Why Jordan Shoes Are Unlike Any Other Shoe

By January 12, 2017 November 13th, 2020 Jordan, Nike, Sneakers

Even for those who have never watched an NBA game in their lives, Michael Jordan is synonymous with the word legend. He was the greatest ballplayer in the history of ball playing, thus Jordan shoes are much more than just shoes. In footwear form, they embody many of the ideals that most of us value. Below are five of the major reasons that Jordan sneakers are, and will continue to be one of the most timeless purchases a sneakerhead can make. Know more about the Jordan brand, timeless releases, and EVERYTHING sneakers here.

Jordan shoes Logo1.) The mentality of Jordan himself

The sneakers are easy to connect with because their namesake was. Jordan encapsulated the “Go big or go home.” mentality. During Game 5 of the 1997 Finals Jordan famously played with full-on flu. He was exhausted, sweating bullets, and at times even staggering around the court. But that didn’t stop him from scoring 38 points; “The man wouldn’t quit” said Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson: “This was a heroic effort, one to add to the collection of efforts that make up his legend.” So, when you collect or wear Jordan sneakers, it’s about a lot more than just a shoe; it points to a spirit of endurance.

2.) Jordans maintain their value over the long haul

Most of what is produced by the clothing or fashion industry has a value that begins plummeting the moment it leaves the factory. Not so for some sneakers, especially Jordan sneakers. They are an investment with the potential for a big payout in the long run. An incredible example would be the latest Air Jordan 1 Satin Balck Toe which now makes around $500 profit over the $160 retail price. And that’s a regular Air Jordan 1, and when we speak of collabs, like Travis Scott’s AJ1, we’d be talking about $1000+ profit per pair. In fact, that pair specifically is one of the most valuable Jordan sneakers in 2019.

3.) So Much History!Air Jordan 1 Banned

Because of the fan base and Michael Jordan’s epic performance on the basketball court, owning a pair of Jordans feels like you’re a part of history itself. They are meaningful because they bring back the player’s glory days. But even for kids who have never seen him play, the draw of owning a pair of Jordans connects old and young alike. Each, participating in the legacy.

4.) The culture of Jordan shoes is priceless

Within the sneaker culture, there is a commitment to how things were. In the old days, sneaker culture was created in neighborhoods and in mom-and-pop shops. Today, the industry works hard to take that away from the consumer. But with Jordans, there aren’t only retro options, but a plethora of fresh options that allow consumers to own their style.

Plus, the shoe continues to shape lives. Sneaker swap meets allow not only for the community but also for a productive way for young men and women to spend their time.

5.) The process of acquiring Jordans makes them the most rewarding shoe to own

Jordans btn

Sure, we often see celebrities wearing rare Jordans. Recently, it came to light that actor Mark Wahlberg owns a sneaker collection that is worth well over $100k.

But, the thing about Jordans is that for most sneakerheads, owning them is a hard-won privilege. The stories abound of individuals making tough sacrifices, or waiting decades to own Jordan sneakers. For a lot of people, the sneakerhead lifestyle requires serious commitment.

Thus, Jordans aren’t just a shoe. They’re a bridge between the past and the future; they connect generations. They inspire the people who take pleasure in owning the same shoes that a legendary ball-player once wore.

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