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Is GOAT Legit? Unpacking the Truth About This Resell Marketplace

By July 3, 2024Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Is GOAT Legit Is GOAT legit? 

If you’re here, you’re most likely interested in exploring the sneaker resale world, seeing it as a way to make money from home. Halfway through the process, you probably came across a list of the best sneaker resale sites out there. And, of course, it’s GOAT you’ve seen listed there, as it’s currently one major player in the reselling game. 

But, now, though you might have some knowledge about the platform, you’re still unsure about its reliability. Is GOAT legit? Or does it sell fake shoes… by accident, of course? Well, we’ve got you covered on this one! Read through to learn is GOAT a legit website and discover why it’s a top pick for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

What is GOAT?

GOAT is one of the largest reselling marketplaces. You can buy and sell everything, from sneakers, sunglasses, bags, clothing, and other luxury products on the platform. Also, unlike other resell sites, like StockX, you can sell both used and deadstock sneakers on GOAT. Learn more about the marketplace here

Is GOAT Legit?

Is GOAT A Legit Website - AIO Bot  


GOAT is as legit as sneaker resell platforms can get. The marketplace has a rating of 4.1 on Trustpilot and tons of great customer reviews. In fact, out of a total of 15,000+ reviews, 71% give GOAT a 5-star rating.

You see, whether the kicks you’re trying to list on the platform are used or deadstock, they have to go through a cutting-edge authentication process. Which include a digital authentication process, in-hand verification, and in some cases, a machine learning technology. 

In other words, the marketplace works with authentication specialists that leave no stone unturned, examining every detail to ensure products’ authenticity. If, by chance, the product doesn’t meet GOAT’s requirements or high standards, the Buyer Protection Policy has got you covered. All you have to do is contact the resell site’s team through the GOAT Assist feature and you’ll get the help, or the refund, you need. 

Still Skeptical of Buying At Resale?  

You asked: is GOAT legit? And now, you’ve got your answer loud and clear. However, if you’re still feeling a little bit skeptical about the whole deal with buying second-hand sneakers, we get that. 

We mean, even Nike accused StockX of selling fakes at some point. So, how can you dodge such a bullet? At the end of the day, you’ll be paying sh*t tons of money for a pair of limited-run kicks. And so, Well, to avoid buying fake kicks at all costs, all you gotta do is learn how cop sneakers at retail

This starts by getting yourself one of the best sneaker bots on the market. By running a sneaker bot, you’ll be able to catch limited-run sneakers at retail around the clock for months on no end! This way, you’ll be on the other side of the spectrum: reselling sneakers and making tons of money instead of buying them at a bank-breaking reselling price

So, to learn more about sneaker bots and how they work, click the red button below! 

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