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The 13 Most Special Jordan Collabs in the Entire Air Jordan History

By September 4, 2021Jordan, Nike

The Most Special Jordan Collabs In History - AIO BotSo, the line of Air Jordans is a sneaker collaboration in itself. Maybe even one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time! It was a partnership between Micahel Jordan and Nike, but you already knew that. Jordan history speaks for itself – 36 years of out-of-this-world Jordans. They’ve built a legacy together. But, the Jumpman ventured even further and came up with Jordan collabs.

Jordan collaborations might be even more exciting than any other Jordan releases we get nowadays! The Jumpman collaborating with all the latest artists, musicians, designers, and more just adds to the evergreen hype of Js. More hype means more demand, more demand (without more supply) means more exclusivity. What does this mean for us? More money on the resale market.

Don’t believe us? Well, we’re about to give you a rundown on the most epic Jordan collabs that we’ve seen so far. How hyped they were, how much money they would’ve made you, and the parties related.

The GOAT Jordan Collabs

#1 Supreme x Jordan 5 (2015)

The Supreme x Jordan 5 is one of the best Jordan collabs. Why? Because it was actually the first-ever Supreme x Jordan partnership! The name
Supreme on its own brings so much hype, add the Jumpman to the mix, and you’ve got FRENZY! It dropped in three colorways–black, white, and camo.
Retail Price: $198
Average Resale Price: $854

#2 Public School x Jordan XII (2015)

Public School NYC
PSNY x Jordan 12 was one of those Jordan collabs with a STATEMENT. It is one of the most underrated sneaker collabs in the
sneaker industry. It released in a monochrome grey suede colorway followed by three other colorways in 2017. The Public School x Jordan is one of the most elevated and understated classics.
Retail Price: $300
Average Resale Price: $409

#3 Aleali May x Jordan I (2017)

Aleali May
Another one of the epic Jordan collabs is the Aleali May x Jordan 1, circa 2017! Jordan 1s on their own are the most coveted of all Jordans. So, it comes as no surprise that this Jordan was a big hit too! This Jordan featured different types of fancy fabrics – corduroy, satin, and chenille!

Retail Price: $160
Average Resale Price: $936 

#4 Don C x Jordan II (2017)

Don C
The Chicago ambassador Don C truly knew how to give a luxurious makeover Jordan collabs! His take on the Jordan 2 is actually very admirable and definitely worth mentioning! It also came with a lot of accessories like a dust bag, Wings pins, and a matching bomber jacket. All of which we LOVED! It was exquisite!

Retail Price: $650
Average Resale Price: $673

#5 Trophy Room Jordan 1 (2021)

Trophy Room
This is one of the most special Jordan collabs because it is a collaboration with MJ’s own son – Marcus Jordan. And it is also a collaboration that caused
a lot of talks, and we mean A LOT. The Jordan 1 x Trophy Room had rumors swirling about possible backdooring and sneaker bot takeovers. It was literally a 90-minute release and POOF! All gone!
Retail Price: $190
Average Resale Price: $2729

#6 Union Los Angeles x Jordan I (2018)

The FRANKENSTEIN Jordan! The DIY art project! Jordan collabs are often memorable, but this was one for the books! The Union Los Angeles x Jordan 1 combined elements from different Jordan 1 colorways! So, you couldn’t NOT love this freak of a Jordan!

Retail Price: $190
Average Resale Price: $1964 

#7 Undefeated x Air Jordan IV (2005)

This military-inspired Jordan takes so much of its features from the MA-1 Flight jacket – making you feel like a badass! BUT, here’s the catch! This is one of the rarest
 Jordan collabs of all time since only 72 pairs released! Not just that, the sneaker dropped via an in-store raffle! Yikes, talk about crazy-limited!
Retail Price: NA
Average Resale Price: NA

#8 Eminem x Air Jordan IV (2017)

EMINEM - Jordan Collabs - AIO Bot
The greatest rapper of all time deserves one of the greatest Jordan collabs of all time! This Jordan came in honor of his album “Encore” and was a
Friends & Family release. BUT THEN, Eminem felt a bit merciful and dropped 23 pairs in a retro release in 2017. Thanks, Rabbit!
Retail Price: NA
Average Resale Price: $24133

#9 Off-White x Jordan I (2018)

Off White
Off-White x Jordan collabs are easily one of the greatest Jordan collabs ever. Mainly because they always somehow end up with us taking Ls and wanting more. Go figure. This release was actually exclusive to Europe which made people want them more. Whip out them
proxies, fam!
Retail Price: $190
Average Resale Price: $3920

#10 Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 1 KO (2021)

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish x Jordan 1 KO might have been one of the most surprising of ALL Jordan collabs. We can’t say that we were TOO surprised though. Billie has always been a sneaker connoisseur and has always expressed her love for Jordans. So, it was definitely a dream come true to her (and us!). Her vibrant neon-green AJKO is a must-have. Read
here for release details coming this September!
Retail Price: TBD
Average Resale Price: $750

#11 Jordan 1 x Travis x Fragment Design (2021)

Travis Scott x Fragment Design
The infamous
threesome of the year 2021! This isn’t your average Jordan collab – nope. It’s one of the rare Jordan collabs that happens to be threeway. So, technically, three times more fun, three times more resale! Simple math, friends! Therefore, you can’t actually expect anything less than a four-figure resale.
Retail Price: $200
Average Resale Price: $3220

#12 Jordan 8 Ray Allen (2008)

Ray Allen - Jordan Collabs - AIO Bot
A guy who reps PE Jordans throughout his entire career must have one of the most epic Jordan collabs. And he does! In fact, he has one of the most expensive collaborations in Jordan history. His signature Jordan 8 was limited to roughly two dozen pairs. And, it was one of the first PEs to be available for consumer purchase!

Retail Price: $140
Average Resale Price: $7770

#13 Jordan 1 Retro SoleFly (2018)

SoleFly - Jordan Collabs - AIO Bot
Jordan collabs to keep you staying
fly! The SoleFly Jordan 1 collaboration is definitely one of the epics! It dropped on Art Basel weekend in 2018 in a very exclusive, very limited release – only 23 pairs. We’re really starting to hate the number 23. Sorry, MJ. Of course, you probably missed out on that drop. But, you can still cop it for a little bit over 4K on the resale market!
Retail Price: $160
Average Resale Price: $4106