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The 20 Craziest Facts You Never Knew ‘Bout the Yeezy King: Kanye West

By December 24, 2019July 6th, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Facts About Kanye West - AIO BotSo, you think you know Kanye West? You think you know Yeezus? How many Kanye West facts do you know? Well, sorry to break it to you, but there are so many insane facts about ‘Ye that you probably don’t know! He’s a man with many names! Yeezy, the Louis Vuitton Don, and sometimes even Dadye! But do you actually know the man behind the random tweets? The mind behind the legendary Yeezy sneakers? He’s one of the most unpredictable and controversial men in the world! Which makes him even more interesting! He’s the man who speaks his mind, even if it’s at the VMA awards!

That’s why we think it’s very important for every sneakerhead out there to know the mind that designed the best sneakers of the year! So, here are the 20 craziest Kanye West facts you probably didn’t know!

1. Baby ‘Ye! Kanye West Facts!

#1 Baby Yeezus - AIO BotSo! Kanye was born as Kanye Omari West in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 8th of June, 1977, to parents Ray and Donda. An only child. His dad was a photojournalist and his mom was an English teacher! Who would have thought their little boy would turn out to be the Yeezy king he is today? His parents got divorced when he was just 3 years old. But it all turned out well for ‘Ye! He’s a father of 4 kids now! Not much of a smiler anymore though.

2. Mama’s Boy

#2 Facts About Kanye West - Donda West - AIO BotKanye and his mother, Donda, probably had the best mother-son relationship out there. She retired from her job as a teacher to become his manager! Sadly, she passed late in 2007 after complications from plastic surgery. Kanye and the whole world took it pretty bad. He, later on, released merch to commemorate her, in addition to dedicating an album to her memory. May she rest in peace.

3. Kanye the One and Only

#3 The One and Only Yeezus - AIO BotSo, the first of the cool Kanye West facts: Kanye means “The only one” in Swahili! This is both very fitting and oddly satisfying to know! Kanye’s name truly fits his persona. Does this mean that he’s the “only one” to remain standing in the fight to rule the sneaker industry? This Kinda explains the attitude too. Pretty savage!

4. Kanye San, is that you?

#4 'Ye in China Kid - AIO BotOkay, so Kanye didn’t go to Japan. BUT, he did live in China for a while when he was about 10 years old! He went there with his mother, who was part of an exchange program. It makes you wonder. Did Kanye feel homesick? Is this why Yeezy production is about to move to the US

5. Kanye West Facts: Big Music Producer

#5 Music Producing Yeezus - AIO BotKanye first set foot in the music industry as a music producer. He literally produced other artists! And he was GOOD. He produced beats for Ludacris, Alicia Keys, and even Jay-Z! He was doing pretty well, but wanted more! ‘Ye wanted to become a rapper himself and decided to do so… Until he had a near-fatal accident that is.

6. Through The Wire… Literally

#6 Through the Wire Album - AIO BotIn 2002, Kanye West’s car crashed while driving home after a long day of work at the studio! He literally fell asleep while driving. His jaw was completely shattered. But that didn’t stop him from dropping a sick beat! It’s a hard experience to relive, but the man rapped through a wired-down jaw! Now that’s commitment. Jaw-dropping. 

“I spit it through the wire, man
There’s too much stuff on my heart right now, man
I’d gladly risk it all right now
It’s a life-or-death situation, man
Y’all, y’all don’t really understand how I feel right now, man”

7. Kanye West Facts: The College Dropout

#7 Facts About Kanye West - College Dropout - AIO BotYou thought that “College Dropout” was the name of Kanye West’s album? Well, it is. But, there’s a reason why he chose to name his album that! Kanye had the scholarship to attend the American Academy of Art but then decided to drop out and enroll in Chicago State University to study English. Following in his mama’s footsteps. But, he dropped out again to release his famous album, College Dropout!  Could you imagine Kanye as an English teacher? It’ll be like Twitter but IRL!

8. Bring on the Cash! Kanye West Facts!

#8 Jesus Piece Chain Accessory - AIO BotWe all gotta start somewhere, right? And our man Kanye did too! He got his first break after he sold his very first beat to a local Chicago rapper called Gravity for about 8,000$! And guess what he did with the money? Well, the only natural and meaningful thing to do is to buy some Polo shirts and a Jesus piece of jewelry!

9. And the Grammy goes to… Kanye West!

Kanye West Grammy Awards

Kanye West got his first Grammy in 2004 for the Best Rap Album for College Dropout, Best Rap song for Jesus Walks AND best R&B song for You Don’t Know My Name at the 47th GRAMMYs! That was more than 15 years ago. Now, ‘Ye has 21 Grammys and 69 nominations! Way to go Kanye!

