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5 Reasons Why Jordan Shoes Are Unlike Any Other Kicks in the Industry!

By January 12, 2017April 3rd, 2021Jordan, Nike

Why Jordans Are Unlike Other Shoes - AIO BotEven if you’ve never attended an NBA game in your life, even if you don’t even own a TV, and EVEN if you aren’t on any social media platform – you know who Michael Jordan is! You might also be a hermit, but we won’t judge. If you look up the word legend in the dictionary, you’ll get Michael Jordan as a freakin’ synonym! Well, maybe not. But, you get what we mean! MJ is the greatest basketball player in the history of ball playing. This is one of the reasons why Jordan shoes are so much more than just shoes! The Jordan brand is one of the richest, most remarkable, and beyond epic sneaker collaborations ever – could you even imagine a sneaker industry without Jordans? 

Every single Jordan of the 35 models, with every colorway, and retro embodies many of the ideals that most of us value. We dare you to find at least one Jordan you don’t relate to! Below are five of the major reasons that Jordan shoes are, and will continue to be, one of the most timeless purchases a sneakerhead can make – you can never go wrong with a Jordan! Get to know more about the Jordan brand, epic releases, and EVERYTHING related to sneakers here.

1. The Mentality of Jordan Himself

AJ Mentality - AIO BotYou only really know your sneakers when you know the man behind them! Michael Jordan encapsulated the “Go big or go home” mentality in his Jordan shoes – one of the reasons why his sneakers never flop! During Game 5 of the 1997 finals, Jordan famously played with full-on flu! The man was literally exhausted – sweating bullets and staggering around the court. Now that’s some dedication! The flu ain’t got nothing on MJ. He went on to score 38 points that day – we can’t even get out of bed when we’re even slightly sick! “The man wouldn’t quit,” said Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson: “This was a heroic effort, one to add to the collection of efforts that make up this legend.” So, when you cop or wear Jordan shoes, just remember this moment. It’s about more than just sneakers! It points to a spirit of endurance, perseverance, and dedication.

2. Jordans Shoes Never Lose Value

AJ Kicks - Collections for Resell - AIO BotMost sneaker value in the industry depends on the sneaker’s hype. But, once the hype dies down, so does the sneaker value. If the sneaker designer Fs up or says some weird shit on social media, the value drops! All sneakers in the industry have volatile hype – except for Jordan shoes. Jordans are the exception of all exceptions! Jordans are literally a sneaker investment you can leverage later in your sneaker reselling business – they’re the sneakers that will get you going! Jordan shoes have the potential for a big payout in the long run. Just take a look at the Air Jordan 1 University Blue – it retailed for $170, reselling for around $500

You can’t say that isn’t some kind of magic right there. And that’s not even like a revamped fancy Air Jordan sneaker collab! Take the Travis Scott AJ1s for example – we’re talking about $1000+ profit per pair. His Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack alone resells for an average of almost $1,000 – you can totally get the new blue Jordan 4 as a La Flame dupe though! So, the point is, Jordan shoes never lose value, they never go out of style, and, honestly, we won’t stop copping them. Jordans are the sneakers that tipped the scale in the eternal checks over stripes debate – no cap. 

3. So Much History Behind Them!

Jordan Shoes History - AIO BotWhen every single Jordan shoe dropped throughout Jordan history has a backstory to it, you can’t help but cop! Backstories just add so much value to the kicks. Even the colorways have a way of adding some kind of snazz to it! Like paying homage to his alma mater through the UNC colorway, or expressing his love for dark mocha drinks! The sneakers have literally been here since 1985, they’ve got history behind them. With Michael Jordan’s epic performance on the basketball court and a GIANT fan base that comes with, any sneakerhead would be thrilled to own a Jordan – beyond thrilled. Owning a pair of Jordan shoes is equivalent to owning a piece of history itself. The kicks he wore at the very beginning of his career, and during his final frontier on the basketball court. They are meaningful because they bring back the player’s glory days.

But, even if you completely missed out on that beautiful era, you could still be a part of the timeless Jordan history. Be a part of the legacy that will never be forgotten. With every retro that Nike Jordan drops, the legend of the Jordan shoes just keeps on growing. And, thankful, Jordan seems hell-bent on overflowing the year with retro sneakers. But, you know, we ain’t mad. More Jordan shoes for us to cop, flex, and flip. Sometimes, not letting go of the past isn’t such a bad thing. We ain’t moving on from Jordans.

4. The Culture of Jordan Shoes Is PRICELESS

Jordan Shoes - Sneaker Culture - AIO BotThe sneaker culture is one of the oldest cultures to date – we’re talking way back to the 70s or 80s. We like to pinpoint it around the time when hip-hop made its great debut in the music industry – it is all interconnected and related in some way or the other.  The culture itself grew more with sneakers swaying away from just performance. Soon enough, it was all about a fashion movement through shoes. But with Jordan shoes, there aren’t only retro options, but a plethora of fresh options that allow consumers to own their style. Jordan allows people to bring out their true selves in their sneakers – self-expression through sneakers! The Jordan shoes created a whole new culture that continues to shape the lives of sneakerheads through generations.

There is no better way to become a part of the sneaker culture than through Jordan shoes with the morals, values, and history they bring with them. It’s also never too late to get started with your very own collection of Jordan sneakers – the year is still at its start, fam! We’ve got tons of Jordan releases coming up, you do NOT want to miss out! Just make sure you got your fit right!

5. Copping Jordan Shoes is the BIGGEST Flex

Jordan Shoes - The Greatest Flex - AIO BotThe coolest thing about the sneaker industry is that it is an industry for all – regardless of who you are, how much money you make, or where you come from. There is no place for discrimination in this industry. Sure, we often see celebrities wearing rare Jordans – but, if they aren’t part of the F&F circle, they gotta cop. Unless you’re Kylie Jenner and get your Jordan shoes for free. Everyone wants to flex, why else would sneaker collaborations be a thing! The actor, Mark Wahlberg, owns a sneaker collection that is worth well over $100k. He must have tons of sneaker storage space and a SAVAGE sneaker bot!

But, the thing about Jordans is that for most sneakerheads, owning them is a hard-won privilege. There are tons of stories about individuals making tough sacrifices, or waiting decades to own Jordan sneakers. For a lot of people, the sneakerhead lifestyle requires serious commitment – it’s the dedication for us.

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