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The 8 Best Jordans for Kids! Dress Your Kiddos in the Coolest Js

By July 12, 2023Jordan, Nike

AIO Bot - Jordans For KidsI wear, therefore I am. When someone lives with such a motto, it’s a given what he believes in will live on through generations. That’s just how the epic sneaker culture works. Being a sneakerhead- no matter what type– means passing it on to future generations and little you(s). And those little hypebeasts don’t have to wait till they grow up enough to fit in men’s and women’s sneakers. Teach ‘em young, they say! So, that’s why we’ve compiled for you a list of the best sneakers for kids. But, not ANY sneakers… No. We’re talking about Jordans for kids!

Of course, we’re not talking about no ordinary sneakers here. You can get those from the nearest Footlocker. But we’re rather talking about some of the most coveted Jordans for kids. Because what kind of sneakerhead will you be if you don’t hook them up with the most fly type of Js in the game? Now, if you’re not too much of a Yeezys vs Jordan type of chill sneakerhead, check out Yeezys for kids. If you’re a J all-the-way kinda person, then keep reading!

Making Bag Off the GS

Before we actually get into the list of all the best Jordans for kids, you might wanna know this. There ain’t no shame in making some cash off the GS! All Jordan sizes have lots of money-making potential behind them! They’ve got good resale going on for them. And, a lot of times the Jordan brand opts to release the kiddo sizes before the real drop! And, trust us, there is no shortage of people trying to cop the GS in the game! Are we exploiting non-botting parents trying to cop some heat for their kids? Maybe? But, all’s fair in sneaker copping and botting!

So, what we’re trying to say is, copping these kicks on retail is an easy way to make some cash! Even if you’re a parent just looking to find some Js, you might wanna check this out! It’s something you can get into right from home! Sneaker botting is for EVERYONE! Click on the button below to find out more!


Chill Karen! If you don’t wanna have anything to do with all the money-making, just keep reading. Get all these Jordans for kids at the price premiums below! You do you, fam! We’re just looking out for you! You might change your mind after comparing the retail prices. Even a $20 increase makes a difference for someone copping in bulk. Something to think about.


#1 Jordan 1 Travis Scott Olive

AJ1 Travis Scott Olive - Best Jordans for kids Release Date: April 26th, 2023
Retail Price: $60
Average Resale: $184
Total Sold: 2,003

First, we’re gonna start with one of our favorite Jordans for kids- the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Olive. We’ve waited months upon months for this Jordan to drop. But just like all Travis Scott’s collabs, these Js were worth the wait. Especially since they dropped in full family sizing, including TD and PS, this year.

#2 Jordan 11 Cool Grey 

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey - Jordans for Kids - AIO BotRelease Date: December 11th, 2021
Retail Price: $185
Average Resale: $219
Total Sold: 4,333

Next on the best Jordans for kids list, we’ve got the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey. The Cool Greys were definitely one of 2021’s greatest hits! Air Jordan 11s are a good way to start off your kiddo. And, with the mudguards on these kicks, it just means less shoe care for you!

#3 Jordan 5 Retro Raging Bulls 

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bulls - Jordans for Kids - AIO BotRelease Date: April 10th, 2021
Retail Price: $140
Average Resale: $144
Total Sold: 1,699 pairs

Got a kid with a fiery personality? The Raging Bull 5s are the best Jordans for kids with a raging attitude! Plus, they’re VERY kid-friendly since their uppers feature complete suede – easy to clean! And, you can tell them the story of the Matador as a bedtime story!

#4 Jordan 4 Retro University Blue 

AJ4 University Blue - AIO BotRelease Date: April 28th, 2021
Retail Price: $150
Average Resale: $337
Total Sold: 2,399 pairs

Next, we’ve got the Air Jordan 4 Retro University Blue – the dupes for the Cactus Jack Jordans! These make the best Jordans for kiddos who are into the culture already! Even if they’re not, it’s a good place to start! Just look at its icy, clean look! Plus, this is where you teach them all about Michael Jordan’s alma mater!

#5 Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo

AJ4 White Oreo - AIO BotRelease Date: July 3rd, 2021
Retail Price: $140
Average Resale: $419
Total Sold: 1,380 pairs

Okay, don’t be mad! We are definitely suggesting white Jordans for kids. BUT, if you learn exactly how to properly clean white kicks, then you ain’t got a problem. Because, trust us on this, you don’t wanna miss out on the White Oreos.

#6 Jordan 11 Retro Low Legend Blue 

AJ11 Legend Blue - AIO BotRelease Date: May 7th, 2021
Retail Price: $135
Average Resale: $184
Total Sold: 895 pairs

And, yet another Air Jordan 11, we’ve got the Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue – it is legendary. We’ve already explained why the 11s are the best Jordans for kids. But, this colorway is just epic. Icy and cool! Your kiddo will be the best-dressed savage on the playground. 

#7 Jordan 1 Mid Banned 

Air Jordan 1 BANNED - Jordans for Kids - AIO BotRelease Date: November 13th, 2020
Retail Price: $90
Average Resale: $106
Total Sold: 2,425 pairs

So, if you’re gonna commit to this 100%, you need to get red Jordans for kids. Specifically, the BANNED Jordan colorway. Make no mistake, these kicks will definitely bring out the rebel in your kid. But, it is totally worth the playground cred.

#8 Jordan 4 Retro Lightning

Air Jordan 4 Lightning - Jordans for Kids - AIO BotRelease Date: August 28th, 2021
Retail Price: $150
Average Resale: $240
Total Sold: 5,653 pairs

Finally, we’ve got the Jordan 4 Retro Lightning! These Jordans for kids come in a sunny yellow color that our child will definitely enjoy! Imagine our excitement as “adults” seeing this colorway! So, we’re sure you little beats will definitely enjoy these too! 

On a final note, thanks to Nike’s groundbreaking bubble technology, all these Jordans are HELLA comfortable. So, you don’t have to worry about that! Your kids will rock these Js in comfort and style!

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