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Is a Kanye West Travis Scott Collaboration in the Making?

By May 11, 2024Sneaker News

AIO Bot - Travis Scott Ye CollabKanye West and Travis Scott are teasing a collaboration! You heard that right. One second, we were waiting on the release of the second colorway of the Travis Scott x Jumpman Jack. And next thing you know the two rappers revealed a campaign starring none other than Kanye West!

Kanye West Travis Scott Sneaker Collab

You see, on the 30th of April, Nike dropped the Sail Jumpman Jack Dark Mocha. And just like any other Jordan x Travis collab, this drop was a huge success. The $642 resale value on sites like StockX is proof enough that these kicks are one of the most coveted sneakers of the year

And so, as sneakerheads were probably setting up their sneaker botting tools to boost their chances at copping the University Red Jumpman Jack- AKA CJ1 T-REXX- at retail, Travis Scott dropped the bomb of the year. In a sneaker preview shared via Instagram, Travis Scott featured Kanye West. 

The 50-second video, shared on May 10th, 2024, shows close-up shots of Ye’s face with a soft melody playing in the background. The post was also captioned as “YE AND THE JACK.”

So, though this is a preview of the upcoming sneaker drop, it might also be a hint at a possible sneaker collaboration between Kanye West and Travis Scott. A third video, captioned “THE FAM FOR THE JACKS,” features both rappers’ kids playing together. All of which wearing a pair of the Drak Mocha Jumpman Jack in kids sizes


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Also, it’s worth noting that, shortly after the Travis Scot Ye sneaker campaign was revealed, the resale value of the University Red Jumpman Jack doubled up. What was reselling at around $700 on average became worth $1,158… on average! 

So… What Does This Mean? 

Simply put, this means IF a Kanye West Travis Scott collaboration does happen, it’s going to be one of the most epic sneaker collabs of all time, without a single doubt. However, there’s a teeny tiny bit we should think about before we get our hopes up… If a collab happens, it would mean Nike will take Ye back. And if we’ve learned one thing from the Swoosh, we’d know how much it’s unforgiving. 

In other words, Nike and Kanye West go way back, even before the Yeezy x Adidas collab happened. And the duo didn’t end it on the best of notes. It’s also worth noting that, Nike dropped Kyrie Irving in the blink of an eye because of an antisemitic documentary he posted on social media

So, question is, will some miracle happen that will make Nike open a new page with Kanye West? Or is this campaign simply a marketing strategy for the new Jumpman Jacks that Ye pitched for the sake of his friendship with Travis Scott? Well, just like Yeezy’s future, we’ll have to wait and see how it all rolls out. 

On a final note, keep locked to our blog for the latest updates!