OG sneaker reselling platform getting accused of selling fakes? 

And so, this presented many questions in customers’ minds, including: does Flight Club sell fake shoes? This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re questioning the marketplace itself, but we’re rather skeptical of the third party they do business with. 

Your answer is NO, Flight Club doesn’t sell fake shoes, and YES, they’re as legit as they could get! They’ve been in business for over 15 years. And they’ve got an authentication facility that every sneaker provided by sellers goes through. 

How It Works 

So, Flight Club sells both used and new sneakers. New shoes usually come from authorized retailers, whereas used sneakers come from consignors. And so the kicks that arrive from consignors have to go through the authentication process, one sneaker at a time, which Flight Club’s expert teams offer. 

And unlike StockX, when you look up something like: does Flight Club sell fake shoes or is Flight Club legit? You only get a few stories here and there from platforms like Reddit and Quora. For example, you’ve got a user that posted the following 5 years ago on Reddit: 

I bought a pair of UNC Off Whites off the flight club website around two weeks ago and received them yesterday. Apart from the LC on this sub and on my main FB LC groups, I have also approached a friend, where they all pointed out the main flaws in the unbalanced right shoe (I’ve highlighted it in the Imgur Album), the stitchings on the swoosh and the 85 tag. 

Fortunately I did not remove the flight club tag yet so I should be able to get this resolved with Flight Club.

However, he was met with criticism by some, saying that his UNCs look legit from what they can see. But when it comes to resale, there are ALWAYS going to be rumors. 

Want the Best of Two Worlds?

Is Flight Club Legit?

AIO Bot - Legit CheckStill skeptical of whether Flight Club and other resale platforms sell fake shoes? Why don’t you take the safe road and buy your sneakers for retail once and for all! But we just said you might take many L’s, right? Well, we can’t say it guarantees the W. But a good sneaker bot can boost your chances at catching any limited sneaker you want for retail.

Not only this, but sneaker bots also help you buy IN BULK. This way, you’d have spared yourself from paying extra money for the pair you’re gonna flex, as well as make money off the rest of the pairs. And just so you know, sneaker reselling became one of the most profitable side hustles out there. So, who knows, if you managed to ace the game, you might be making more money than your 9 to 5 offers.