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Hottest Jordan 1 Colorways to ALWAYS Watch Out For!

By August 9, 2023January 27th, 2024Jordan, Nike

The history of Jordans shaped the sneaker industry and culture in ways nothing else has. I bet you that if you show a picture of a white, black, and red Jordan 1 to anyone they will know it’s a Jordan. Jordan 1 colorways are THAT remarkable!

Quoting Jordan Geller, a sneaker collector who sold a pair worn by Michael Jordan for a whopping $560,000, “The Air Jordan 1 is the most iconic sneaker of all time” and that “The white, black, and red shoes are instantly recognizable and are a part of American pop culture“.

Probably the smartest and most profitable partnership Nike has ever done is with Michael Jordan. It is THE dream collaboration that revolutionized the charts for the Swoosh and AIR technology.  It all started with the first Jordan in 1985, and to this date, the top Jordan sales on StockX are Jordan 1 colorways! In honor of nostalgia and a great legacy, let’s cover the hottest Jordan 1 colorways. Better keep them at the top priority in your copping list!

Hottest Air Jordan 1 ColorwaysMore on Jordans:

7 Hottest Jordan 1 Colorways Of All Time

1- Bred Retro High OG – Patent Bred

Hottest Air Jordan 1 Colorways

  • Release Date: 12/30/2021
  • Price: $170
  • Resale: $250

The Patent Bred Jordan 1 colorway is inspired by the first sneakers MJ wore to the NBA court.

It takes us back to the 1985 Jordan 1 BRED. Mind you, we’re talking about the Jordan that currently holds a resale value of about $15,000! In 2021, Nike oh-so-cleverly released those iconic kicks in PATENT LEATHER! You can know about this here.

2- Jordan 1 High UNCAJ1 High Retro UNC

  • Release Date: 07/22/2023
  • Price: $180
  • Resale: $231

The UNC colorway represents Michael Jordan’s alma mater- the University of North Carolina. Drawing inspiration from the OGs never fails to impress. This new Air Jordan 1 blue colorway, although simple, got a lot of cool features. Check them out here!

3- Jordan 1 Colorways – Pine GreenPine Green AJ1 High

  • Release Date: 09/22/2018
  • Price: $160
  • Resale: $480

It goes without doubt that the Retro Jordan 1 High OG is a sneaker-lover essential. This particular old-but-gold Jordan 1 colorway with its Pine Green, Sail, and Black color scheme takes us through a jungle!  You can know more about it here.

4- Air Jordan 1 High Court PurpleJordan 1 High Court Purple

  • Release Date: 04/11/2020
  • Price: $170
  • Resale: $281

Purple is the color of royalty. This particular Jordan 1 purple colorway never goes out of style, and always gives off the royal blood vibes! This iconic court purple is more exceptional as it also dropped in a woman’s special! So do check it out here.

5- Taxi Retro Air Jordan 1 High OGJordan 1 high Taxi

  • Release Date: 09/24/2022
  • Price: $170
  • Resale: $205

Air Jordan 1 Yellow Toe colorway, also referred to as Taxi, gives off the vibe of the Shinedown Sample exclusive Air Jordan 1, but with a twist of a different shade of yellow! Inspired by Air Jordan 12 Taxi, these kicks are a showstopper! Know more about them here.

6- Air Jordan 1 High W Tie-dye Tie-dye Jordan 1 Colorways

  • Release Date: 06/11/2020
  • Price: $170
  • Resale: $200+

I bet no one would say no to tie-dying their skin if possible. So, the Jordan 1 tie-dye colorway is an absolute eye-catcher and a must-have! With its aurora green splashes and royal blue overlays, this particular colorway gives us the ocean spray feel. And when it dropped, it was this breath of fresh air, compared to solid-colored Js. Everything you wanna learn about it is here.

7- Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 High MochaJordan 1 High Travis Scott

  • Release Date: 05/11/2019
  • Price: $175
  • Resale: $1605

Part of the iconic Retro Jordan history, this Travis Scott  Air Jordan 1 Mocha colorway rocks a new look on the iconic silhouette. The freshness comes from the wise choice to add an oversized reverse Swoosh on the lateral side of these kicks. Rightfully so, this “Mocha” blend of brown and white is one of the most interesting takes on the Air Jordan 1 to date.

Travis Scott is constantly elevating his status as one of the most influential contributors to the Swoosh. In saying so, we sit in full anticipation for his upcoming Cut The Check release in 2023!

Cop Jordan 1 Colorways Now!

Every artist out there recognizes the iconic status that Jordans holds! Especially Jordan 1 Colorways, is THE face of American pop culture. That is probably why Billie Eilish’s Nike sneaker feature of choice was an iconic neon green colorway of Jordan 1! Not to forget that the auction for the original Air Jordan 1, three months ago, started at $150k! What are you waiting for to start your Jordan copping journey? Check this ultimate guide to get your Jordan sneaker game going. Don’t forget to pick the right Jordan bot for the mission!