10. That don’t kill me… Can only make me STRONGER

#10 Make Me Stronger - AIO BotAbout 12 years ago, Kanye dropped his album Graduation. Now, the whole album took a lot of work, which is understandable. BUT, one song stands out. One of his BIGGEST hits to date! The song “Stronger” required the strength of 8 audio engineers and 11 mixing engineers with over 50 versions of the song made! Perfectionist much Yeezy?


11. He wanted to be WHAT?

#11 He Wanted to Become WHAT - AIO BotKanye wanted to become a male porn star. There. We said it. He really considered it too. That’s all we got to say about it. Could this be the strangest one of all Kanye West facts?

12. Lipo and Some Nip Tuck

#12 Np Tuck Surgery Lipo - AIO BotA few years ago, Kanye had liposuction because he didn’t want to be called fat. We get it, man. We feel you. Whatever makes you happy ‘Ye!

13. Kanye, you got some cash?

#13 He Got Cash Money - AIO BotHow much is Kanye worth? Like, let’s talk money for real. How much money does Kanye have? We gotta know. We NEED to know! Like, we are out here coppin’ Kanye’s Yeezys, so how much is the dude making? Well, thankfully, Forbes already has a list of the top 100 who make the most cash! And what’d you know? Kanye ranks 3rd at an estimated worth of 150 MILLION dollars! Most of it off of sneakers. You might wanna consider joining the sneaker industry after hearing this. It’s the only way to make a lot of money! These Kanye West facts really got us reconsidering your life choices.

14. Anyone got an OfficeMax printer for ‘Ye?

#14 Facts About Kanye West - Printer Job - AIO BotSo, this is too funny not to be included in the list, fam! Kanye West, the owner of the Billion dollar Yeezy empire, was once accused of stealing OfficeMax printers. Now, this was back in the year 2000, so Kanye was already producing some music. We know for sure that it was a mistake. Kanye called it racial profiling. Totally not cool, but still funny that is happened to Kanye of all people.

15. Kanye West Facts: Kanye for President!

#15 Yeezus For US President - AIO BotIn 2015, Kanye gave a very Kanye-like speech at the VMAs and ended it with a huge bombshell. Very Kanye-natured. He announced that, in 2020, he will be running for president of the United States. So, how would a Kanye presidency look like? Will his campaign include free Yeezys?

16. Sunday Service! Where’s your invite though?

#16 Sunday Service with Ye - AIO BotSunday Service is Kanye’s way of bringing together his love of music and Jesus. It’s an invite-only kind of event, so don’t get your hopes up. Unless you’re cool with Kanye. There’s also a dress code you gotta stick to AFTER you sign an NDA. Yup, an NDA. Maybe this is Kanye’s way towards redemption or something.

17. You got some BEEF!

#17 You Got Some BEEFFF - AIO BotKanye said that Drake was a person who pressured him to make Watch the Throne. So, you could say that they had a tense relationship way back. Things didn’t get any better, especially after the beef with Kiki. Lots of Twitter drama, that’s for sure.

18. Hey man! What d’you think of this beat real quick?

#18 Listen to This Beat - AIO BotKanye’s a really cool dude. And, he’s human, just like us. So, it’s only natural that he’d have some doubts and that’s why he asks people for help. Even if they’re just a food delivery person! Which happened! Apparently, Kanye asks lots of people for their opinion and gives them credits! How cool?

19. Facts About Kanye West… Please don’t

#18 Facts About Kanye West - Twitter Outbursts - AIO BotThis is where it gets bad. So, Kanye believes that AIDS is a “man-made” disease that was placed in Africa to “break up the Black Panthers”… This may be one of Kanye’s strangest outbursts to date. This fact of all the Kanye West facts has us wishing it was never a fact.

20. Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West

#20 Christian Genius Billionaire - AIO BotThe final Kanye fact, and maybe the best one, is that Kanye considered changing his name into Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. A real mouthful. It’s his way of making the world really understand the true Yeezy concept. He’s a Christian billionaire who also happens to be a genius! As simple as that. Why won’t people understand that already? Kanye’s so misunderstood.

Anything else?

Well, no. For now! Kanye’s full of surprises. And, it’s good to know all these weird facts because he keeps us on our toes with all the randomness that goes inside his head! But, at the end of the days, it’s all about the Yeezus sneakers fam! How many of these Kanye West facts did you already know?