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Jordan 1 Lucky Green Is Next on Our Copping List [+real AIO bot scores]

By October 8, 2020September 1st, 2022Jordan

JORDAN 1 LUCKY GREEN AIO FEATSo far in 2020, AIO bot has successfully copped a rewarding number of Air Jordan 1s. With an exceptional feast on the Jordan 1 Royal Toe with over 5,500 pairs. Followed by the Jordan 1 Smoke Grey and Jordan 1 Biohack with 2,000 and 1,300 pairs respectively. Not to mention hundreds of pairs of the Jordan 1 Snakeskin, the Jordan 1 P(HER)SPECTIVE, and a few other hyped pairs. We owe it to his Airness and the OG model of 85 to stay on top of the game. For some time now, Air Jordans have been dropping on Footsites as well as on Nike sites. And as the OG AIO bot that’s been crushing it on Footsites since 2014, we aim to cop a hefty share of Nike’s sneaker empire. And call it your own.

So, if you’ve got an unrequited love situation with Jordan 1s, you can buy AIO bot at retail at an affordable price and prep for the proposal while we easily cop you more than one pair. We’re roughly at 15,000 copped pairs of Air Jordan 1s this year so far. So, by thinking about it you’re only wasting precious time. There’s no need to go scavenging for a Nike bot to cop Jordans when you’ve got AIO bot. So now that we’re clear on that, got any aftermarket plans for the Jordan 1 Lucky Green?
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Cop Jordans Without a Nike Bot

Jordan sneakers have maintained a hype trajectory since 1985 with dope collaborations and sick colorways. Which makes buying them at retail our main goal as a sneaker bot. You’ll rarely ever catch a pair of Jordans retailing for over $300. That is, if the collaborative brand and materials used are off the chain. Retail prices for Jordans normally don’t exceed $250. And if we’re talking about Jordan 1s only, it’s usually under $200. We operate to secure our users fresh Jordan kicks at retail. Because if it’s a Jordan collaboration or an insane tribute of some sort, you’re looking at resale values worth thousands of dollars. Which we’d like for you to earn rather than waste. Isn’t this the whole point of playing?

Jordan 1 Lucky Green: Do You Believe in Magic?

Although the Jordan 1 Lucky Green doesn’t look any different from a clean Jordan 1 colorway, it’s got one heck of a story behind it! Although green exteriors weren’t popular with Air Jordans back in the eighties, the inspiration behind this lucky penny goes back to 1986. When Michael Jordan scored 63 points against the Boston Celtics. Now, does it all tie together? Also, if this Jordan reminds you of the Jordan 13 Lucky Green that dropped in tribute of Ray Allen’s PE pair, you’re not mistaken! Since Ray Allen plays for the Celtics, it only makes sense that he pushes for his team color. 

JORDAN 1 LUCKY GREENRelease Date: 14 October 2020 (US)
Retail Price: $170 W/$80 PS/$60 TD

Lucky for you, the Jordan 1 Lucky Green will drop in women’s and kids sizes. Which means, if you’re in the kids sneaker business, you can add this to your list. StockX asks for the kids sizes go up to $300. With TD sizes following steadily at a $220 limit so far. Not so far along from the average $320 buyers are paying for this women’s Jordan. Expect it to drop on Footsites [Eastbay/Foot Locker/Footaction] and other Jordan retailers soon. So, save the date and storage space!