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Shady & Throwing Shade: Is Kanye Leaving Adidas?

By August 5, 2022November 9th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Is Kanye Leaving Adidas - AIO BotWe used to think that the Nike x Kanye West fallout was the biggest, shadiest business in the sneaker industry. However, it seems like THIS news might just take the cake… The Swoosh really did a number on Ye. But the Three Stripes is doing him dirty in a way no other brand has! And, after being “long-term partners” since 2015, this was NOT expected… So, is Kanye leaving Adidas?

Kanye West’s partnership contract runs through to the year 2026. So, technically speaking, Kanye still has a couple of years to go with Adidas. But, that won’t stop him from calling them out and expressing his thoughts. Nothing ever really stops Kanye. And, for once, Ye might just have a point. This is not one of his usual bordering-inappropriate outbursts on Twitter. Our man Ye is mad… And, he’s got a point.

There were tons of things leading up to this. But, Yeezy Day 2022 was apparently the last straw. So, is Kanye leaving Adidas for good? Here are the top red flags of the seemingly toxic relationship between Kanye and Adidas!


Kanye DID leave Adidas… But, NOT how we expected it to happen. Read all about it here!



#1 The Dissociation 

Adidas_ - AIO BotThe first red flag for Kanye leaving Adidas actually dates back to the very beginning of their partnership. It was 7 years ago, in 2015, when YEEZY Season 1 made its debut. For some unknown reasons, after the show, Adidas decided to put some distance between them and Kanye. Maybe they felt like his “Yeezy-ness” was too much to handle! 

Soon enough, the brand announced that they would NOT be supporting the production of YEEZY apparel or the shows.

But, they would only be producing Yeezy sneakers. This was definitely a good power move since they already reaped all the hype of the show – mainly the Yeezy 350s. They had guaranteed success! So, maybe they were cutting losses? That’s Red Flag #1 for you.

#2 Checks AND Stripes

Kanye_West Mad - AIO BotNext, instead of wondering about Kanye leaving Adidas, we have to flip the scenario and ask: does Adidas want Kanye to leave? It is a well-known fact that Kanye is not the easiest human being to work with. With all his random outbursts online, always having to go back on things he says, and so on! Especially after his messy divorce from Kim Kardashian with 4 BILLION dollars worth of Yeezys at stake. But, for the most part, Adidas was pretty chill about it.

Of course, until Kanye started mixing Checks WITH Stripes! On June 3rd, 2021, Kanye was spotted out and about wearing NIKE SHOES. He had everyone wondering if this was a move to breach his contract or leave Adidas. Granted, he had a mask on. But that didn’t help, man.

And then, he pushed it further! During Balenciaga’s 50th Couture Collection show for Paris Fashion Week in July 2021, Kanye attended Yeezy Foam Runners… But, he chose to pair them with $7 black NIKE SOCKS and a Yeezy GAP puffer jacket! Also, in case people didn’t notice, he went on to share a post of the socks on IG captioned “Nike socks”! Red Flag #2

#3 Fake Slides & Foamies

Kanye Leaving Adidas - AIO BotNow, all the true shit goes down in 2022! This is where we really considered Kanye leaving Adidas. Near the beginning of June, Adidas announced their latest design for the Adilette 22. Here’s the big deal, though, it looked SO MUCH like the Yeezy slides. And they sold out instantly! Kanye got all riled up and accused Adidas of “blatant copying.” He shared a photo of the $55 Adilette and called out Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted.

He said, “To Kasper, I’m not standing for this blatant copying no more.”

But, it didn’t even stop there! Adidas did it AGAIN with yet another Yeezy lookalike – the ADI FOM Q! These were very similar to another Yeezy silhouette – the Yeezy Foam Runners. Maybe not twins, but definite bros! The AdiFoams don’t look like Yeezys as much as the Adilettes did. But, they had poked the Yeezy bear… Red Flag #3.


Kanye_ - AIO BotFinally, the last straw  – Yeezy Day 2022. The tradition for the Deadstock Event started back in 2019 with the very first Yeezy Day ever! A sneaker event that the entire WORLD waits for every year. Now, we would have never thought Yeezy day had anything to do with Kanye leaving Adidas. But guess we were wrong! On Yeezy Day 2022, Ye reached out to Complex with a LENGTHY message slamming Adidas in a DM.

He alleged that Adidas reissued older Yeezys with their own colorways without Ye’s approval. That Adidas made up Yeezy Day all on their own. They hired people to work on Yeezys without Ye’s permission. Stole colorways, materials, and styles for Adidas Originals. AND, he also claimed that Adidas tried to sabotage his collaborations with GAP and Balenciaga! Red Flag #4!


Here’s a compilation of everything Ye has said, fueling the question: is Kanye leaving Adidas?

Adidas made up the Yeezy Day idea without my approval.

To all sneaker culture. To every ball player rapper or even if you work at the store. This is for everyone who wants to express themselves but feel they can’t cause they’ll loose [sic] their contract or be called crazy.

These shoes represent the disrespect that people in power have to the talent.

This shoe is a fake Yeezy made by adidas themselves. I'm not talking to DC about this either. Kasper come talk to me. Happy Monday.

Even though they [Adidas] did a Balenciaga collaboration they completely slowed down production on the shoes me and Demna [Gvasalia] developed for Gap by trying to bully Gap even though my contract states I can do casual shoes which I was doing when I did fashion shows.

When I originally ordered Adidas to make more Yeezy slides the [general manager] lied to my face and said they didn’t have the capacity,” Via Complex,
“They [Adidas] didn’t have the capacity meanwhile Adidas was copying my slides and making their own version of the Yeezy Slides.

Yeezy is 68 [per cent] of Adidas [online] sales. God step in.


That’s all we have on the possibility of Kanye leaving Adidas. Will it actually happen? We don’t know JUST yet. Will Kanye be partnering up with New Balance next? Now THAT would be a sight for sore eyes! And most importantly, how would this impact the sneaker reselling industry? If this ends up to be just like the Nike x Yeezy scenario, Adidas Yeezy prices will SKYROCKET. So, you should probably hold on to your Yeezys and hone your reselling skills.

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