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Here’s Where to Buy the Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha!

By October 20, 2020June 23rd, 2023Jordan

JORDAN 1 DARK MOCHA AIO FEATThinking about copping the Jordan 1 Dark Mocha, the sexiest Jordan 1 consolation prize of the year? The trick to scoring resale gems is knowing what inspired them in the first place. And when it comes to Jordan 1 colorways, everybody wants a pair to feel somehow connected to the godfather of kicks: the bred Jordan 1 of 1985. The GOAT pair that started the Air Jordan legacy and sparked the sneaker reselling industry before Adidas Yeezy was born. And before Yeezy Supply magnetized the worth of all things Kanye West.

As you know, it takes big to earn big in the sneaker game. Jordans are what they are because of Michael Jordan and Nike’s powerhouse combined. Every Jordan sneaker that dropped after 1985 has that golden DNA representing its market potential. And if truly special, succeeds at recreating a priceless OG or shoots for the stars with an incredible collaboration. So, with the upcoming Jordan 1 Dark Mocha being a reversed replica of the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Mocha, you still thinking about copping this boiling cup? It’s Jordan literally setting an incredible collaboration straight!

Nothing Sells Like Coffee Kicks

It’s no Happy Meal, but nothing’s finer than coffee, right? The Travis Scott Jordan 1 Mocha dropped in Spring 2019 for a retail price of $175. Brown suede competed for the overlays and a reversed Swoosh certainly caused many heads to turn! It’s reselling for $1,363 on average. With the recurring number of today’s sales record being $1,700. Cactus Jack does not plan on slowing down. This is why the Jordan 1 Dark Mocha now offers L-struck sneakerheads a sexy alternative.

For $170, this Jordan 1 flaunts black leather overlays on its front section. And targets the Travis Scott hype with Dark Mocha overlays on the heel and ankle flap. And to top off its edgy take on the timeless collab, the Swoosh is rehabilitated and re-reversed. It’s reselling in the $400 range on StockX. With an average value of almost $450. In comparison to the $1,700 that “Jack & the Coffee Beanstalk” resellers are making, it’s bean soup. But if you take it as a regular Jordan 1, it’s worth over 2.5 times its retail cost. Which you’d be crazy NOT to cop at retail.

JORDAN 1 DARK MOCHARelease Date: 31 October 2020
Retail Price: $170
Style Code: 555088-105

Where to Buy the Jordan 1 Dark Mocha [ELP?!]

Lucky for you, the Jordan 1 Dark Mocha is dropping on a bunch of sites that AIO bot supports. So, if you don’t have a Nike bot, there’s no need to panic. Since, if you know anything about the bot industry, you know that the best Nike bots are usually OOS. And to buy or rent a good one, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars as an investment. With a chance, things could flop at any second!
AIO BOT GIVES YOU OPTIONSSo, to keep your cool and cop the kicks that’ll make your week, AIO bot is an affordable bot at retail. With a growing success on Footsites since 2014. That’s where the dopest Jordans have been dropping in addition to Nike! So, at a retail price of $325, you’ll be getting your money back AND making a profit by copping only ONE pair of the Jordan 1 Dark Mocha with AIO bot. How does that sound? If it’s too good to be true, check our success proof and Twitter account for user shoutouts. We’re not fans of false advertising. We’ve been in the game long enough to own up to our in-stock status.

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Here’s where you can buy the Jordan 1 Dark Mocha other than Nike: