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Jordan 12 Concord Darkens the Halloween Mood in 2020

By October 15, 2020Jordan

JORDAN 12 CONCORD AIO FEATWe can’t seem to get over the Jordan Concord couple of the year. Two Jordan 11 Low Concords, one red and the other blue, basically…sitting on your feet. Tree would have been ideal, but there’s no harm in a little improv. When we hear Concord, we’re immediately sucked back to NBA 1995. When Michael Jordan wore the bold “Black Stripe” and defied gravity. The ‘95 OG is reselling for $665 on average. With a recent sale made for precisely $900 on September 27th. So, the Concord namesake is pretty much tied to the Air Jordan 11 legacy. But this October, the Jordan 12 Concord steals the spotlight with electric beams! 

Jordan 12 Concord: To Electrify or Electrocute?

Before we go any further, it’s called the Air Jordan 12 Retro Dark Concord. But we’re settling for Jordan 12 Concord. The model doesn’t usually expect much or put out much. It’s not entirely neglected like the Air Jordan 2. But it’s not as hyped as the earlier Jordans that dropped in the eighties and early nineties. And compared to the Jordan 11 model, it doesn’t stand a chance. Even though the time gap between the two goes down to a single year. Looks like the human factor plays a huge role in what we perceive as hyped.

For example, the Jordan 1 was the bold rule-breaking sneaker that started it all. And if you consider the Jordan 5 model, it forms a tight knot with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air series that was aired in the eighties. So, that’s media and entertainment taking care of hype. And sure, the Jordan 12 accomplished its load of success on the legend’s feet. But it, along with many other Jordans that didn’t break the media, have failed to make it to the top of the now 35-story building. Because they were not celebrated through limited stock strategies and ground-breaking collaborations. Which is why you don’t catch a hot Jordan 12 collaboration or an Off White Jordan 23. Get the point? Hype creates hype in the sneaker world

JORDAN 12 CONCORDRelease Date: 23 October 2020
Retail Price: $190 (AD) $140 (GS)
Style Code: CT8013-005 (AD) DH0905-005 (GS)

This Counts as a Black Jordan

We recognize Jordan 12 silhouettes by their wavy exterior and basic use of two colors. The Jordan 12 University Gold and Indigo pairs that dropped this year follow this design rule. Whereby the frontal toe and midsole areas display one color. And the ankle and instep areas another color. Except this time, the Jordan 12 Concord dresses fully in black. With a reptile skin texture on the forefoot and a wavy structure on the rest of the sneaker. Electric purple drops a metallic vibe on the eyelets and Jumpman logo on the midfoot. Serving a fantastic contrast between metallic fashion and Halloween doom.

You’ll find this Jordan reselling for $310 on average on StockX. In addition to Nike, expect it to drop on Footsites [Eastbay/Foot Locker/Footaction] and other Jordan retailers. Lucky for you, it’s dropping on the same sites as the Jordan 1 Lucky Green. Which AIO bot feasted on with over 1,300 pairs only yesterday. You won’t find an affordable retail bot with that level of performance anywhere else. Our success rate, most notably on Footsites, has been growing since 2014. We’re as OG as it gets.
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