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Sneaker Teaser: Joe Freshgoods New Balance Fall/Winter Drop

By September 9, 2022Sneaker News

Joe Freshgoods New Balance Collaboration - AIO BotOne of the greatest sneaker collaborations you could ever be a part of is the Joe Freshgoods New Balance partnership! It is innovative, it is special, and definitely one of a kind! Their first work together was back in 2020 on a whole range of models. And, once they got started, they couldn’t stop and together worked on models including: 550s, 990v3s, and 9060s! And now, the duo is back at it once again in a sneaker teaser for the Fall/Winter collection!

However, Joe Freshgoods has definitely kept his hands busy with debuting his latest Vault by Vans collection. Together, they created a collection called the “Honey Moon Pack” that launched earlier this year. Also, we can NOT forget about one of the most monumental projects of the year, the “Conversations Amongst Us” collection. The theme carried on different New Balance silhouettes including the NB 550, the 2002R, and most recently, the NB 574! But now, he’s working on a NEW New Balance project called “Performance Art”. 

Joe Freshgoods – aka Joe Robison – always finds a way to bring straightforward, creative designs to his sneakers. And, from what we can see, the latest Joe Freshgoods New Balance collaboration is no exception! Keep reading to find out more!

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So, although we don’t have much to go off on the Joe Freshgoods New Balance collection, we’re PSYCHED! On September 1st, the American designer took to Instagram to tease his Fall/Winter project. This includes a sweat suit with a thick rugby shirt top in muted green, navy, and cream colorways. But, what we care about the most is what’s on his FEET!

He shared an image that shows a co-branded shoe box with a tonal pink and green look. The Joe Freshgoods New Balance box comes with the words “performance art” underneath the lid. However, the sneaker is mostly covered by tracksuit pants. But, what we can make out of it is that it is a take on the New Balance 990 series. You can tell from the toe box suede mesh construction and the chunky sneaker vibe.

It also looks like it comes in a predominantly pink and grey color palette. AND, the release will most probably feature a duo of the 990s! Also, as with most Joe Freshgoods creations, every capsule comes with a great backstory behind it. Joe Freshgoods speaks to a larger part of the Black experience and creates proper representation in the sneaker industry. 

So, here’s a recap we know for now about the Joe Freshgoods New Balance capsule:

  • Possibly a duo of the 990v3 series
  • Two colorways: baby pink with grey vibes and a blue-mint color
  • A shoe box with the words “Performace Art” printed under the lid
  • A theme tied to the Black American experience
  • Joe Freshgoods’ IG post currently has 19K+ likes which means that this release is going to be FIRE!

Joe Freshgoods New Balance GFX - AIO Bot

Joe Freshgoods New Balance Sneaker Resale

If we’re going, to be honest, besides the design and the backstory, the most appealing thing about a sneaker is: the RESALE. How much money can you make reselling a pair of sneakers? 

  • New Balance 550 Joe Freshgoods Conversations Amongst Us
    Retail Price: $120
    Average Resale: $250
  • New Balance 9060 Joe Freshgoods Inside Voices Penny Cookie Pink
    Retail Price: $180
    Average Resale: $318
  • New Balance 9060 Joe Freshgoods Inside Voices Baby Shower Blue
    Retail Price: $180
    Average Resale: $305

The money is definitely there! All you need is a good copping plan and the ability to cop in BULK. Click on the button below for a guide on copping multiple pairs of the same sneaker from the same website! And, start making money!

Make sure you keep it locked on our blog for more details related to the Joe Freshgoods New Balance release. Or, if New Balance doesn’t feel like your cup of tea, you can always find different releases for YOU! From Air Max sneakers to Dunks, to Jordans, and Yeezys… we’ve got them all!