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Jordan Sneakers: Then and Now

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  • June 20, 2016

Since the release of “Notorious,” the first pair of Nike Jordan sneakers, in 1985, Nike Jordan sneakers have become synonymous with quality, trend-setting, and performance. Now they are no less esteemed, with dozens of new models being debuted every year, both general release and limited edition.

Jordan Sneakers

The history behind the first release was somewhat rocky, with Adidas and Converse vying for the contract, and with Nike winning in the end. This first pair was designed to display Jordan’s NBA red and black Bulls colors but was ultimately banned by the NBA because they were not “official” — not the usual white sneakers worn during professional basketball games at the time. Michael Jordan wore the sneakers despite the ban, and his success on the court catapulted the sneakers into trend-setting and hot-performance status. According to aiobot.com, “Everything changed though when Jordan made his epic dunk from the foul line while wearing the next model. Sales skyrocketed and the brand moved from simply being associated with the player to a watermark for performance.”

Today, the Jordan line has expanded nearly beyond comprehension. Aiobot.com reports that “[t]he brand brings in approximately 2.5 billion dollars in sales per year and has 58% of the market share.” These sneakers have surely overtaken the market, and they are just as popular on collectors’ shelves as they are on athletes’ feet. In 2015, one writer for kicksonfire.com on commented on the fact that some general release models of the sneakers were easily available on retail shelves and wondered if the Jordan hype was waning; however, 2016 sales indicate that this is not likely.

Most of the Jordans out there are, of course, general release, as opposed to the highly coveted limited edition lines. General release includes many of the Air Jordan number lines, while limited editions include such lines as Doerbecher, Jordan Retro, Fragment, and Just Dons.

Jordans are known throughout the world for being well constructed in addition to extremely stylish. Photos of the wide variety of colors and designs can be found on a separate kicksonfire.com site, along with their 2016 release dates. Just a few of the summer releases will be the Air Jordan 14 Oxidized Green, the Air Jordan 5 OG Black/Metallic Silver, the Air Jordan 9Low Infrared, the Air Jordan 14 Indiglo, the Air Jordan 5 Olympic Gold, and the Air Jordan 7 Tinker Ultimate Olympic. As you can see, Nike is unveiling special models to celebrate and appear at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

What are the reasons Jordan sneakers have revolutionized the industry of footwear? Aiobot.com explains it this way: “Like most professional relationships, many attribute the success of Michael Jordan’s brand to amazing synergy between athlete, technology, and brand (in this case, Nike).” Michael Jordan played an incredible game, and this combined with the most advanced technology in athletic shoe design, as well as the name of Nike itself spelled a recipe for success. Certainly, no other athletic shoe has had the staying power to remain at the center of popularity for over 30 years.

So what is the future for Nike Jordan sneakers? Nike has already announced that it will release the Air Jordan 15 and the Jordan 3 Hornets during the spring season of 2017.



It seems certain that, given its staying power and dominance in the athletic shoe market, Jordan sneakers will continue to capitalize on their great success so far. In addition, whether you are an athlete or a collector, you will be proud to have a pair of Jordans on your shelf — assuming you can snap up a pair before they are all gone. For more information and answers to your questions concerning Nike Jordan footwear, please feel free to visit our homepage or Another Nike Bot website and contact us.

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