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Jordan Sneakers: Then and Now

By June 20, 2016October 29th, 2020Jordan

Since the release of the Air Jordan 1 “Notorious,” the first pair of Nike Jordan sneakers, in 1985, Nike Jordan sneakers have become synonymous with quality, trend, and performance. Now 34 years later, they’re no less valuable or desired. And 34 silhouettes later, there still isn’t a line of sneakers that’s contributed more to the sneaker culture.

Jordan Sneakers

Rise of Jordan Sneakers

The history behind the first release was somewhat rocky. With Adidas and Converse vying for the contract, and with Nike winning in the end.
This first pair was designed as a nod to Jordan’s NBA red and black Bulls colors but was ultimately banned by the NBA because they were not “official”. Not the usual white sneakers worn during professional basketball games at the time.

Eventually, Michael Jordan wore the “notorious” sneakers despite the ban. And his epic success on the court promoted the sneakers into a trend. According to, “Everything changed though when Jordan made his epic dunk from the foul line while wearing that shoe. Sales skyrocketed and the brand moved from simply being associated with the player to a watermark for performance.”

Moving on…

Air Jordan sneakers 34

As the years went by, Jordan Brand grew to become the most renowned sneaker brand in the game. Associating every colorway to every success by MJ, and building on his ever-growing fame was genius. Let alone creating infinite colorways to match whatever Jordan wore on a certain game.

And while you’d think this made Jordan sneakers appeal to Basketball fans only, his incomparable achievements and unique perseverance are celebrated by almost everyone walking on the face of the earth.

34 years after that initial release, Jordan sneakers collection reached 34 silhouettes. With the Air Jordan 34 joining the fam on September 2019. So today, the Jordan line has expanded nearly beyond comprehension. But with all this variety of designs, the Air Jordan 1 is still the best selling and one of the most valuable Jordan sneakers ever.

Why Jordans, Though?

AJ 1 Off white Red

Jordans are known throughout the world for being well constructed in addition to extremely stylish. You can literally wear them with any outfit!

Most Jordan sneakers are constructed using premium material. Especially the Air Jordan 1 Retro. Luxe leather, high-performance material for the soles, and premium finishing is what makes Jordans so desired.

But there’s another side to the story. Other reasons that make the demand for this line so high. Collaborations! Over the span of 34 years, Jordan brand has collaborated with names from all industries to give you more. More uniqueness. A bit more luxury. And a whole lot of sneakers!

Some of the most iconic and unforgettable collabs would be that with Travis Scott, The AJ1s by Virgil Abloh, and the upcoming Dior x Air Jordan 1. Some Jordan sneakers were also co-designed by Supreme, Levi’s, and Justin Timberlake the star of the music industry. Wanna know more about Nike and Jordan Brand? Read here.

Thank you. Next!

Although the sneaker industry doesn’t fully or solely rely on Jordan sneakers, they sure as hell are the biggest and most important line in this game. And if they go down, we all go down.

But fear not! there isn’t a single chance this is happening anytime soon. Or ever! In fact, as I write this piece, our team of developers is grinding to roll out more updates in time for the upcoming Jordan releases. And trust us when we say, whenever you read this, there’s a heap load of Jordans coming your way soon.

The Last of Jordan Sneakers. Or Not!

You might, for a second, think that Nike’s out of ideas. Or that Jordan Brand’s delivered its last pair of Jordan sneakers. But you’re wrong.  December alone still has many Jordan releases for us to cop from. And 2020; Oh my! It’s going to be epic. But let’s take 1 step at a time, and prepare for the release of the Air Jordan 11 Breds. If you still got some cash left for some last-minute Holiday shopping, you gotta cop these. They’re releasing in Kids sizes too!

And if you’re on a tight budget, check these awesome sneakerhead gift ideas!

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