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Jordan 1 Sky Mauve Is the Perfect October Pair for You!

By September 29, 2023Jordan, Sneaker Release

Jordan 1 Sky Mauve AIOThe classic Air Jordan 1 High is coming back to the market with a bang! It’s no surprise that these Jordans are already hype as heck. Who wouldn’t love to snatch a new pair of Js, right? Well, the Jordan 1 Sky Mauve is releasing next month. So, get your wallets and sneaker bots ready for one of the cooler purchases that you’ll make this season! But if you’re looking for something a lil more on budget, maybe you should check out Nike Refurbished! Now, back to the kicks on hand, huh?

Jordan 1 Sky Mauve Is Colorful AND Elegant!

The Air Jordan 1 High is praised for its simplicity in the design sector, with its high-top silhouette that provides ankle support. These sneakers are both comfortable and would look dope if you style them right. What more does a sneakerhead want out of this world? Oh, and guess what? A new colorway will be dropping soon if you’re looking for the next AJ1 purchase. Sneakerheads are now patiently waiting for Jordan 1 Sky Mauve to drop to add it to their collection… or even put it up for resale.

AJ1 Sky J MauveThe Jordan 1 Sky Mauve features a mauve rubber sole and a clean white midsole. Moreover, it has white leather that forms the underlays, along with mauve leather overlays. We can’t forget the iconic Air Jordan Wings logo, it’ll be white right above the mauve Nike Swoosh on the sides of the sneaker. Furthermore, the mauve Nike Air branding is available on the white tongue. The mauve laces tie up this iconic design and give it the zest it needs.

Finally, Jordan 1 Sky Mauve will drop on October 14th, 2023, and will retail for $180. And at an asking price of $750 on the resale market, that’s probably a good pair to have in your rotation! Whether you’re flexing or flipping, these Js are must-haves before the end of the year.

How To Cop A Pair?

The hype for the Jordan 1 Sky Mauve is very high, and people are bound to jam all the servers when it officially releases. So, to make sure you can cop a pair, you will need a sneaker bot. Sneaker bots are a sure way to claim any pair of sneakers no matter how hard it can get. These bots can create multiple accounts for you and guarantee you a spot during the sale.

If you are new to the sneaker-collecting or reselling industry, don’t worry, we got you. You can easily join something called a ‘cook group.’  These groups are there to help newbies adapt and understand all the ins and outs of the industry. So, make sure you join one if you are new and look into a sneaker bot to help you on release day!

Air Jordan 1 Sky Mauve AIO