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Kodai Bot Review: Is Kodai One Of The Best AIO Bots?

By September 13, 2023September 16th, 2023Bot, Reviews

AIO Bot - kodai Bot ReviewEfficiency is key in the sneaker botting world. If you want to pay good bucks for something, it better be there every time you need it. All-in-one bots are the ultimate solution to ace your sneaker-copping game. And since you’re here, you’re probably looking for the best AIO bot on the market. So, is Kodai bot the one for you? 

What Is Kodai Bot?

Kodai is an all-in-one sneaker bot just like our trusty AIO bot. This type of bot usually has multiple functionalities (account management, auto-checkout, etc.) grouped into one program. Plus, it supports multiple sites so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any cool release

Usually, AIO bots are popular among sneakerheads as they’re both convenient and effective. The question is, where does Kodai bot stand on the list of the best AIO bots? Is it at the top or bottom, or not there at all?


  • Supported sites: Adidas, Amazon, Asos, Finishline, Footlocker, Nike, Rakuten, Shopify, Target, Zalando
  • Operates on: Windows and Mac
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • Price: (Retail) $74.99 then $49.99/ month. (Rental) $134.99/week 
  • Where to buy: Kodai website
  • Number of supported countries: 50+


Kodai Bot Review - AIO BotBefore jumping right into what Kodai bot offers, let’s check at what price you can get it. It’s relatively cheap as it only costs $74.99 the first month, then $49.99 monthly. While that is a good price, it gets restocked rarely and randomly. 

And while they hold raffles for restocking, you have to be super quick to get yours. Ironically, you’d need a bot to snatch this bot. Or you can rent it for $110 on bot marketplaces, which is almost double the monthly price. And, to add salt to the wound, it reached 6 thousand dollars on the secondary markets in 2022. So yeah… yikes

Kodai Bot’s Features

Kodai bot already shines within the sneaker botting ecosystem as it operates on MAC and Windows, supports multiple sites, and is available in more than 50 regions. Additionally, it gives its users full freedom to customize their tasks per their own preferences. 

But, given the hassle you’d have to go through to get it, it has to give more than that. Below are some of its most prominent features. 

User Dashboard

The Kodai bot doesn’t joke about helping you catch Ws. So, to make your copping experience as seamless as possible, Kodai equips you with a dashboard that has:

  • Release calendars
  • Tailored settings for each specific drop
  • Retail and resell prices
  • Personal analytics

Releases Window

  • Create your own release with a specific focus on one site per release
  • Customize the name for the release
  • Mass create and customize the tasks 

Profiles Window 

  • Create profiles to use for your tasks inside the bot
  • Import and export profiles in and out of the Kodai bot
  • Customize your profiles

Proxies Window

  • Equip the Kodai bot with the proxies you want
  • Save proxies under a proxy group name
  • Test all your proxies to ensure they’re working
  • Delete any proxy group whenever you want

Captcha Window

  • Create captcha solvers to be used with your tasks
  • Customize your captcha solvers by grouping them and giving them names
  • Assign each captcha solver to an individual site
  • Test your solvers


  • Run multiple tasks at once without the tasks interrupting each other
  • Kodai bot retries all your failed tasks at once as long as the stocks last

Kodai Bot’s Customer Support

  • Dedicated helpdesk for you to access all answers to the most common questions
  • Search up keywords for what you need help with 
  • Get help through their email and Discord 

So, is Kodai Bot’s Good?

Now that you know what Kodai bot offers, is it capable of helping you outhustle the rest? It has an easy-to-use user interface and solid customer support in case you face any hiccups. Plus, it supports many sites and has a track record of success.

The bot has 104.8K followers on Twitter where they’re constantly retweeting success snippets. Their team is not only present on social media and CS but also in the development team with consistent updates. They recently added Adidas, just in time for the upcoming Yeezy drops

However, it’s usually out of stock and hard to obtain when in stock. One thing to mention though, Kodai previously failed. Same as many bots, there are ups and downs. But when Kodai failed, they went under the radar for a while keeping everyone, including their loyal customers, in the dark. This won’t necessarily happen again, but it is something to note.

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