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Jordan 12 Cherry Is a Sneakerhead’s Kinda Cake Topper!

By September 2, 2023Jordan, Sneaker News

Air Jordan 12 Cherry 2023 AIOWhat’s better than shopping? It’s holiday shopping when you’re a sneakerhead y’all! And you know how Jordan Brand absolutely loves to drop the coolest retros around that time. So, one of this year’s retros is a pair that really catches the eye wherever it goes. It really is the cherry on top of your sneaker collection. Now, without further ado, how ‘bout we check out the Jordan 12 Cherry comeback? And just in case you want something to warm up before the holiday season, check out the Jordan September lineup!

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Jordan 12 Cherry Was a 1997 Treat

Jordan 12 Cherry Michael Jordan

The 1996-97 season was a great addition to the Chicago Bulls’ legacy. And throughout that season, Michael Jordan showed up in a very nice-looking pair of kicks. The white and red Jordan 12 was every bit as eye-catching as the man wearing it! And naturally, everybody wanted to be like Mike. So when these babies came out publicly, they were a huge hit! Jordan 12 Cherry featured a white leather upper and red leather mudguard and midsole. Moreover, the kicks feature silver eyelets for some extra glam!

Now, the OG Jordan 12 Cherry dropped back in 1997 for the first time. However, it restocked 12 years later in 2009, and we didn’t get a retro since then! There was a rumor that the kicks were gonna drop in 2017, but that never saw the light. And now, 14 years later, the Cherry 12s are back, and we’re extremely psyched to get our hands on them! So, what do we know about this upcoming so far? Read on to find out more about when and how to score the kicks!

Release Details

Among this year’s holiday sneakers, the Jordan 12 Cherry is making an appearance. And according to all the rumors, the kicks will drop on October 28, 2023, for $210. Now, as far as everyone knows, this is it, but it’s gonna be worth the investment either way. Why, you ask? Two words: history and resale! You see, the 2009 pair is currently worth $685 in resale on average. However, some sizes go for $1,000+, and that kinda says a lot about choosing the right size to flip.

And since we’re at it, why not try to cop your sneakers in bulk? You could always slip some and keep some on ice. Some kicks become mad valuable after some years, so it’s never a bad idea to store some for worse days. But all that doesn’t matter if you don’t score your kicks for retail. If you wanna know how you can do that, click the button below!


Jordan 12 Cherry

Release Date: October 28th, 2023
Color Scheme: White – Varsity Red
Style Code: CT8013-116
Retail Price: $210
Average Resale: N/A

Jordan 12 Cherry AIO Bot

Jordan 12 Cherry Pair

AJ12 Cherry AIO