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Free Membership to Join the Billionaire Yeezy Boosts Club [TOP SECRET]

By May 24, 2017July 21st, 2023Sneakers, Yeezy

Join The Billionaire Yeezy Boosts Boys Club - AIO BotTimes are rough. We still dealing with the impact of an ongoing global pandemic, tryin’ to find ways to make some money from home, and come up with all kinds of side hustles! Everyone wants to be a millionaire. Heck, sneakerheads want to be BILLIONAIRES! We like to dream big. And, thankfully, being part of the sneaker industry offers a lot of opportunities to make some serious cash – especially through reselling hyped sneakers, like Kanye West’s line of Yeezy Boosts sneakers! But how many sneakerheads have what it takes to make it? Before you know it, rent’s due, your internet bill is scary AF, or you’re staring at the last pack of Ramen noodles – it is what it is. If you wanna rob a bank or put your kidney up on eBay, that’s on you. But, there are other ways – ways that allow you to keep both your kidneys!

The greatest money-making investment you can make in a world gone virtual is copping sneakers and then reselling them on the aftermarket. Follow the footsteps of the 21st century’s best hustlers and make your first million from reselling Yeezy Boosts – even if you’re BROKE. You gotta start somewhere! It’s time you know how it feels to be making six figures a year – then you can buy the fancy type of Ramen!

How to Become a Member of the Club?

Where to Buy YeezyBoost - AIO BotSo, to become a Yeezy Boosts reseller and get a chance to become a member of the legendary BILLIONAIRE club, you gotta buy Yeezys first. And, we’re not here to sugarcoat things, copping Yeezys on retails isn’t an easy feat – especially if you’re going at it manually. In fact, if you’re going to treat a Yeezy cop like any other sneaker cop, then you got ZERO chances at even a single checkout. This is where you invest in the process of making money – investing in the best sneaker bot on the market, more tips and tricks here.

In short, to make money you gotta spend some money. But, we aren’t talking about crazy GRANDS! If the bot feels overpriced, then it probably is. In other words, if you can’t make up your investment and some extra cash after a couple of sneaker flips – then, it’s too much! Also, you won’t do much with scammy free bots. So, with a reasonably priced bot that actually works, you’ll be like the Pablo Escobar Yeezy Boosts reselling. And, what better way to cop Yeezys than with the OG Yeezy Bot itself – AIO Bot. Sneakerheads call it the Yeezy Bot because it’s the bot that’s been there through Yeezy history

If you really want to become a MILLIONAIRE in this industry, check out AIO Bot and all the features it has to offer. Even if you have NO experience in copping online, AIO Bot makes it all easy. You’ll be copping in bulk, and reselling in stacks of hundreds.

buttonSteps For a Yeezy Boosts Club Lifetime Membership!

Step 1 – Cop Some Yeezy Boosts

Where to Buy Yeezys - AIO BotThe first step of becoming a Yeezy Boosts reseller is getting your hands on at least a pair of Yeezy ON release day – if you’re lucky. And, of course, by lucky we mean if you have a sneaker bot. We aren’t here to give you a whole lot of BS about being able to cop Yeezys without a sneaker bot! We know what it’s like to go into a release unprepared. It’s a freakin’ bloodbath! It’s just like going into the battlefield with a pink paper kite. 

Here’s how you do it. Once you’ve chosen the best sneaker bot that works best for you – supported websites, stock, price, and efficiency – the next steps are pretty simple. You’re going to get yourself some good proxies that will help you cop multiple pairs, and a strong server to avoid ANY lagging. Other than that, you’re basically good to go. This is the literal recipe of Yeezy Boosts copping success! You’ll know exactly where they’re dropping, and at the exact time they drop.

To sum it up, you’ll be super fast (thanks to your server), you’ll hit the websites from so many angles (cue the proxies), and, above all, you’ll have the sneaker bot to do it all for you. All you have to do is grab a slice of pizza and a diet coke – gotta keep our figures copping ready.

Step 2 – Build an Online Presence

Taking Pictures of YeezyBoost Sneakers - AIO BotSo, here’s the thing. Most sneakerheads looking to cop Yeezys on the aftermarket will go for online resale platforms. Plus, people will not buy Yeezys from someone JUST starting out in the business. You gotta build your online presence, your reputation, and start selling. Start a blog with sick pictures of your Yeezy Boosts for buyers to preview. You can use it to write tutorials on how to clean Yeezys, how to store them, and even what to do with the sneaker boxes. Get them talking! Generate some BUZZ! You’ll be making crazy money in no time!

Also, do you really need risky meetups with local buyers and profit-killing service charges from sneaker exchanges? You’ve built a reputation as the plug. Now, you’re becoming a kingpin. It’s time to expand. Let’s cut out the middleman. Build your eCommerce website worth competing with the giants of resale like StockX and GOAT.

If you don’t wanna build a website, just take to social media. People in the industry talk. Soon enough word of your Yeezy Boosts collection will spread and you’ll build authenticity, credibility, and reseller rep. Set up an IG, post cool pictures, and you’re set. Or, join Discord or cook groups and sell your Yeezy Boosts on servers.

One more thing, ALWAYS handle payments through PayPal. Not only will this guarantee you get your money, but it also makes you look more reliable and professional!

Step 3 – Start Reselling Yeezy Boosts

How to Resell Sneakers on the Aftermarket - AIO BotChange your mindset from worrying about how much the shoes cost and start thinking about how much you can make with each pair. To become a reseller, start by purchasing one pair of Yeezy Boosts. There are many ways to do this, but the key is persistence. You may have to endure a few sleepless nights, and you might fail a few times. However, with a healthy dose of motivation, you will land your first pair and make your first flip.

Whether you choose eBay, StockX, Amazon, or Craigslist, you HAVE to know your market. There are plenty of fake Yeezy Boosts out there! And, as the new kid on the block, all eyes will be on you. Prove you’re the real deal with high-res pictures and shots of the box with a timestamp. Write your eBay tag or Instagram name on the timestamp for extra validity points. If you’re dealing on Craigslist, be smart! Meet in person, bring a friend, and don’t get ripped off. 

Now that you’ve made your first flip, you should have enough money for two or three pairs of Yeezys. Stash that cash until the next release. It’s time to re-up. And now, you’ve got everything you need to join the Billionaire Yeezy Boosts club and start making some serious CASH! 

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