Why You Definitely Need ISP Proxies For Sneaker Bots & Copping!

By May 29, 2021Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

Why You Need ISP Proxies for Sneaker Bots and Copping - AIO Bot BlogThe year 2021 is the year for ISP proxies. How many times have you heard this sentence so far in 2021 sneakerhead botter circles? We’re gonna let you in on one of the greatest tools invented by man since the creation of sneaker bots

Think of it this way. If you’re a reseller, then the thing that sets apart your sneaker reselling business from others is your ability to cop in bulk. In short, you gotta have multiple pairs of the same limited-run hyped sneaker and have a variety of options. OR, if you’re a collector, your sneaker collection should have many pairs of the same sneakers – unless it’s a 1-of-1. That way you can flex and tease sneakerheads worldwide with the prospects of a sale! Now THAT sounds like a fun money-making hobby

But the thing is, you can’t really do that without a little bit of outside help! Most renowned sneaker retailers out there have a “one sneaker per person” policy. BS. But, here’s where proxies, particularly ISP proxies, come in handy. 

We know you’re definitely not a complete newbie – proxies DID you get you here, right? But, on the off chance that you do need to brush up on your copping powers, here’s the complete guide on sneaker copping and botting.

The Age-Old Battle Against Sneaker Bots

Where to Buy YeezyBoost - AIO BotOnline sneaker retailers KNOW how good of an opportunity sneaker bots are for sneakerheads everywhere! Or else, they wouldn’t have gone to so many lengths to develop antibot systems to keep us out! All the limits and boundaries of manual copping no longer exist when you’re running a sneaker bot! We get that they’re trying to level out the playing field – allowing one sneaker per customer. But where’s the fun in that?

We keep bringing on the big guns – the sneaker servers, the best proxies (like ISP proxies), and the strongest sneaker bots. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Windows or iOS user, sneakerheads always find a way. Even if it means we gotta build a bot from scratch on our own. Heck, we got cook groups lined up, early links, and all the sneaker news possible! We are not going to let anything keep us out of the race.

Our latest and most effective antibot counterattack is using proxies – specifically, ISP proxies! It is the ultimate sneaker botting loophole that might just be the winning ticket. 

A Proxy-Sized Loophole!

Different IP Addresses with _Proxies - AIO BotSo, we’ve kinda established that proxies help you cop more than one pair of sneakers – that’s the general idea behind them. But, they actually do much more than that. Let’s start out with WHAT proxies are, what they DO, and what are their TYPES – including ISP proxies!

Generally speaking, a proxy is basically a linking server between yourself and the retailer’s website – like a layover flight! Let’s say you wanna go from NYC to visit the new Supreme store in Italy. You take a flight from NY, switch planes at Dublin, and then head to Milan! In short, instead of sending out a request from your own IP address to the retailer’s website directly; it does a layover at the proxy server’s location!

A proxy has its own unique IP address – basically, a virtual device that can be located ANYWHERE in the world – that connects to websites on your behalf. This way you protect your own IP from ever being blocked and maximize your chances at copping sneakers online with a sneaker bot!

Proxies are basically different disguises you put on before walking into the sneaker store and buying a pair of the new Yeezys or Jordans dropping… Again and again and again – as many proxies you use and as many sneakers you want!

Mask On! The Different Types of PROXIES!

Sneaker Proxies for Sneaker Bots and Copping - AIO BotWhen you wanna buy a proxy plan, the type of proxy you go for depends on a number of factors. You see, there are three different types of proxies for sneaker bots and copping: Residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies. It all comes down to the coding and antibot systems used by the websites you wanna hit, your budget, and overall dedication.

Residential Proxies:
– IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP)
– More reliable (harder to get caught)
– Generate unlimited proxies from regions all over the world
– Res proxy plans cost between $10 – $20 per GB

Datacenter (DC) Proxies:
– IP addresses created by a secondary provider (Not an ISP)
– Might be flagged or blocked
– Higher speed with pings ranging from  50 to 100 ms
– DC proxy plans cost between $25 – $44 per month

ISP Proxies:
– DC proxies assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP)
– Reliability of a Residential proxy and the speed of a DC proxy
– Unlimited consumption
– ISP proxy plans cost between $50 to $60 per month

For more details on the features, limitations, and restrictions of Residential, DC, and ISP proxies, read this comprehensive proxy guide!

ISP Proxies for Sneakers Bots & Copping

Join The Billionaire Yeezy Boosts Boys Club - AIO BotISP proxies are the literal meaning of getting the best of both worlds! They ain’t called premium DCs for nothing – fancy. These proxies have the total reliability of a residential proxy with the wicked speed of a DC. Online retailers thought they really did it with their advanced antibot systems. Well, they thought wrong.

ISP proxies are so much harder to get caught by these bot detection systems. So, technically speaking, the odds of getting your ISP proxy blocked are very slim. But, here’s the catch. There’s always a catch!

Naturally, since they’ve got so much to offer, these proxies ultimately do have a slightly higher price – ISP plans usually retail for around $50 – $60 per month for 25 proxies-plan. Pretty hefty price tag. But, you get what you pay for. 

For websites that host blink-and-miss drops, limited-stock, round-the-clock drops, or high-risk releases; you need ISPs. No cap. Sometimes a release is so hyped, you can’t risk it. And ISP proxies are basically the real deal. How bad do you want that sneaker?

In short, you won’t even remember what the OOS page looks like when you’re using these proxies. It doesn’t matter which website you wanna hit, it doesn’t matter what time! They’re the proxies for the job!

Keepin’ Up With the ISPs

How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - GUIDEISP proxies increase your copping power on sites that have higher stock levels (like Footsites or Demandware sites) because they’re very reliable and most likely not get banned. PLUS, you get to cop multiple pairs of the same sneaker from the SAME website, and no one’s gonna know. You know what this means? Get into sneaker reselling, and start making some MONEY!

Even if you wanna hit stores with super limited stock like the ones on Shopify, you’ve still got the sonic-speed factor of the ISP proxies! So, it doesn’t matter which website you wanna hit, ISPs are a constant WIN. They’re slowly becoming possibly the only proxies you might ever need to cop because antibot systems ain’t stopping here.

Where to Buy ISP Proxies?

These are the best places to buy some ‘Premium DCs’ for yourself – the ones in stock, of course! The prices listed are for a monthly package plan with a set amount of proxies. Make sure to check them all out and see which plan suits your sneaker copping needs more!

– ANB Proxies $65 for 25 ISPs
– Cyber Proxies
$45 for 20 ISPs
– Oculus Proxies $75 for 25 ISPs