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Kanye West says Yeezy Sneakers will be more available

By March 21, 2016March 9th, 2021Sneakers, Yeezy

Kanye West took the world by storm over the past few months by releasing his Season 3 shoe and clothing line along with his brand new album, “The Life of Pablo.” But that’s not new to Kanye. He’s almost always the talk of the town. Whether it’s a brand new pair of Yeezy sneakers, a new single, or an out-of-this-world statement, he’s trending!
But, no statement caught so much attention as that saying Yeezys will be more available. Ever since Kanye said that “everyone who wants Yeezys will eventually get Yeezys”, we’re at the edge of our seats! So, will Kanye keep his promise? Will Yeezy stock numbers increase? And will less-fortunate sneakerheads living in Nowhere land also get a chance to flex Yeezy sneakers?

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What’s Up with Yeezys?Yeezy Sneakers Stock Chart

Although Kanye made that infamous statement back in 2016, he’s only recently putting his words into action. Better late than never!
And by the end of 2017, we started seeing some change. Very specifically, it was the Yeezy Beluga 2.0 that was the biggest game-changer at the time. It released with the largest stock in Yeezy history. But that’s back in 2017. 2018 & 2019 are different story.

But Kanye and Adidas wouldn’t just let the Hype train slip off trails, would they? to balance the incomparable stock of the Belugas, we got the very very limited Yeezy. And that was the last we’ve seen of hyped Yeezy sneakers for around a year.

Copping Yeezy Sneakers Then 

In the past, Yeezy sneakers released in very small quantities. And besides Kanye himself and his family, everyone was short on Yeeyzs. So copping Yeezys at resale became a thing. If you got an L and missed out on release day, which we almost all did back then, you went the dark way. You lurked in the dark alleys of reselling platforms to snatch a pair at the best price you could find.

The thing was, besides AIO Bot and a few other sneaker bots, you didn’t really have much chance at copping. There weren’t so many new sneaker bots in the game. And if you thought bots didn’t align with your “Beliefs”, you were doomed!

So, yeah! Unless you were Friends & Family, buying Yeezys or any limited sneakers for retail was a dilemma!

How About Now?

It’s better! Somewhat better!
Copping Yeezy sneakers is very much possible, depending on the release, the stock level of course, oh, and your sneaker bot.regional Yeezy sneakers

  • The Release

2018 was the year of new Yeezy sneakers. We got the new dad-shoes, the yeezy 500, and we got so many new Yeezy 700 colorways. And as sexy as they sound, those bulky Yeezys weren’t up to sneakerheads’ expectations. This low demand made copping such Yeezys much easier. And the reality is, 2018 proved that not all Yeezys are equal.

Fast forward to December 2018, and 2019, we were introduced to some new types of Yeezy Release. Reflectives, Regional, and the mix of both. So even when Kanye released 3 colorways simultaneously, he made sure every part of the world got acces to just ONE of the colorways. And since no one is ever fully satisfied with what they got, Yeezy resale prices of regional pairs skyrocketed! And then there’s the reflective Vs. Non-reflective story. Where you’d get a wide release of a regular Yeezy 350 V2, and a shiny version that’s so limited you’d have to kill for a pair.

  • Yeezy Stock Level

That’s just common sense. Copping Yeezys highly depends on the number of pairs available for purchase. The less pairs there are, the less likely you’re scoring a W. And the more likely you’re buying Yeezys off the resale market.

  • The Sneaker Bot

You can’t just get a free sneaker bot and expect all to turn out OK! You also can’t try copping manually on every release and assume that an order confirmation email will magically appear in your inbox. There are factors that contribute to successful copping, and a good sneaker bot might just be the most important one.

But make sure you know what bot you’re buying. The type, the price, the bot’s availability, previous success, and the list of supported sites all matter here.


Adidas Yeezy Sneakers US

I wouldn’t say it doesn’t matter how many Yeezy pairs are released. Because it DOES! But that’s a factor you can’t control, so we might as well talk about what we can do. Always try running a sneaker bot. You can never be too safe with all those updates rolling out on retailers’ sites.

Kanye’s promise might date back to years ago, but he’s a man of his words. And a million pairs of the Yeezy Cream Whites was just the start! The next step was giving away hundreds of Yeezy pairs to Orphans in Uganda, which aligns with Kanye’s pursuit of social justice around the world. And then Ye blesses us with a long Yeezy restock day where you got a second chance at buying some of the classics we craved owning for so long.

Whether or not we’ll be getting more, in terms of Yeezy stock level, is still in question. But we do know that Kanye’s been working hard to get them out in the market ASAP. And Yeezy production moving to the U.S. by 2021, could be the biggest step towards making Yeezys more available.

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