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Are Kids Ruining the Sneaker Reselling Game for Everyone?

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  • January 3, 2019
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In sneaker culture, there is always a clash between the OGs and the Hypebeasts. OG sneakerheads can’t tolerate these Hypebeasts and find them unworthy of taking part in the culture. They share the idea that these kids weren’t always around and that they don’t understand the history. And there’s even more hate aimed toward young and inexperienced sneaker resellers for ruining the sneaker reselling game for serious hustlers. Because let’s be honest, not all of these kids are smart investors. This is frustrating to a lot of sneakerheads and sneaker resellers because it’s starting to affect the market overall.


Is Sneaker Reselling for kids?

After being called out for charging $500 per slot, the Yeezy Mafia tried to do a bit of damage control via Twitter. For a little background, it seems that the Yeezy Mafia created the illusion of limited stock in order to justify the high price of their Yeezy securing business. When they claimed that the stock was as little as 5k pairs, others say otherwise. Their Twitter blew up on New Year’s Eve, with many comments being a bit salty. All of this leads up to the point when the Yeezy Mafia stated that, “Most resellers now are kids trying to get a quick £40 to invite their girlfriend to Nando’s.

If you’re like Matthew, you may ask, “What’s wrong with that?” Well, according to the Yeezy Mafia, because of these kids, the market goes down on all sneakers and the appeal of the sneakers decreases, which has happened with the Nike Off Whites. Apparently, it’s so bad that resellers are going back to their full-time positions to make a living since the sneaker reselling market has been so volatile and unpredictable.

Based on comments from Yeezy Mafia, the main problem is that these kids will cop two or three sneakers and accept to sell them for a small profit, rather than at least double the retail price. Consequently, those numbers will impact the market for resellers who depend on high resale price to make a living. It will also make the sneaker look worthless because people expected the resell price to be higher.


Famous Kid Hustlers

While the Yeezy Mafia lashed out on all kids resellers, we don’t think this should be set in stone. The Mafia is just salty that they can’t justly charge $500 per slot. There are many tech-savvy, business savvy, Gen Z hustlers out there that are worth tons more than you!

sneaker reseller bk

Benjamin Kapelushnik, BenjaminKickz (born in 1999)


sneaker reseller mk

Rashed Belhasa, MonkeyKicks (born in 2002)


sneaker reseller pushas

The owner of Pushas (born in 1997)