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5 Jordan Hybrids Every Sneakerhead Should Know About!

By October 6, 2023Food for thought, Jordan

Jordan Hybrids AIOEveryone knows how Air Jordans shaped the sneaker industry. But only serious-as-heck sneakerheads know the ins and outs of the Air Jordan history. While the main 37 flagship models are enough to keep us interested, JB has more kicks than meets the eye. So today, ladies and gents, we’re gonna dive into the world of Jordan Hybrids! If you have any Frankenstein-ish tendencies, this list is JUST the thing for you. And speaking of spooky things, did you see some of this year’s Halloween kicks?

Jordan Hybrids: Collectibles, Beaters, or Waste of Materials?

Before we get started, we gotta say, Jordan Hybrids are mainly the products of the 2000s. And if you know the 2000s, then you know that these years were WILD when it comes to kicks! From crazy colorways to the sneaker industry blowing up, sneakers were IT. So, in the spirit of amazing mashups here are the wildest Jordan hybrids. Ready to check out some trippy Js?

Jordan Dub Zero

Jordab Dub Zero AIO

Release Year: 2005
Featured Models: Jordan 4, 6, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 20

Although Jordan Brand had previously dropped hybrids, the industry agrees that the Jordan Dub Zero is the OG hybrid. And though it takes details from all the silhouettes we mentioned, the kicks feature peculiar laser engravings. We previously saw this engraving on the Jordan 20 Laser, but never again! So, this kinda gives the kicks an edge over other Jordan hybrids.

Jordan 6 RingsJordan Hybrids 6 Rings AIO

Release Year: 2008
Featured Models: Jordan 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, and 14

If you know your Js, then you know that the silhouettes we mentioned are the ones MJ wore. Not only that, but he wore them when he won the NBA championship rings! Makes the name a bit self-explanatory, doesn’t it?

Jordan Spiz’ike

AJ Spizike AIO

Release Year: 2006
Featured Models: Jordan 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 20

Spike and Mike. Mike and Spike. This silhouette is a tribute to Spike Lee’s work with Jordan Brand through and through. And all the sneakers that you can see in the Spiz’ike are kicks that Spike Lee worked on! Although Jordan 3 to 6 are obvious choices, you might wonder why the 9s and 20s are here. Well, Lee also worked on commercials for the Jordan 9 and 20 when MJ was retired.

Jordan Sixty PlusJordan sixty plus AIO bot

Release Year: 2009
Featured Models: Jordan 1, 2, 5, and 7

While the choice of kicks seems random, we all know that all Jordan hybrids have a backstory to them! Jordan Sixty Plus is a tribute to the times MJ laced up and scored 60+ points on the hardwood floor. Thus, the chosen four silhouettes!

Jordan 2/3 Hybrid

Air Jordan 2 3 Hybrid AIORelease Year: 2023
Featured Models: Jordan 2 and 3

The last silhouette on our list of Jordan Hybrids is a pair that didn’t drop yet. Although it has no story behind it, it’s a very simple pair worth having in your rotation. You see, the kicks are a very nice mix of the Jordan 2 and 3! Check this out if you wanna know more about this release.