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What Are ISP Proxies for Sneaker Bots & Copping?

By December 29, 2022Proxies

Why You Need ISP Proxies for Sneaker Bots and Copping - AIO Bot BlogSince we’re starting off a new year, it is time you get your sneaker copping game together starting with proxies. Or, to be more specific, starting with the RIGHnT proxies. One of the greatest tools you can use to UP your sneaker success is ISP proxies! 

When it comes to copping sneakers and making money online, proxies are the answer. There is no better way to ensure maximum profit in this industry than this! We’ve already discussed the importance of their application but we’ll talk about it again! The main thing that sneaker proxies help you with is copping sneakers in BULK. In other words, buying multiple pairs of the SAME sneaker from the SAME website.

Something most sneaker websites do not allow.

You see, there’s a strict rule in the game: one sneaker per customer. Or, to be more exact, one sneaker per IP address. And so, with proxies, it’s pretty easy to go around and kinda break that rule. This is the secret weapon of all the most renowned sneaker resellers in the industry – particularly, ISP proxies. Of course, given that you have the right sneaker bot for the job, to begin with!

So, here’s what you should know about them!

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COPPING POWER PROXIESA proxy, in general, is basically a virtual middleman between you and a website. They also MASK your own IP address to appear as if you are someone else from somewhere else. You could be operating your copping range from Florida but your location says, North Carolina! Kinda trippy!

There are three kinds of proxies: residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies. They all generally do the same thing but have different characteristics.

ISP proxies are a combination of residential and datacenter proxies – the best of both worlds. They are IP addresses hosted on data center servers BUT affiliated with Internet Service Providers. This means that you get the speed of datacenter (DC) and the reliability of a residential (Resi). 

Therefore, ISP proxies give you access to real and unique IP addresses that are also hosted in a datacenter. So, this makes them:

  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Anonymous
  • Undetectable 
  • And, super fast


One of the biggest advantages of using ISP proxies happens to be copping in bulk. Buy as many sneakers as your budget allows from the same place. If you’re looking into becoming a sneaker reseller, you need product! Without the proxies, the entire process becomes much more complicated if not impossible!

Another perk is the geo-location-specific sneakers like region specific. We mostly saw this with Yeezys, but with Adidas Yeezy gone, it might be a little different. However, for people living outside the U.S. and don’t want to invest in mesh bots, proxies are your savior. After that, all you have to think about is reshipping solutions – the same ones people used for Yeezy Supply! 

Finally, the most important benefit of ISP proxies is their ability to trick antibot systems. Sneaker websites LOVE to block shady IP addresses. And, if your own IP address gets blocked, it’s game over for you. ISPs *look* like real people with real IP addresses going to buy sneakers online. So, in short, you won’t ever get caught!



When you wanna buy a proxy plan, the type of proxy you go for depends on a number of factors. But, the most important factors are your budget, the website, and the number of tasks you want to run. The number of tasks means the number of sneakers means the number of proxies. The features of ISP proxies include:

  • High level of anonymity
  • Very high speed
  • Reliable
  • Unlimited data consumption
  • ISP proxy plans cost between $50 to $60 per month

Naturally, since they’ve got so much to offer, these proxies ultimately do have a slightly higher price – these plans usually retail for around $50 – $60 per month for 25 proxies-plan. This makes them the most expensive type of proxy. But, you get what you pay for. 

NOTE: we often recommend pairing your proxies with a sneaker server. A bot, server, and proxies are the power trio. But, that all comes down to your own device. Click here to find out more!


These are the best places to buy some ISP proxies – aka, Premium DCs! The prices listed are for a monthly package plan with a set amount of proxies. Make sure to check them all out and see which plan suits your sneaker copping needs more!

You can also check out this list of the best proxy server providers by clicking on the button below. You can find all the best websites to buy all the proxies you need. This way you’ll figure out your budget and get straight to sneaker copping!