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Kith Invisible Friends Blurring the Line Between NFTs & Streetwear

By May 31, 2022July 14th, 2022NFTs

Kith Invisible Friends - AIO BotThere isn’t a single topic more controversial now than NFTs. I dare you to find me a topic that’s so hot and so hated at the same time. These mixed feelings have to do mainly with our very understandable trust issues. You can’t expect everyone to hop on a train not knowing where the ride will stop. And that’s the kind of emotions NFTs trigger in most of us. But recently some of this uncertainty went away by blurring the lines between the blockchain and real life. And the latest trial is the highly-exclusive Kith Invisible Friends collection.AIO Kith

What Are Invisible Friends NFTs?

The Invisible Friends NFT project is a GIF-inspired NFT built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project comprises 5000 animated NFTs created by Markus Magnusson.

If we were to point out blue-chip NFTs that made it to the top, fast, it would be this collection. Invisible friends are mostly famous for their one-of-a-kind walk and the fact that they’re faceless. Each NFT offers a unique blend of accessories, background, eyewear, tools, and mostly clothes. In fact, this focus on the outfit could be the reason KITH collaborated with IF in the first place. 

The current floor price of Invisible Friends NFTs is 3.69ETH with a total volume traded of 41.7K ETH on OpenSea.

Kith Invisible Friends Collection

Kith friends


As part of their roadmap, Invisible friends have collaborated with KITH on an extremely exclusive NFT collection. 

KITH Friends consisted of 12 unique NFTs, flexing custom KITH apparel pieces from the brand’s SS22 season inspired by their store locations spread out worldwide. 9 of these 12 NFTs were 1 of 1s that sold on OpenSea via auction with proceeds going to charity. The collection sits on a floor price of 0.9ETH now, approximately equal to $1,760. The holders of KITH Friends will get all of the physical products their NFT is wearing.

So Why Is This Collection So Significant?

You might be wondering what’s the fuss with KITH Invisible Friends? It’s not the first limited NFT collection, nor will it be the last. In fact, we’ve seen an Adidas X BAYC collab and a Nike X RTFKT collection that paved the path for more high-end partnerships

And we’ve had our fair share of 1/1s that crazy prices and celebrity holders aren’t as charming as they used to be. And to be honest, the utility they offer isn’t THAT big of a deal! But KITH friends as a collection holds more value than its aftermarket price. 

Through this collaboration and other similar ones, the NFT space proves it’s here to stay. Building tight bonds with IRL brands and big names in various industries shows that NFTs aren’t just a bubble that’ll pop one day. In fact, this 2-way route is growing wider by the minute and NFT fans are not disappointed. The stronger the bond between real-life industries and NFTs is, the less likely you’ll get scammed. Like, think about it. It would be highly unlikely for brands Nike, Adidas, or KITH to pull a rug on you.Invisible Friends Kith

We Owe It to collaborations

World-renowned brands are playing a big part in increasing the credibility of NFTs through collaborations. In the same way that collaborations and partnerships are the reason the sneaker reselling industry survived many hits. Sneakers with big names on them like Yeezys, Air Jordans, and New Balance collabs have managed to keep the hype alive and reselling values over the roof.