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Breaking Records: Jordan Brand Earns Nike $19 Billion in 5 Years!

By July 8, 2023Jordan, Nike

AIO Bot- Jordan Brand Earns Nike $19 Billion in 5 YearsJordan Brand makes Nike over $19 BILLION over the course of 5 years! But how much does Michael Jordan actually get from such a number? Is it a 50/50 deal? Well, why don’t we find out all the details together!

Being the most profitable industry, it’s normal for such numbers to hit us left and right. But what is really rare in such a place is a sneaker collaboration becoming the leading brand’s backbone. In other words, much of Nike’s increase in market shares and revenue is owed to Jordan Brand

And if we’re being honest, we couldn’t be happier for such a great collab’s existence. They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. And we really only knew the worth of Michael Jordan’s existence in Nike’s life the second Adidas let go of their strongest collaborations. 

Nike Earns $19 BILLION From Jordan Brand Over 5 Years

What first started with doubt turned out to be one the best sneaker deals ever. Back in 1984, Michael Jordan was more of an Adidas fan than a Nike one. But with a little convincing from his parents and MJ’s former coach, George Raveling, the NBA GOAT decided to take the leap of faith and sign a 5-year deal with Nike.

Now, nearly four decades later, the duo is doing better than ever with Nike dominating the sneaker market as a whole. Matter of fact, in just 5 years, Michael Jordan’s brand was able to make Nike earn approximately $19 Billion! 

Additionally, Jordan Brand has always been successful, and the best part about it is that it brings Nike no DRAMARAMA. So, after dropping the Air Jordan 1, Nike had estimated to earn $3 Million for the next four years. However, the model exceeded all expectations when it brought Nike nearly $130 Million in just ONE year!

Fast forward, Jordan Brand comes back with another staggering number that makes both Nike and sneakerheads proud as heck. According to  Neon Money Club, Michael Jordan’s brand helped Nike earn 19 Billion dollars in the past five years. Which, if you do the math, means that the Jordan brand generates around $3 Million worth of sales in 5 hours. 

Jordan Brand Revenues Over the Past Five Years - Jordan Brand Earns Nike 19 Billion Dollars - AIO BOTAlso, if we delve a little into the specifics of such a number, the Jordan Brand revenues over the past five years are as follows, according to FourWeekMBA :

– Jordan Brand revenue in 2018: $2.85 Billion
– Jordan Brand revenue in 2019: $3.13 Billion
– Jordan Brand revenue in 2020: $3.69 Billion
– Jordan Brand revenue in 2021: $4.78 Billion
– Jordan Brand revenue in 2022: $5.12 Billion

How Much Has Michael Jordan Earned From Nike So Far? 

As we mentioned earlier, Michael Jordan’s collaboration is one of the main reasons Nike was able to cut through $184 Billion in market value. However, MJ doesn’t get most of the revenue generated from the brand. He’s got a contract and terms to follow. And those terms state that the NBA GOAT gets a 5% royalty on his brand’s earnings. For example, out of the $4.78 Billion Jordan Brand earned in 2021, MJ only receives around $239 Million. 

How Much Has Michael Jordan Earned From Nike So Far - Michael Jordan Earnings - AIO BOTMore specifically, as reported by The SportsRush, Micahel Jordan’s earnings from Jordan Brand over the past 3 years are as follows: 

– Earnings in 2020: $180.45 Million
– Earnings in 2021: $235.55 Million
– Earnings in 2022: $256.1 Million

This accumulates to $1.962 Billion worth of earnings. And compared to Nike’s earnings from the Jordan’s brand, it doesn’t seem much of a steep number. But when you compare it to MJ’s NBA Career Earnings: $94 Million, you’d realize how much of a big number that is.

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