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How to Cop the Jordan 5 Fire Red & Where to Buy It First!

By April 28, 2020November 19th, 2022Bot, Jordan, Sneakers

JORDAN 5 FIRE RED AIO FEATOut of the 5 most expensive Jordan sneakers in 2019, two are Jordan 5 Retros! Talk about your Trophy Room at a 2900% price premium in University Red. Topping its Ice Blue counterpart by 2200% last year! What are friends & family for if not an honorable mention?! And even when we jump back to 2020 amid the coronavirus impact on the sneaker industry and e-commerce market shock, the AJ5 Trophy Room University Red is selling for $7,285 this April! And Ice Blue for $1,146 only yesterday! And if these numbers are beanstalk high, check out these best Jordans below retail! But the Jordan 5 Fire Red is what we’re hoping to get your hands on this spring!

Jordan 5 Fire Red Drops 30 Years Later in 2020!

Releasing one day after Travis Scott Air Max 270 React is the AJ5 Fire Red in all family sizes! Although it was released earlier on April 19 with ESPN’s The Last Dance! Dropping in a crisp white leather base, this AJ5 Retro uses a sharp fire design to connect the black midsole to the translucent outsole. A reflective silver tongue highlights the model. And the iconic OG Nike Air heel print is also featured! Although its price premium is currently at 30% only, this model stocks up on 30-year-old Jordan victory! Even when it’s reselling in the $200-300 range. You’re simply not a Jordan fan without a pair of Fire Reds. Here’s the full Where to Buy list to help you cop a pair or FIVE!

jordan 5 fire red centerRelease Date: May 2, 2020
Retail Price: $200-$140-$80-$60
Style Code: DA1911-102(Men)
440888-102 (GS) 440889-102 (Little Kids)
440890-102 (Toddlers)
Colorway: White/Fire Red-Black-Silver

How to Cop the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red

Copping the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red, just like any limited-edition sneakers, requires some special tools. And although you know by now that you need a sneaker bot, some proxies, and a sneaker server, it’s how you use them that makes or breaks your copping deal.

Starting off with a Sneaker Bot

If you don’t yet own a sneaker bot, choosing one shouldn’t be so hard. After all, the numbers are all out there and we all know the top sneaker bots in the game right now. However, your choice of bot could be influenced by where your sneakers are dropping.

In the case of the Fire Reds, these new AJ5s are dropping on Nike, Footsites, and Shopify sites. To cop them from Nike you’ll want to run a Nike bot. For that you can check ANB2.0, our Nike bot with great success rates lately while still in Beta. ِAnd you can always DM us on Twitter if you wanna give it a try!

However, most sneakerheads know by now that the best place to buy Jordans is Footsites.
Quick explanation: Footsites refers to a number of sites that fall into the same category. So technically speaking, copping off any of them is almost the same. And AIO bot happens to have MASTERED Footsites! On the latest Nike Fear of God 1 release on Footlocker, AIO bot got the highest number of checkouts among all bots in the game!

As for copping from Shopify, the list of Shopify bots is long since many sneaker bots cop successfully on Shopify sites. The only downside here would be that many of these major Shopify bots are out of stock! So getting yourself a key could cost you thousands of dollars.

Proxies to Catch the Fire

When it comes to copping sneakers, almost all bots go through ups and downs. But one factor that can make or break your sneaker copping dreams is PROXIES. For those of you who are new to the game, proxies are IP addresses you can use to hide your own IP address when surfing the internet. Or go online shopping. 

Benefits of Using Sneaker Proxies:

  • Increases copping speed
  • Reduces ping latency
  • Reduces risk of getting banned
  • Allows you to cop multiple pairs on limited releases

You can read more about proxies and why you should use them here.

Types of Sneaker Proxies & Which Ones You Need

No matter what you plan on doing online, there’s a type of proxy to help you get through every mission. And so, copping sneakers online requires special proxies for every website you’re copping from. There are 2 proxy types you should think of when planning to cop sneakers: datacenter and residential proxies. And while both work in your favor, the difference in purpose and performance is big. But by knowing how to put both into practice, you’ll be able to decide on the type you need.

Residential proxies are best used when copping from Shopify, YEEZY Supply, and Adidas. While Datacenter Proxies are always best when feeding your streetwear hunger by copping Supreme. As for Footsites, taking our experience, both proxy types seem to work well with a slightly higher advantage for Datacenter proxies. 

P.S. The most important thing to do is respect the golden 1:1 rule! Every task you set up in your bot requires 1 proxy. So, if you’re aiming for 30 pairs, set up and use a MINIMUM of 30 proxies!

Sneaker Servers

Next on the list is a sneaker server. Why you need it is an obvious matter. Sneaker servers can help you cop by increasing your connection speed & optimizing your location. Read here to understand more. In the case of copping the Jordan 5 Fire Reds, you can rent a sneaker server located in New York. And as for the speed, if it’s over 100 MBPS it should set you up.

If you also need help prepping for the big day, you can shop for your sneaker bot, proxies, and servers here.

Fire Ready to Cop This Red?!

This weekend, the Jordan 5 silhouette will drop the fourth iteration of the fan-favorite OG Fire Red of 1990! The year when Michael Jordan scored 69 points against Cleveland on March 28. With the Jordan brand celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2020, the Cavaliers are still sore after 30 years! With the OFF WHITE AJ5 already paving the way to fivefold success this February, hype is granted! And with the AJ5 Top 3 dropping at the end of May and the classic Grape recreating in June, it’s guaranteed! But now it’s time to supply & conquer the Jordan 5 Fire Red with AIO bot! Which technically speaking, you’re all set to do. Except there’s always one more thing you need to get through every release victorious. And that’s luck! Can’t always blame your bot or proxies for your L!

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